Monday, October 3, 2011


A friend of mine has recently started participating in this thing on facebook called the "30 Day Movie Challenge". I'm posting a link to it here:!/Official30DayMovieChallenge. Basically the idea is that for the next 30 Days, you post on the website's wall a poster or preferably a youtube clip of a movie. For instance, DAY 1: I just recently posted a clip of my favorite movie, and tomorrow, I'll post a clip of my Least favorite Movie, then the next day, Favorite Comedy, and so on and so forth, for 30 days, and there's even an option to day another 30 days with different parameters. I have some thoughts on favorite films, because part of me thinks that, most of us shouldn't have only one favorite film. How can we narrow it down to one favorite movie; there's many great films out there, and there's many more that are yet to be made and that we haven't seen. I understand a single Best Film of all-time, that will now and forever be "Citizen Kane." Doesn't matter whether you like it or not, the more you know about film, and the more you learn about filmmaking, the more obvious it becomes that "Citizen Kane," is the best film that will ever made. But, favorite film, I do have one. One that I've just posted on the website, and it's one that will probably never fall from that spot for me, however I have a few dozen movies that I'd qualify, not as my #2 favorites, but as #1A, #1B, #1C and so on and so forth. Some of them might surprise you. Others, might not. There's something personal about those films that you truly keep close to you and care about though. I frankly worry about people who only have one favorite movie. How small must someone's life be, to have only really truly been appreciative of one movie, and especially if the movie is one that..., well, let me put it  this way, I love Sylvia Plathe's "The Bell Jar," but I'd be very cautious about dating a girl who "really loves," "The Bell Jar." And the same goes for certain films, and believe me I've run into some strange ones over the years. Be worried about people who really related to "Friday," on a very personal level, or people who think "Mallrats," was Kevin Smith's best film, are generally people who don't have much interesting stuff to say about anything. This is something I've been thinking about for the last few days. I started this blog as a different outlet for my writings, my opinions, thoughts, on film and television, but also to post the list I've been making. To those who don't know, and those that haven't chosen to check the back indes of my blogs, I have a list of every film I've ever seen. I've written about it more than once, and when the list surpassed the 3,000 feature-length film mark, I posted links to them on this blog for all to see. I came here to reveal myself, and that's a part of me that needed to be revealed. In a way, it is me. Every film I've ever seen, my life, is on that list, it's just measured in films instead of books or coffee spoons or whatever one chooses to measure one's life in. But, this list really isn't an accurate portrayal of who I am. If I told you every book I ever read, that wouldn't tell you anything in particular about me, other than how much or how little I read. It's what I feel and how closely I feel about those books that really gives people insight about who one is, and the same goes with movies, TV shows, songs, heroes, sports teams, horoscope signs, hell, everything you can think is a small part that's helps create an entire picture of you, as a person. So, this "30 Day Movie Challenge," thing is interesting to me for this reason. It's a simple yet useful way to allow everyone to get a more clear sense of me, the personal me. I invite everybody to join me in this little challenge along with me. I'm planning on doing the 60 films challenge, and I think it'll be fun. Although, I'm going to add one extra little rule, just for me. Over these days as I post all of these films, NO REPEATS! I will have 60 different films over 60 days! It would be very easy for a few films to come up multiple times, and there's no written rule against it, but I think that's too easy. Like I said, one favorite film is too little. It's so narrow-minded. People should have lots of fields of interest and thoughts, just in general, not simply movies. It befuddles me when I hear people say such stupid things as "I don't like comedy," or "I can't watch a film with subtitles," or "I only like..." this kind or that kind, or something along those lines, and I hear it all the time too, which is really bothersome to me.  You shut yourself off to an entire world when people say stuff like that. Believe me, it's not as fun as it sounds, and if I can't come up with 60 movies that actually have some special meaning to me (even if that meaning is negative) then I don't know who can, and frankly everybody should be able to.

P.S. Just so everybody who doesn't check my facebook regularly will know that I am participating, Every ten days, I'll be posting a blog with all of my entries in the challenge listed, as well as a brief reason why I post what I post.

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Tabatha said...

Okay I'm going to give this a try.. Should be a bit of a challenge because I don't really watch too many movies and if I do I fall asleep half way through. We'll see how this goes. :)