Saturday, July 29, 2023


For years, basically since this blog began, when the Primetime Emmy nominations come out, I'd rush to my computer and start typing away. I swore that I'd go down through every Emmy category there was, at least the ones that I felt could matter to most of the television watchers out there and go through and give full analysis on all those categories. Part of the reason I did that, was for the public, to have an outlet to really look at all the nominees, and hopefully find something for the most jaded of television viewers to seek out or cheer for their favorite series. Whenever I used to talk about the Emmys, I would get plenty of messages and comments of how irrelevant they were and how they never nominated the shows they watched, and frankly I wanted to show them that often, that was a misnomer at worst and an outright lie at best. 

That said, that's not the real reason I continue that exercise. The main reason was my own selfishness; I wanted to go through the list of nominees and find out what show(s) I needed to watch and see what I'm missing from television, and for years I felt the Primetime Emmys were a good barometer of that. Lately, I haven't felt that way. In fact, the Emmys used to be the major award show I cared about the most, but in recent years, I've cared about the results and the nominees less and less. Part of it is that my viewing habits have changed and I just am unable to watch television as often as I would like and the way I would like. Television will be a weekly constitution for me and frankly it's become frustrating to have to be constantly streaming and searching for shows. More importantly than that though, I just flat don't like how the Emmys vote anymore. 

I've brought it up many times before, but since they totally got rid of viewing panels, and left it up to the members to go by the honor system when they vote, I've hated it for years now, and frankly I just don't take the results seriously anymore, whether I agree with them or not. They're a popularity contest, in the sense that, whatever show is the most popular, they'll win, and frankly, that's not consistent with the past history of the Emmys, and I don't like that. I know people hate the Oscars for the exact reason that they never award the big blockbuster film, but frankly I like the Oscars because they don't do that anymore; ideally it would make the times that they would be more special. I'm looking for the best in quality in award shows like these and frankly, or at least, what I honestly believe the Academy voters actually think is the best in quality, but frankly I haven't believed that that's how or who've they voted for in a long time now. Until they change to different voting system, this will be my stance. I've recommend ways they could/should change it over the years, you can find some of those ideas, here. Until then, and/or until my current television viewing patters change, looking over these Emmy nominations, is much more of a selfish ritual for myself, to see what shows I have to get around to watching, moreso than the shows I actually watch or wanna watch. 

And that's fine, that's another reason I always posted these things anyway, to show some who might not be aware that certain shows exist and these nominations are often a great way to find out about and find your new favorite series. Just because this is a selfish act on my part, going through the nominees and putting them together, doesn't mean you can't get anything out of it.  And hey, you know what, if you're able to catch up on these series in the meantime, by all means, go for it. 

In fact, this might be your chance, considering that, with basically all of Hollywood on strike right now, the word is that this Emmys show is going to be delayed, so, maybe there's time for you, or even me to catch up. And hell, maybe everybody who's actually voting will have the time to actually watch all the shows too?! 

Okay, that probably won't happen 'til we make it happen. But, if I have any thoughts on any of the categories that I think is worth discussing, I'll mention it here. Let's see what they picked this year.



Abbott Elementary-ABC
The Bear-FX
Jury Duty-Amazon Freevee
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-Prime Video
Only Murders in the Building-Hulu
Ted Lasso-Apple TV+

What the hell is "Jury Duty"? What the hell is "Amazon Freevee"? Also, is this the first time there's been, technically eight different networks getting a nomination here? I think so. I don't know what to make of that, per se, but it does feel a little odd. You would naturally think one network at least, would have a second nominee out there, but it seems like every network has just decided to push the single show they want this year, and naturally, the voters, only watched about one show per network or streaming service. Anyway, next year will be different. These are the last seasons for "Barry", "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and "Ted Lasso", all three of which are probably the favorites, although I wouldn't count out "The Bear" to play spoiler here. 

Bill Hader-"Barry"-HBO Max
Jason Segel-"Shrinking"-Apple TV+
Martin Short-"Only Murders in the Building"-Hulu
Jason Sudeikis-"Ted Lasso"-Apple TV+
Jeremy Allen White-"The Bear"-FX

Okay, while I think the voting is the big change the Emmys need to make, there are other rules and changes that need to be made, and this is a big one. Currently the rule state that for every category, the number of submissions determines how many nominees there are in the category. The only exceptions are Comedy and Drama Series categories, they are currently guaranteed to have eight nominations. For instance, there were 163 submissions in Drama Series this year. Normally, under the regular rules that would mean that there's seven nominations in the category, but since this is a category people care about, they make it eight. Comedy Series is the same thing, based on the number of submissions, which was 95 submissions, there should only be six nominees. I'm okay with this, the number of programs you want to nominate, I'm fine with, as long as you're not just nominating everybody, I think it's no harm no foul, however, the rule I would make here: I would say that, with certain exceptions made in certain lower tier categories for technical reasons, every category under those program should have the same amount of nominees! Now, in the lead categories, "Well, wait a minute, most shows have only one lead and there's not necessarily a lead male and lead female in all of them?" Yeah, you can justify the lead categories that way, but what happens when you get to the Supporting performer categories. Or better yet, the writing and directing categories, especially when their are some shows that had several writers writing different episodes. If you do the math, this can add up a lot. I think it's unfair and confusing personally. (Plus, there's also just the dumbness of it. There's eight shows up for Series, why wouldn't there be eight shows or episodes up for writer, actor, etc. etc.) Whether you agree with the Series category automatically getting eight or not, (And there used to be a minimum rule, where their be eight and then if somebody was within a certain percentage point of getting nominated, they would be nominated too; it seems they got rid of that... I honestly liked that rule, but under the proviso that the number of Series nominees, constitutes the minimum number for the category....) Anyway, this is why I think seeing five nominees in Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, just feels stupid when there's eight nominees for Series. Just throw the next three names in there; what difference does it make? Anyway, two newcomers here, Jeremy Allen White for "The Bear" and Jason Segel for "Shrinking". Hader and Sudeikis have won before, those shows along with "The Bear" are favorites in comedy series. No Steve Martin here, but Martin Short got in alone, and y'know it's been awhile since he's won, despite constantly giving wonderful performances. He does have two Emmys but none of them are for performing. He won one as a producer on an AFI Special, and another early in his career as a writer for "SCTV", way early in his career; in fact he won that Emmy in a weird year where "SCTV" literally took every nomination in the category, something that I don't think is allowed now in the category, not the way it used to be anyway. So, yeah, he's the sentimental vote for me, even if I really have a hard time sitting through that show, he's the best part of it. 

Christina Applegate-"Dead to Me"-Netflix
Rachel Brosnahan-"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"-Prime Video
Quinta Brunson-"Abbott Elementary"
Natasha Lyonne-"Poker Face"-Peacock
Jenna Ortega-"Wednesday"

Same with this category. By the way, did you know, "Dead to Me" was back? Man, I gotta catch up on stuff. Brosnahan's the only past winner in this category and I do hope she wins again. Honestly, I don't know why she hasn't won for every season of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", or why that show just hasn't won everything for every season it's been on. Easily been the best show on TV, literally since it hit Amazon. "Poker Face", I imagine might've been on the bubble of getting a series nomination, so I wouldn't count out Natasha Lyonne who hasn't won yet. Jenna Ortega might be the popular choice though. In fact, she would easily be the youngest person to ever win the award. She's only the second-youngest to ever be nominated in the category, behind,... holy Christ, PATTY DUKE?!?!?!? Sorry, I'm- half-stunned that she got nominated, and twice-stunned that that show got nominated for anything. I mean, if anything was ever gonna be nominated for the show, it absolutely had to be her, but like, really? Boy, there's a few exceptions of course, but on the hole, television in the '60s in America, was not great, even at the top a lot of the times. Also, how strange is it that we've gone so long between people nominated in this category for playing teenage girls? I mean, there's been plenty of comedy series just in my lifetime where a teenage boy character is the lead and gotten nominated, Frankie Muniz, Fred Savage, hell, Michael J. Fox, won one year in Lead, but nah, I guess, they never did nominate anybody for playing a teenage girl in Lead before. Man, I would've thought Mayim Bialik would've snuck in one year, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. (Although in '92, for some reason Tyne Daly got in for literally the one episode of "Wings" she was on. How did that keep happening to "Wings", the only people ever nominated for that show were one-time guests, but in Lead categories, how did that keep happening? [Emmy rules have changed so that that could never happen now, but still, how was that allowed then?! And for a lot longer than you think]) 

Anthony Carrigan-"Barry"-HBO Max
Phil Dunster-"Ted Lasso"-Apple TV+
Brett Goldstein-"Ted Lasso"-Apple TV+
James Marsden-"Jury Duty"-Amazon Freevee
Ebon Moss-Bachrach-"The Bear"-FX
Tyler James Williams-"Abbott Elementary"-ABC
Henry Winkler-"Barry"-HBO Max

Brett Goldstein's won the category twice in a row; three in a row is hard, but not impossible. I believe the last person to do it in this category was Jeremy Piven for "Entourage". The all-time record for consecutive wins in the category is John Larroquette who won four in a row for "Night Court", before he took his name out of consideration. Piven also took his name out of consideration after his three consecutive wins, but Goldstein will not need to worry about that, as "Ted Lasso" is in it's final year. The only other winner in the category is Henry Winkler who won for "Barry" a few years ago, and admittedly, that was part-lifetime achievement honor. Nothing else that inherently looks like a spoiler off hand. All the nominees are from Best Series nominees with "Ted Lasso" and "Barry", the two presumptive frontrunners, tied with the most. I really hope "Jury Duty" has nothing to do with that old Pauly Shore movie from the '90s. 

Alex Borstein-"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"-Prime Video
Ayo Edebiri-"The Bear"-FX
Janelle James-"Abbott Elementary"-ABC
Sheryl Lee Ralph-"Abbott Elementary"-ABC
Juno Temple-"Ted Lasso"-Apple TV+
Hannah Waddingham-"Ted Lasso"-AppleTV+
Jessica Williams-"Shrinking"-AppleTV+

I guess "Shrinking" might've also been close to a Series nomination. Getting two nominations in this actor field, that's heavily weighted towards the three shows that people actually watched is impressive. Sheryl Lee Ralph won last year, and Alex Borstein has won in the past. This years marks the first time since 2013 that no one from "SNL" got into the supporting category, that's an impressive streak, granted this has been a weird Variety year; we'll get to all that. 

Barry-"wow"-Bill Hader-HBO Max
The Bear-"Review"-Christopher Storer-FX
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-"Four Minutes"-Amy Sherman-Palladino-Prime Video
The Ms. Pat Show-"Don't Touch My Hair"-Mary Lou Belli-BET+
Ted Lasso-"So Long, Farewell"-Declan Lowney-Apple TV+
Wednesday-"Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe"-Tim Burton-Netflix

Bill Hader, once again, pulls off the weird triple nomination, as he got Acting, Directing and Writing nominations, all for "Barry". "The Ms. Pat Show" got the obligatory directing nomination for a multicam series, but other than that, the rest of the nominees are from Series nominees. This could be the most likely spot to see "Wednesday" win something, especially with the biggest-name director being attached. I never really thought about Tim Burton for a Comedy Series before, but I guess when the right project comes around. Still though, we got series finales in the category, and comedy doesn't always give the award to the most well-known person behind the camera. Also, somebody who knows, can you tell what's the difference between BET and BET+?

Barry-"wow"-Bill Hader-HBO Max
The Bear-"System"-Christopher Storer
Jury Duty-"Ineffective Assistance"-Makki Leeper-Amazon Freevee
Only Murders in the Building-"I Know Who Did It"-John Hoffman, Matteo Borghese and Rob Turbovsky-Hulu
The Other Two-"Cary & Brooke Go To An AIDS Play"-Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider-HBO Max
Ted Lasso-"So Long, Farewell"-Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly and Jason Sudeikis

There's always one weird one in the Writing category, and this one goes to "The Other Two", which, um... okay. I know nothing about that one. What is that? (Google search) "The Other Two",... Wikipedia... millenial siblings, thirteen-year-old brother's overnight fame..., originally aired on Comedy Central....?!!!! Oh, WAIT A MINUTE, I do remember this show! I think I watched an episode or two when it first aired! I didn't know it was still around? It moved to HBO? That's weird, usually shows start on HBO and then end up on Comedy Central. Huh? Is this, the finale episode...- (Google search) Nope. Huh. Alright, congrats on a weird, single Emmy nomination for this. Can't remember the last time a show in it's final season got it's first ever nomination, in Writing. I guess, if you don't count "Lucky", which was a one-season wonder in '03, a pretty decent one at that, than I guess, it would've been the year before for "Andy Richter Controls the Universe", which got a writing nomination in it's 2nd and final season. (Another underrated show I might add) Other than that, I don't think a show's ever won in this situation, so, definitely looking towards the other nominees for the winner. 

Joe Bernthal-"The Bear"-FX
Luke Kirby-"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"-Prime Video
Nathan Lane-"Only Murders in the Building"-Hulu
Pedro Pascal-"Saturday Night Live"-NBC
Oliver Platt-"The Bear"-FX
Sam Richardson-"Ted Lasso"-Apple TV+

I'm happy to see Luke Kirby pop back up again; he's won this category before and he's really amazing; I thought he was a shoe-in last year to win, and somehow he wasn't nominated. The award, instead went to Nathan Lane, who is also back. (Lane was really good in the episodes of "Only Murders....") The only other one back is Sam Richardson. The other two nominees went to "The Bear", and one for Pedro Pascal, for "Saturday Night Live", which hasn't done that well in this category in recent years and with this being an already weaker year, which got ended early 'cause of the strikes, I'm thinking Pascal partly got in because he's big on a drama series that's one of the shows everybody watches, or at least Emmy voters do. (Although, he probably was one of the few memorable bright spots for "SNL" this year.) 

Becky Ann Baker-"Ted Lasso"-Apple TV+
Quinta Brunson-"Saturday Night Live"-NBC
Taraji P. Henson-"Abbott Elementary"-ABC
Judith Light-"Poker Face"-Peacock
Sarah Niles-"Ted Lasso"-Apple TV+
Harriet Walter-"Ted Lasso"-Applet TV+

Well, this is the clearest sign of "Ted Lasso" being the favorite. in series, getting so many Guest Actors into the categories. Altogether, that's nine actors they got nominated, and that's arguably a weak year for the series. After that, eh, it would be nice to see Judith Light finally win an Emmy. Harriet Walter is the only returning nominee from last year, so she might be a slight favorite at the moment. Other than that, the only previous winner in the group is Quinta Brunson who won for Writing last year. 


Better Call Saul-AMC
The Crown-Netflix
House of the Dragon-HBO
The Last of Us-HBO
The White Lotus-HBO

Apparently it's not TV, it's just drama series TV now on HBO. "House of the Dragon", I believe is the "Game of Thrones" prequel? I- I'm kinda amazed people cared enough still about "Game of Thrones" to be honest. "The Last of Us", is I think the first time a series based on a video game has been nominated. "The White Lotus" goes for that "Downton Abbey" jump from miniseries to regular series. After that, I guess "Andor" takes "The Mandalorian" spot, and "The Crown" and "Better Call Saul" as well as "Succession", the favorite, get in for their final seasons. And I guess, somebody actually still watches Showtime. I didn't even know "The Crown"'s last season was on, but I'm not looking forward to it; I absolutely hated the last season, the one it won the Emmy for, naturally. That seems to be how it goes now. Anyway, I think "Succession" is the heavy favorite, which, honestly, I struggle to get through. I'm still on the first season, and I'm, usually just annoyed at it. I finally finished "This is Us" recently, I know I'm late, but you try binging that through tears, and, yeah, looking at this list, in that light, I find it very underwhelming. Even "Better Call Saul" my favorite of these, eh, I've been tired of it for a few years. Why are so many of these continuations of an old franchise? Maybe I am cheering for "Yellowjackets" after all? 

Jeff Bridges-"The Old Man"-FX
Brian Cox-"Succession"-HBO Max
Kieran Culkin-"Succession"-HBO Max
Bob Odenkirk-"Better Call Saul"-AMC
Pedro Pascal-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max
Jeremy Strong-"Succession"-HBO Max

Three actors from the same series in the category, that is a record. There's been plenty of shows with two, but three sneaking in incredibly rare. This is partly Kieran Culkin switching categories to Lead though. Jeremy Strong last won this category three years ago, but that makes him the only past winner oddly enough. This category has been weird lately anyway, often with winners for flash-in-the-pan series that only capture Emmys and audiences attention for very brief runs. The category will be really different next year with "Succession" and "Better Call Saul" ending this year. Oddly, "Better Call Saul" has mimicked "Mad Men" with their ridiculous 0 for the World streak at the Emmys in acting categories. Strong has won against Brian Cox a couple times, but three from the same show could split the vote if there's a legit option out there, and Odenkirk makes a little more sense to get the sympathy vote. Pascal has time, and Jeff Bridges, um, good for him to getting in here. Actually FX, has done remarkedly well in recent years at the Emmys, basically they've done well for every noteworthy show they've had, not named "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" at the Emmys, which is weirdly still the most mind-boggling to me, but.... (Shrugs)

Sharon Horgan-"Bad Sisters"-Apple TV+
Melanie Lynskey-"Yellowjackets"-SHOWTIME
Elisabeth Moss-"The Handmaid's Tale"-Hulu
Bella Ramsey-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max
Keri Russell-"The Diplomat"-Netflix
Sarah Snook-"Succession"-HBO Max

A little more all over the map here. Oddly the only previous winner is Elisabeth Moss, and also weirdly "The Handmaid's Tale" kinda got shafted this season. This wasn't even an eligibility technicality this time, they just have fallen. HBO Max has taken the ball, but this category could go in any way. The only series nominees in it are "Yellowjackets", "The Last of Us" and the heavy favorite "Succession", but this is a category that has a lot of history of not remotely matching up with the Series noms, and while I do see Melanie Lynskey's back for "Yellowjackets", and she's definitely one of those great actresses who's been long overlooked for awhile, speaking of long-running TV actresses who's never been awarded, Netflix got Keri Russell back into this category. She hasn't been nominated since "The Americans" and she might take the sentimental vote for those wanting to honor TV's past and present. And, I have no idea what "Bad Sisters" is. I really gotta catch up on Apple TV+; I'm still struggling with season one of "The Morning Show", which, ehhhhh....- you know I actually have a lot of thoughts on that show, but dissecting that show could be like, doing the autopsy on television itself, ugh. 

F. Murray Abraham-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max
Nicholas Braun-"Succession"-HBO Max
Michael Imperioli-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max
Theo James-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max
Matthew Macfadyan-"Succession"-HBO Max
Alan Ruck-"Succession"-HBO Max
Will Sharpe-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max
Alexander Skarsgard-"Succession"-HBO Max

So, the last time a television show had four nominees in this category was in 2002 when "The West Wing" has four. Both "The White Lotus" and "Succession" have four this year, and no other series got nominated. In the current iteration of the Emmys this is about as singular as unusual as this category gets. There was the one year in '82 infamously, where all the nominees in this category came from "Hill Street Blues", but that was back when there only five nominees, and large ensemble dramas were actually still pretty rare back then, so the novelty makes that particular year a bit of an exception. You have an incredibly large cast series with "Succession" and a former miniseries with a multi-narrative which doesn't have a lead, so the supporting categories are essentially acting as lead nominations. This means they're by far the biggest favorites this year, and while I think "Succession" has a slight advantage, this is a potentially real race for Series this year.

Jennifer Coolidge-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max
Elizabeth Debicki-"The Crown"-Netflix
Meghann Fahy-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max
Sabrina Impacciatore-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max
Aubrey Plaza-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max
Rhea Seehorn-"Better Call Saul"-AMC
J. Smith-Cameron-"Succession"-HBO Max
Simona Tabsco-"The White Lotus"-HBO Max

Jennifer Coolidge won last year for Limited Series last year, and was the only person to come back to "The White Lotus" for season two, which is the reason it's in the Drama Series category and not in Limited or Anthology Series. And five nominees in this category, that, I think that's the record. Yeah, that's easily the record, I'm double-checking, but I don't think any other show has had more than three in a year in this category. Although, keep in mind Sarah Snook submitted in Lead this year and she was nominated in this category last year, so there's a chance somebody snuck in here 'cause of that, and "Succession" still got one in from last year, along with the returning Rhea Seehorn, who, again, "Better Call Saul" never winning feels just annoying now, and I don't even like the show much at this point, and I'm annoyed, and they got the girl who plays Princess Di for "The Crown" this year. (Shrugs) I hated "The Crown" the year it won and that was a Diana year, so maybe it's just, I'm sick of reliving Princess Di's all-too short life but maybe I'm in the minority on that. Also, now you nominate Aubrey Plaza? I swear to Christ, this is why we need to redo how the voting works!!!!

Andor-"Rix Road"-Benjamin Caron-Disney+
Bad Sisters-"The Prick"-Dearbhla Walsh-Apple TV+
The Last of Us-"Long Long Time"-Peter Hoar-HBO Max
Succession-"America Decides"-Andrij Parekh-HBO Max
Succession-"Connor's Wedding"-Mark Mylod-HBO Max
Succession-"Living"-Lorene Scafaria-HBO Max
The White Lotus-"Arrivederci'"-Mike White-HBO Max

I wouldn't immediately just think "Succession" will take this offhand, I mean, if they weren't just check-marking the same show for everything, at least with some adventurous directing work like "Andor" and "The Last of Us" out there. Other than that, no other real thoughts. Lorene Scafaria is probably the biggest name of this group, so I'd list her as an early favorite.

Andor-"One Way Out"-Beau Willimon-Disney+
Bad Sisters-"The Prick"-Sharon Horgan, Dave Finkel and Brett Baer-Apple TV+
Better Call Saul-"Point and Shoot"-Gordon Smith-AMC
Better Call Saul-"Saul Gone"-Peter Gould-AMC
The Last of Us-"Long, Long Time"-Craig Mazin-HBO Max
Succession-"Connor's Wedding"-Jesse Armstrong-HBO Max
The White Lotus-"Arrivederci"-Mike White-HBO Max

"Better Call Saul" has two shots at winning Writing here, including for the series finale, and I just looked it up, "Better Call Saul" has 53 career Emmy nominations, and it has not a single one yet. It if doesn't go to Odenkirk, then it really should go here. 

Murray Bartlett-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max
James Cromwell-"Succession"-HBO Max
Lamar Johnson-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max
Arian Moayed-"Succession"-HBO Max
Nick Offerman-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max
Keivonn Montreal Woodard-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max

Another "Parks and Recreation" cast member who never got nominated suddenly showing up here. Kind of a startling amount of "The Last of Us" nominees, in fact, there's been a little lack of variety in particular in these guest categories. All of them in the Drama Series categories are from "Succession" and "The Last of Us". God, you know, I used to be annoyed when some random "Law & Order: SVU" or 'Scandal" episode would get a Guest Actor or Actress nomination and you're like, "What, people were watching that?", but now, I'm kinda like, "You know what, at least they were watching those shows enough to nominate a good Guest Actor." You see, it's not that I agreed with their choices in the past, it's that I could respect them. These performances might be great and well-deserved nominees, but it sure does feel like they only watched a few of these shows and nominated everybody from the ones they liked the most.

Hiam Abbass-"Succession"-HBO Max
Cherry Jones-"Succession"-HBO Max
Melanie Lynskey-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max
Storm Reid-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max
Anna Torv-"The Last of Us"-HBO Max
Harriet Walker-"Succession"-HBO Max

I don't have anything else to add to this category that I didn't say for the male side of it, but since I got another chance to talk about Melanie Lynskey, possible apocryphal opinion here, but how did she never get nominated for "Two and a Half Men"? She was by far, the best part of that show, and no, I never cared for the series much myself; I thought it was good for like, three or four years, and then lasted way too long without changing enough things permanently until it was way too late to do so, but she was always good. She really should've got more credit for that. She's also just, always great in general and has been forever! 


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah-Comedy Central
Jimmy Kimmel Live!-ABC
Late Night with Seth Meyers-NBC
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert-CBS
The Problem with Jon Stewart-Apple TV+

Okay...- first of all, thank goodness, Seth Meyers finally got in and James Corden is no longer in. Second though, and more importantly, so... years ago, they separated the Variety Series category into two different categories, Variety-Talk and Variety-Sketch series. I, did not like that change at the time, but I kinda got why they did it. Mainly they did it because there was a greater number of Sketch Comedy Series out there, enough to have a category, and there had been a dominance in recent years from traditional Variety Talk Series. And I had heard a lot of people at the time talk about how great shows like "Key & Peele" and "Drunk History", "Portlandia" and "Inside Amy Schumer" were much more advance and that "Saturday Night Live" in particular wasn't funny and was on it's dying days as a new breed of sketch comedy series were coming in. I know it was a fad and a trend and that "SNL" would always bounce back, but nobody took me seriously. So, yeah, now that there's only a couple other sketch shows, and "Last Week Tonight" was just winning the Talk category outright, and "SNL" was basically a de facto winner, they made a new switch to the categories. Now, we have Talk Series, against Scripted Variety Series. Which means, "Last Week Tonight", gets kicked out, and that leaves room for, the late night talk series, that are more improvised and off-the-cuff, especially in their interview segments to qualify here. I don't think this makes much sense either to be honest, but...- the problem with the Variety Series categories is that, there used to be a lot more variety, and now it's just forms of comedy that aren't sitcoms. There just aren't like traditional, like, Ed Sullivan-type variety shows anymore, and frankly half-the-time, when you do see those kinds of acts, they more-or-less shove those acts into Reality programs now where they have to compete. So, anyway, this change, (Shrugs) it's not the worst, but it's still kinda stupid. I really think they should shove these categories back together into one Variety Series category, and if you think for some reason that I'm being a little too picky. Like, "Dave, I mean, yeah, but there's still just the two kinds of variety series now," okay then, if that's the case, tell me, what category would "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" submit under? Yeah,.... if that, or any other improv sketch show makes a comeback, we're gonna have a very tricky discussion of what the category(ies) should be. Oh, also Jon Stewart. 

A Black Lady Sketch Show-HBO Max
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver-HBO Max
Saturday Night Live-NBC

Y'know, before the category standards switched, I would've taken "A Black Lady Sketch Show" to pull off the win over "SNL", but throw in John Oliver in there, and now it just feels like we're being particularly mean to them. 

The Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Starring Rihanna-FOX
Chris Rock: Selective Outrage-Netflix
Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium-Disney+
The Oscars-ABC
75th Annual Tony Awards-CBS

I might be a little bias, this year's Super Bowl is not a highlight, it drew a loud a frustration for me, frankly, but-eh, I thought the Halftime show sucked this year, sorry Rihanna. I mean, congratulations, but still, you couldn't even do one costume change? Or, just have colors other than red and white? Anyway, the other four nominees are pretty cool though. I don't think anything's Elton's done ever got him Emmy consideration before, this is cool. 

Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love-NBC
John Mulaney: Baby J-Netflix
Lizzo: Live in Concert-HBO Max
Norman Lear: 100 Years of Music & Laughter-ABC
Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would-Netflix
Wanda Sykes: I'm An Entertainer-Netflix

Well, it's only half-stand-ups this years. Stand-ups, and TV legends celebrating their years of work, both of which are amazing, and Lizzo. Lizzo's back here. Well, she's not eligible for reality program so, yeah, put her in for her concert here instead. Sounds good to me. (Tugs ear)

Jimmy Kimmel Live!-"20th Anniversary Special"-Andy Fisher-ABC
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver-"Afghanistan"-Paul Pennolino-HBO Max
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert-"John Oliver, Broadway cast of The Lion King"-Jim Hoskinson-CBS
The Problem with Jon Stewart-"Chaos, Law and Order"-Andre Allen-Apple TV+
Saturday Night Live-"Co-Hosts: Steve Martin & Martin Short"-Liz Patrick-NBC

It'll be interesting to see if "SNL" can take this category without Don Roy King at the helm. Still though, the fact that Colbert's nomination here is for the episode with John Oliver, tells me that John Oliver is safe to win again in the new category. Not sure who's the favorite in that Talk Series category though, although the fact that Jon Stewart got in here is kinda interesting. Also, Kimmel's been on for twenty years now, Christ! I still think of him as the new guy on the block, although I guess he is the old man now.

The Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Starring Rihanna-Hamish Hamilton, Shawn Carter-FOX
Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love-Paul Miller-NBC
Chris Rock: Selective Outrage-Joel Gallen-Netflix
The Oscars-Glenn Weiss-ABC
Wanda Sykes: I'm an Entertainer-Linda Mendoza-Netflix

I can never remember if this is a year where they show this category on the main show or not. Maybe when the DGA joins the strike later on, they'll go over the details about this for the Emmys and make sure the strange guidelines regarding these awards get updated. Leaning towards Glenn Weiss taking it again.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah-Head Writer: Dan Amira; Senior Writers: Lauren Sarver Means, Daniel Radosh; Writers: Trevor Noah, David Angelo, et. al.-Comedy Central 
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver-Senior Writers: Daniel O'Brien, Owen Parsons, Charlie Redd, Joanna Rothkoph, Seena Valli; Writers: John Oliver, Johnathan Appel, et. al.-HBO Max
Late Night with Seth Meyers-Head Writers: Alex Baze; Writing Supervisors: Seth Reiss, Mike Scollins; Closer Look Writing Supervisor: Sal Gentile, Writers: Seth Meyers, Jermaine Alfonso, et. al.-NBC
The Last Show with Stephen Colbert-Head Writers: Ariel Dumas, Jay Katsir; Writers: Stephen Colbert, Delmonte Bent, et. al. -CBS
Saturday Night Live-Head Writers: Alison Gates, Streeter Seidell, Kent Sublette; Writing Supervisors: Gary Richardson, Will Stephen, Celeste Yum; Senior Writer: Bryan Tucker; Weekend Update Head Writers: Pete Schultz, Megan Callahan-Shah, Dennis McNicholas, Josh Patten, KC Shornima, Writers: Lorne Michaels, Rosebud Baker, et. al....-NBC

Boy, these shows have a lot of writers. No Jon Stewart here is interesting. I think it's still John Oliver's crew here to lose. Nice to see Trevor Noah get in for his last season, I think they could honor him here if they really wanted to. 

Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love-Jon Macks and Carol Leifer-NBC
Chris Rock: Selective Outrage-Chris Rock
John Mulaney: Baby J-John Mulaney-Netflix
Wanda Sykes: I'm An Entertainer-Wanda Sykes-Netflix
Would It Kill You to Laugh? Starring Kate Berlant & John Early-Kate Berlant, Andrew DeYoung, John Early-Peacock

Wait-, what the hell is that last nominee? "Would It Kill You to Laugh?" (Google search) Huh. I guess this is, like, the "Bo Burnham: Burning" entry for the year in this category, which I seem to be the only one who thought that was overrated as Hell, but whatever, it's the stand-up category. And your yearly reminder that they gotta really figure out a way to honor Variety performers in their own categories. Perhaps, separate them into Performer/Host/Comedian and Performer/Music categories? It's been way too long since that category went away, it should be brought back again. 


The Amazing Race-CBS
RuPaul's Drag Race-MTV
Top Chef-Bravo
The Voice-NBC

This is the first time "Survivor"s been nominated in the category since 2006; I imagine that's gotta be some kind of record. That said, I know some people who really are quite devoted to "Survivor" and they are very happy about this, and- I gotta be honest here, I have no idea why it's still on the air, 'cause it has not been watchable since it's groundbreaking first season. I don't get how it's still a thing, but the fact that it is, and it's back here, reveals a deeper truth about this category, Reality Competition Shows are dying. It's about time to some degree, but eh..., I'm a little more torn up about this than I thought I would be. For one thing, there's been some good shows that popped up in this genre, and some of them are nominated and have been consistently nominated over the years. "The Amazing Race" is still good, "Top Chef" is still must-see television every year, I don't really get "RuPaul's Drag Race", but, there's a lot of good profiles and aspects to the show I do enjoy about the show. Hell, even the first few years of "The Voice" were really good and the frankly even as it's become particularly unwatchable in recent years, I'll always take it at it's worst over "American Idol" at it's best. I can always finds ways to defend reality when it's good and you know what, for the most part, the Emmys have managed to find and seek out those shows. 

Antiques Roadshow-PBS
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives-Food Network
Love is Blind-Netflix
Queer Eye-Netflix
Shark Tank-ABC

All repeat nominees, some coming back into the category like "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and just another sign that Reality programming is dying. "Queer Eye" and "Shark Tank" are the only past winners though, but I personally am cheering for "Antiques Roadshow". This is their twenty-first nomination in a Reality Program category and somehow they've never won! You'd think just on a lark in a bad year for the category they would've taken it once. 

Indian Matchmaking-Netflix
RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked-MTV
Selling Sunset-Netflix
Vanderpump Rules-Bravo
Welcome to Wrexham-FX

(Eye roll) Okay, I guess this is the closest were getting to "It's Always Sunny..." nominations, so I'll take it. I don't have much to say about this category, but who the hell is "Vanderpump" and why I do know this person exists? I've seen her name pop up, and I keep feeling like it's somebody making fun of Diane Von Furstenberg when it's not...- It's about time I figured this shit out... (Wikipedia search) Okay, Lisa Vanderpump, she was a failed child actress from the '70s what the hell.... Minor "Silk Stalkings" and "Baywatch Nights".... What the...- Okay, so from what I can tell, she ended up as a cast member on the series of "Real Housewives...",- am I the only one who actually remembers why those shows exist? Like, they were a joke, to make light of "Desperate Housewives" which was the biggest show on TV at the time. I don't know why exactly they're still around, whether it's Andy Cohen's insistence or they're actually popular but I don't get it either way. Anyway, apparently she runs restaurants now, I don't know why? I can't find like a legitimate reason why I'm supposed to think, this Real Housewife and connect her for food and drink enough to have restaurants in Vegas hotels. Or, Stateline hotels, which is not a Las Vegas venture, Wikipedia, Stateline; that's not even the same County. 

Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness-"Queer Eye"-Netflix
Nicole Byer-"Nailed It!"-Netflix
Padma Lakshmi-"Top Chef"-Bravo
Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph-"Baking It"-Peacock
RuPaul-"RuPaul's Drag Race"-MTV

BTW, when did RuPaul's Drag Race switch from VH-1 to MTV? Is that the first time a show's done that? (Google search) Okay, so apparently, there's some business ownership stuff, and technically VH-1 is under the BET Media brand that Paramount is considering a sale of, so they're moving their shows to MTV.... Anyway, congrats to Amy Poehler, for her 26th career Emmy nomination, of which she's won, once. And as she and Tina Fey once pointed out, since they shared that Emmy, that really only counted for half a win. So if she wins here teaming with Emmy-winning machine Maya Rudolph, she'll have a full Emmy. (Sigh) This might be a harsh thing to say, and I'll listen to arguments for other people, but I swear to God, nobody's gotten screwed over more by the Emmys than Amy Poehler has. Next time somebody's in Julia Louis-Dreyfus's mansion, can you just steal a few of her Emmys and give them to Amy; I think that's just fair! And right! Anyway, if I'm cheering for anybody this is Padma Lakshmi's last seasons hosting "Top Chef", so I'm rooting for her. She's never won, this time not nominated with Tom Colicchio. Kristen Kish will replace her, who's become quite the host herself on top of being a world renowned chef herself, and a former winner from season 10. I'm looking forward to that. I don't think that'll ruin a show like the way Heidi and Tim leaving "Project Runway" did. 


Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story-Netflix
Daisy Jones & The Six-Prime Video
Fleischman Is in Trouble-FX
Obi-Wan Kenobi-Disney+

Is that the full title of that Jeffrey Dahmer thing? "Dahmer, Hyphen, Monster, Colon: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story", Jesus that's awkward. Honestly, that and the "Obi-Wan Kenobi" one is the only one I've heard of. Well, maybe I heard of "Beef" and then forgot about it. During Covid year, this was the main category at the Emmys, and frankly it deserved to be. I think we're done with that now though. 

Dolly Parton's Mountain Magic Christmas-NBC
Fire Island-Hulu
Hocus Pocus 2-Disney+
Weird: The Al Yankovich Story-The Roku Channel

I think this marks the first time The Roku Channel has gotten an Emmy nomination, and yeah, the Weird Al movie is probably a good pick. Well, they do have the backlog of Quibi technically, but yeah, I'm counting this for Roku. Also, when the hell did "Hocus Pocus" became like, a movie people were reminiscent for enough that they made a sequel decades later? Why? Sorry, I never got the appeal of that one; like I get the appeal of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy being witches, like, nothing else in that movie worked, like, at all!

Taron Egerton-"Black Bird"-Apple TV+
Kumail Nanjani-"Welcome to Chippendales"-Hulu
Evan Peters-"Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"-Netflix
Daniel Radcliffe-"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story"-The Roku Channel
Michael Shannon-"George & Tammy"-Showtime
Steven YEUN-"BEEF"-Netflix

I'm not gonna have a lot to say about these miniseries categories; I haven't seen most or any of these categories, but everyone else cares about them.... It's a good list of nominated actors, I apparently have to know what "BEEF" is, other than what's for dinner. Would like to see Daniel Radcliffe take this.

Lizzy Caplan-"Fleischman Is In Trouble"-FX
Jessica Chastain-"George & Tammy"-Showtime
Dominique Fishback-"Swarm"-Prime Video
Kathryn Hahn-"Tiny Beautiful Things"-Hulu
Riley Keough-"Daisy Jones & The Six"-Prime Video
Ali Wong-"BEEF"-Netflix

I will say that I do like how these categories are indeed spread out among all the major streaming and premium networks. Again, great actors here, I'll look up these titles later. 

Murray Bartlett-"Welcome to Chippendales"-Hulu
Paul Walter Hauser-"Black Bird"-Apple TV+
Richard Jenkins-"Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"-Netflix
Joseph Lee-"BEEF"-Netflix
Ray Liotta-"Black Bird"-Apple TV+
Young Mazino-"BEEF"-Netflix
Jesse Plemons-"Love & Death"-HBO Max

Awwww. (Sad sigh) Ray Liotta. Damn, I'm gonna miss him. I hope he can end his career with a win, for those morbidly curious, he actually does have an Emmy; he won a Supporting Actor Emmy for "ER" years ago. There's not much else to say, great actor, who never awarded enough for his work when he was alive, and he is now and will forever be sorely missed. That said, Emmys are not usually sentimental, there's very few posthumous winners. By my count, it's only happened five times in an acting category of any kind, the only time someone won the award posthumously and was nominated posthumously was back in '94 when Raul Julia won for the miniseries "The Burning Season". Emmy voters tend not to be sentimental, but I wouldn't be too surprised  if they are for him. I doubt it, but I wouldn't mind seeing it. 

Annaleigh Ashford-"Welcome to Chippendales"-Hulu
Maria Bello-"BEEF"-Netflix
Claire Danes-"Fleischman Is In Trouble"-FX
Juliette Lewis-"Welcome to Chippendales"-Hulu
Camile Morrone-"Daisy Jones & The Six"-Prime Video
Niecy Nash-Betts-"Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"-Netflix
Merritt Wever-"Tiny Beautiful Things"-Hulu

Hmm, Juliette Lewis is in a movie about Chippendales; I think I might actually watch that one now. I might have to see that. 

BEEF-"Figures of Light"-LEE Sung-jin-Netflix
BEEF-"The Great Fabricator"-Jake Schreier-Netflix
Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story-"Bad Meat"-Carl Franklin-Netflix
Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story-"Silenced"-Paris Barclay-Netflix
Fleischman Is In Trouble-"Me-Time"-Valerie Faris & Jonathan Dayton-FX
Prey-Dan Trachtenberg-Hulu

Kind of an interesting category to see exactly where the shows might be in the running for Series. Probably the biggest names here are Faris & Dayton, they're the filmmakers behind "Little Miss Sunshine" among other beloved indy hits. Dan Trachtenberg's an interesting name here too; he's a horror director most known for "10 Cloverfield Lane" and he's only one nominated for a full movie. All the others are nominated for episodes of a miniseries. Occasionally, if somebody directs the entirety of a miniseries for instance, they could sneak in here and steal a Directing Emmy in this category. A TV movie is a little trickier; the last time somebody won this category for just a movie was ten years ago when Steven Soderbergh won for "Behind the Candelabra". Vote splitting though between the favorites could help it out.... 

BEEF-"The Birds Don't Sing, They Screech in Pain"-LEE Sung Jin-Netflix
Fire Island-Joel Kim Booster-Hulu
Fleischman Is In Trouble-"Me-Time"-FX
Prey-Story/Screenplay: Patrick Aison; Story: Dan Trachtenberg
Swarn-"Stung"-Teleplay/Story: Janine Nabers; Story: Donald Glover
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story-Al Yankovic and Eric Appel-The Roku Channel

Relax, Weird Al also got nominated for Original Song, but yeah, three TV movies in here. For all the dominance of limited series lately, TV movies are slowly making a comeback into these categories, and there's a lot more of them than you'd think. If networks promote them right, they can pick up a film that was meant to be theatrical and just move them to streaming. Some of them ever start picking up and get pushed into TV categories, this could be competitive and interesting again. 


Bob's Burgers-"The Plight of Christmas"-FOX
Gennedy Tartakovsky's Primal-"Shadow of Fate"-Adult Swim
Rick & Morty-"Night Family"-Adult Swim
The Simpsons-"Treehouse of Horror XXXIII"-FOX

Boy, looking it up, "Entergalactic" almost sounds pre-designed to just win this Emmy. It's an hour and a half long television movie/pilot based off and inspired by Kid Cudi's new album, working as sort of a companion visual album similar to say, Beyonce's "Lemonade", kinda. I still have it on my queue so I'll get to it, eventually, but it does bring up an interesting question of whether this should be in this category, or whether it should be in the TV movie category. It's seem to be a little unfair to compare an hour and a half concept movie to an episode of "Rick & Morty". Usually when a one-off enters this category it's still rarely more than an hour long. Perhaps the Emmys will have an animated feature category later. Hell, they didn't have a Short-Form Animated Program category this year due to none of the prescreen entries received enough votes of approval, so this might be a sign of the future here.

Julie Andrews-"Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story"-Netflix
Alex Borstein-"Family Guy"-"A Bottle Episode"-FOX
Mel Brooks-"History of the World, Part II"-"VIII"-Hulu
Maya Rudolph-"Big Mouth"-"Asexual Healing"-Netflix
Wanda Sykes-"Crank Yankers"-"Wanda Sykes, JB Smoove & Adam Carolla"-Comedy Central
Ali Wong-"Tuca & Bertie"-"Fledging Day"-Adult Swim

Did anybody know "Bridgerton" was still a thing? Do we just make Shondra Rhimes shows last forever no matter what? Actually, that would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Also, how is this "Tuca & Bertie"'s first ever nomination?! Anyway, we got five really talented women here, and Mel Brooks, who's still frickin' making material this late into his career, and getting awards considerations. I don't know if he's gonna pull this off. It is kinda interesting that this category in particular is so flooded with character performances that aren't animated, only half are from animated series and of those three, none of them are up for Animated Program. That's so weird. 


100 Foot Wave-HBO Max
The 1619 Project-Hulu
Dear Mama-FX
Secrets of the Elephants-National Geographic
The U.S. and the Holocaust-PBS

Part of the reason I usually include these programs is because of people out there who speak out loud about how their shows are never the ones honored at the Emmys, when, often in reality, many of the shows they do care about are. Also, because they have a point, we often do just ignore all of television when frankly, sometimes the best and most important television are in these categories. Okay maybe finding "The Secrets of the Elephants" aren't the most important television, but it's probably still good and worth honoring. 

Being Mary Tyler Moore-HBO Max
Judy Blume Forever-Prime Video
My Transparent Life-Prime Video
Pamela, A Love Story-Netflix
Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie-Apple TV+

Good lord. See, this is why I showcase these categories, look at this! Mary Tyler Moore, Michael J. Fox, Judy Blume, Pamela Anders-, HOLY CHRIST, is that what she looks like now, without makeup! I mean, she still looks pretty, she's not a trainwreck or anything, but Jees! All that focus on her plastic surgeries, we should've been asking who her makeup people were. You could've given me100 guesses..., wow! Anyway, and a story about two people going through the process of gender reassignment surgery. This category's filled with interesting stuff.... Seriously, I could've walked by her and never noticed it was her when she's like that! Sorry, I must sound weird to everybody who lived through, but you have no idea how ubiquitous she was for a shockingly long time when I was growing up. 

The Light We Carry: Michelle Obama & Oprah Winfrey-Netflix
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman and Volodymyr Zelenskyy-Netflix
Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy-CNN
Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi-Hulu
United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell-CNN

Nice to see Padma Lakshmi's new travel series on here; makes me feel like her decision to exit "Top Chef" isn't completely in vain. Good luck in this category though. I mean, Stanley Tucci could pull off a small upset here after his Italy series was cancelled but W. Kamau Bell's show is a past winner that's much more of a favorite, but then you're up against, Letterman and Volodymyr, and Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey!? Good luck winning against either of those duos in this year. 

The Accused: Damned or Devoted?-PBS
Last Flight Home-Paramount+
The Territory-National Geographic

About time Paramount+ showed up somewhere here.... This category is always a little weird. I'm not gonna go into every detail, but basically this is the Emmys category for films that are documentary features that were technically released in theaters for limited runs, before becoming finding their true home on the television screens. There's a lot of other hoops to go through to be eligible here, you can be eligible, like they had to not be nominated for an Oscar, the film had to have a social impact of some profound, technical skill involved in making the film, etc. etc. but if a program meets these requirements and can be submitted here, they can placed to a jury to determine filmmaking quality, as both Producers and Directors are actually nominated in this category, and this is usually a good group. Checking my Netflix queue, I already had many of these films listed under films I was gonna watch as theatrical releases, the only exception was "The Accused...", but a lot of documentaries especially that make theaters do start out or are at least funding by television networks or associated companies and subsidiaries with the intent to be on television, so, basically this is a category that honors great documentaries that television produced that they felt were quality enough to be in theaters. And there's some big names attached to some of these, the biggest this year is Darren Aronofsky, who's a producer on "The Territory", so yeah, I like this category overall. A lot of the complications with this category would probably be alleviated if the Television and Motion Picture Academies would ever just come together and be one singular group like BAFTA is for instance, but that's a problem to solve for another day. 

Mahershala Ali-"Chimp Empire"-"Reckoning"-Netflix
Angela Bassett-"Good Night Oppy"-Prime Video
Morgan Freeman-"Our Universe"-"Chasing Starlight"-Netflix
Barack Obama-"Working: What We Do All Day"-"The Middle"-Netflix
Pedro Pascal-"Patagonia: Life On The Edge of The World"-"Mountains"-CNN

For the first time ever in the category, there's not a single Caucasian or white person in the category. And it's a tough category. Barack Obama actually won this category last year for "Our Great National Parks". Angela Bassett is the only female nominee and she happens to be from probably the biggest film of the group, "Good Night Oppy". The only female to win this category was Meryl Streep a few years ago. Morgan Freeman shockingly hadn't been nominated 'til now also. Tough category. 

Judy Blume Forever-Davina Pardo & Leah Wolchok-Prime Video
Moonage Daydream-Brett Morgen-HBO Max
Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields-Lana Wilson-Hulu
Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie-Davis Guggenheim-Apple TV+
The Territory-Alex Pritz-National Geographic
The U.S. And The Holocaust-"Episode 3: The Homeless, Tempest-tossed (1942-)"-Ken Burns, Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein-PBS

Some pretty big films, and pretty big names in front of and behind the camera. Brett Morgen and Davis Guggenheim are past Oscar winners for Best Documentary and Ken Burns and Lynn Novick are pretty big names in the documentary field as well. Judy Blume and Michael J. Fox are joined by Brooke Shields, David Bowie and The Holocaust as subject matter, so this is a loaded field; you rarely find that many big celebrities in the same category. Also, that National Geographic thing about the rainforest. Interesting how every channel gets something here. 

100 Foot Wave-"Chapter V - Lost at Sea"-Zach Rothfeld-HBO Max
Dear Mama-"Panther Power"-Allen Hughes and Lasse Jarvi-FX
Moonage Daydream-Brett Morgen-HBO Max
Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me-Alek Keshishian and Paul Marchand-Apple TV+
The U.S. And The Holocaust-"Episode 2: Yearning to Breathe Free (1938-1942)-Geoffrey C. Ward-PBS

I get how this sounds counter-intuitive but a lot of nonfiction is written. This category used to be perennially won by Anthony Bourdain for awhile there for instance; there's skill in taking several various elements and constructing them into a coherent written idea. Not everything nonfiction is written so, which is why, while we get a few repeats, we also get, Selena Gomez sneaking in here somehow for her profile documentary. Not complaining or anything, just explaining how it works. Also, is that Allen Hughes, of The Hughes Brothers? (IMDB search) Yeah, it is, huh. I was wondering what he's been up. Not Sure what Albert's been up to. Man, they haven't made a feature film together in almost a decade and a half!? Man, that feels like a lot of lost opportunities there. 


Family Feud-ABC
The Price is Right-CBS
That's My Jam-NBC
Wheel of Fortune-ABC

Ummm- what,- I'm sorry, I think accidentally, copied from the Daytime Emmys nomination sheet, let me- correct that...- Wait, no, this is the Primetime Emmys? What the hell?! I know there's been more game shows on Primetime in recent years, but...- hold on, time for research.... Okay, here's the Emmy announcement....
Wait, decision is the result of an Agreement....! What the- Holy Crap, why was this not a bigger story!?
Okay, backstory...! Um, for those who don't quite know this, if you've ever wondered why there were two different Emmy broadcasts, one for Primetime and one for Daytime shows over the years, it's not simply that they wanted to separate the time and periods, there's actually history here. And there's actually two separate Television Academies! They both award the Emmy, but the Television Academy of Arts and Science gives out the Primetime Emmys, as well as the local L.A. Emmys, but NATAS, they give out all the other Emmy awards. The Daytime, the Local Emmys, the Sports Emmys, the news Emmys, which are separated nowadays into their own broadcasts. And the reason this happened, is partially because of game shows by the way. Before these groups split into two separate groups, the Emmys would only have one award to honor the best in Daytime programming, and the award was juried and one year they just didn't give it out. They did nominate both Peter Marshall and Paul Lynde for "Hollywood Squares" that year, but at that point, the Daytime brethren had had enough, so the more East Coast branch of the Emmys, which did mostly focus on daytime shows at that time, formed NATAS and led by Agnes Nixon, the legendary soap opera creator behind "One Life to Live" and "All My Children" among others, formed the daytime Emmys, and up until now, there's been very few intersections between these properties. 
However, streaming has changed a lot of things, as had, the availability and prominence of certain shows, and eh, I kinda get what's happened here. Last year, the 1st annual Family and Children's Programming Emmys happened, which separated family and children's shows, which their are a lot more of than you realize, into their own Emmys show, and that seems to be the direction of the majority of future Emmys, the NATAS Emmys are going to be more separated into genres in the future, with the major exception being daytime dramas, for tradition, mostly, and so they came together to figure out how to separate some of this, and this lead to the Game Show category, at the Primetime Emmys, for the first time, since well, they separated. (And Primetime game shows also had this issue, before reality programming categories, they famously had to enter in the daytime categories previously; the big example is when "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" won in it's first season, along with Regis Philbin winning for Game Show Host that year.) That doesn't mean that game shows haven't been more of a primetime staple lately though, "That's My Jam" showing up here is a good clue, and the fact that all the shows are listed with broadcast networks and not under the Syndicated banner, means that they've all had Primetime specials in recent years, and that is true as well. Still, except for "That's My Jam", this is a fairly innocuous list of game shows. I'd give the slight edge to "Jeopardy!" who by the way, holds the record for the most Daytime Emmys in this category with, 19 wins over it's run, and that's more than double the second place winner, which, believe-it-or-not is "Pyramid". I like most versions of "Pyramid" but I wouldn't have guessed that one. 

Mayim Bialik-"Jeopardy!"-ABC
Steve Harvey-"Family Feud"-ABC
Ken Jennings-"Jeopardy!"-ABC
Keke Palmer-"Password"-NBC
Pat Sajak-"Wheel of Fortune"-ABC

Well, I guess I better look up the history of this category at the Daytime as well. Most recently, Steve Harvey won last year, his third win for "Family Feud". It's also, technically the first time there's been two separate nominees for hosting the same program, although last year Pat Sajak was actually nominated twice in the category for both "Wheel of Fortune" and "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune". I'm actually surprised that historically, that hasn't happened more often; it didn't used to be that uncommon for some hosts to have two or even more shows at once. (Previously, only the late great Alex Trebek was ever nominated against himself, a couple years when he hosted both "Jeopardy!" and "Classic Concentration".) Speaking of "Jeopardy!", Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings have split time hosting for the last couple years and I'm not gonna go over that whole ; could be interesting if one of them wins and the other doesn't. Bialik and Keke Palmer could become only the third women to ever win the award as well, only after Betty White won in '82 for "Just Men" and Meredith Viera who won twice for history the syndicated "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", last time in 2009. I watched little of the NBC "Password" that Keke Palmer's hosted, and-eh, eh, I think she's a good host, but maybe not for "Password", she can be a bit boisterous and I think that show is best when it's muted down. Maybe I'm just a traditionalist though. I mean, she's still better than when Bert Convy hosted it, but I get why it didn't sneak into Series. (HOT TAKE: I never thought Bert Convy was a good host of anything.) I would've put Elizabeth Banks in here for "Press Your Luck" or Wayne Brady for "Let's Make a Deal" but what do I know. Also, this is officially Pat Sajak's final season, Ryan Seacrest will be taking over, and you know what, that weirdly feels like a very appropriate final stop for both of their careers. I hope they both remain happy and that neither one of them tries to host a talk show again. Anyway, Sajak's won, I think three times, and has a lifetime achievement Emmy already, but those are daytime and if people care about sentimental stuff like that.... I suspect Steve Harvey is the slight favorite, wouldn't be surprised Pat Sajak won though.  


Awkwafina is Hangin' With Grandma-Comedy Central
Better Call Saul Filmmaker Training-AMC
Carpool Karaoke: The Series-Apple TV+
I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson-Netflix
Only Murders in the Building: One Killer Question-Hulu

Is "Carpool Kareoke" really still a thing? Nice to finally see Awkwafina show up somewhere. "Better Call Saul" gets in for their annual short. The only series that's it own thing and not a spinoff of a major show is "I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson"; I wouldn't be surprise if that wins, but I'm not as big on that show as others are but I suspect it could win. 

House of the dragon: Inside the Episode-HBO Max
The Last of Us: Inside the Episode-HBO Max
Saturday Night Live Presents: Behind the Sketch-NBC
Succession: Controlling the Narrative-HBO Max
The White Lotus: Unpacking the Episode-HBO Max

Okay, this category is officially ridiculous now. We literally have five behind-the-scenes of other shows categories, and four of them are those post-episode little blips they show after shows on HBO. Just for that reason I'm cheering for "Behind the Sketch", which is basically just NBC's version of that, but man, this short form genre is slowly being whittled away. Remember, they didn't have enough entries in animation to deem the category qualifiable this year, and it looks like the live-action series are falling to the side as well. 

Kevin Hart-"Die Hart 2: Die Harter"-The Roku Channel
Tim Robinson-"I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson"-Netflix
Ben Schwartz-"Die Hart 2: Die Harter"-The Roku Channel

Only three nominees are two of them are from "Die Hart 2". Same as the Actress category I might add, despite the show not getting into series. I guess congrats on The Roku Channel for continuing to hold the banner for Quibi. Not much else to add, I think Tim Robinson has this.

Nathalie Emmanuel-"Die Hart 2: Die Harter"-The Roku Channel
Jasmine Guy-"Chronicles of Jessica Wu"-Prime Video
Paula Pell-"Die Hart 2: Die Harter"-The Roku Channel

Hold on, is this the first time Jasmine Guy has ever been nominated for an Emmy?! Holy God, it is!? How is that possible? (Sigh) Oh, Emmys. Alright, well, it might be in a backdoor Amazon short, but at least you finally corrected that egregious error. Hope she wins this. 


Andor-"Rix Road"-Nicholas Britell-Disney+
The Last of Us-"Long, Long Time"-Gustavo Santaolalla-HBO Max
Succession-"Connor's Wedding"-Nicholas Britell-HBO Max
Wednesday-"Woe Is The Loneliest Number"-Danny Elfman, Chris Bacon-Netflix
The White Lotus-"In the Sandbox"-Cristobal Tapia de Veer-HBO Max

This is actually a fascinating category this year with several Oscar winners against each other, Nicholas Britell against himself as well. Mostly I include the music categories for those keeping track of EGOT Awards, but you never know. There's several other categories that might fascinate others; I know some people care about some of the crafts, makeup, editing, casting, costumes, etc. I'll invite you guys to look those up for those who are interested. In this category, I think "Wednesday"'s got the edge though. 

Hocus Pocus 2-John Debney-Disney+
Ms. Marvel-"Time And Again"-Laura Karpman-Disney+
Prey-Sarah Schachner-Hulu
A Small Light-"What Can Be Saved"-Ariel Marx-National Geographic
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story-Leo Birenberg, Zach Robinson-The Roku Channel

Nothing to add on this one. Couldn't come up with a shorter category name though? Jesus!

Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico-"Veracruz"-Tony Morales-CNN
Light & Magic-"Gang of Outsiders"-James Newton Howard-Disney+
Pamela, A Love Story-Blake Neely-Netflix
Prehistoric Planet-"Badlands"-Hans Zimmer, Anze Rozman, Kara Talve-Apple TV+
Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie-John Powell-Apple TV+

Huh, I guess CNN couldn't afford to keep having Stanley Tucci go searching for Italy, but they could afford for Eva Longoria to go and find Mexico. I actually like a lot of those docuseries, but they really do feel off with everything else...- Just in general, CNN really has to get their shit together, make it less Jeff Zucker-fied. I would've thought Hans Zimmer was a lot closer to an EGOT than he is, but apparently he's got a lot farther to go. 

2022 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony-Adam Blackstone-HBO Max
The Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Starring Rihanna-Adam Blackstone, Omar Edwards-FOX
Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song: Joni Mitchell-Greg Phillinganes-PBS
The Oscars-Rickey Minor-ABC
Saturday Night Live-"Host: Austin Butler"-Lenny Pickett, Leon Pendarvis and Eli Brueggemann

I'm glad to know that they're still giving out that Gershwin Prize and Joni Mitchell of course, an absolute great recipient. Music Directing is kind of a fun category, it's for Music directing for live music on programs. Adam Blackstone's competing against himself, although this category was basically invented for Rickey Minor. Personally, I like to think of this category as the Doc Severinson or Paul Schaffer category. 

"Marriage is A Dungeon"-Ginny & Georgia-Music & Lyrics: Lili Haydn and Ben Bromfield-Netflix
"All About Me"-The L Word: Generation Q-Music & Lyrics: Heather McIntosh, Taura Stinson and Allyson Newman-Showtime
"Your Personal Trash Man Can"-The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-Music & Lyrics: Curtis Moore and Thomas Mizer-Prime Video
"Fought & Lost"-Ted Lasso-Music & Lyrics: Tom Howe, Jamie Hartman and Sam Ryder-Apple TV+
"A Beautiful Game"-Ted Lasso-Music & Lyrics: Ed Sheeran, Foy Vance and Max Martin-Apple TV+
"Now You Know"-Weird; The Al Yankovic Story-Music & Lyrics: Al Yankovic-The Roku Channel

Another category I love because I can just look up all the songs. For instance, what the hell is "Ginny & Georgia"? Never heard of that one, but looks fun based off this one song. Also, what the hell is going on on that new "The L Word" reboot, it's- looking odd. Nice song. Would've thought if anybody got a songwriting nomination for that show it would've been Leisha Hailey, but I guess no one else is a big Uh Huh Her fan. (To be fair, the original show, got really out there and weird late, so I imagine this newer version is just an even bigger mess.) Anyway, the big names here are Ed Sheeran who wrote one of the "Ted Lasso" nominees, although I think the other one is better, and Weird Al who wrote the ending credits song for his biopic movie. I like it, even though it is a little long. Personally I like "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" song the best though. 

Andor-Nicholas Britell-Disney+
Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiousities-Holly Amber Church-Netflix
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power-Howard Shore-Prime Video
Ms. Marvel-Laura Karpman-Disney+
Wednesday-Danny Elfman-Netflix

Is this the first that "Lord of the Rings" show has been mentioned? Wow, that did not catch on; I'm a little surprised on that one. Anyway, I listened to all of these as well, and the only ones I could pick out of a lineup are "Ms. Marvel" and "Wednesday", and I think they're both pretty good. I'm a little more partial to "Wednesday" since that's a show I actually watch and like, but I wouldn't mind "Ms. Marvel" winning here. 

Daisy Jones & The Six-"Track 8: Looks Like We Made It"-Frankie Pine-Prime Video
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-"Four Minutes"-Robin Urdang-Prime Video
Stranger Things-"Chapter Nine: The Piggyback"-Nora Felder-Netflix
Ted Lasso-"So Long, Farewell"-Tony Von Pervieux, Christa Miller-Apple TV+
The White Lotus-"Bull Elephants"-Gabe Hilfer-HBO Max

Eh, Music Supervisor, is basically Music Director, but overseeing a soundtrack. It's not as important EGOT-wise, but since I'm doing the music...- wait... CHRISTA MILLER? Why do I know that...- oh, wait a minute, that's Jordan from "Scrubs", right? Yeah, she was on "The Drew Carey Show" and "Cougar Town" too! She's a music supervisor? I mean, I know she's married to Bill Lawrence who created "Scrubs", "Cougar Town" and "Ted Lasso", but I-eh-, okay. Little annoyed this is the first time she's been nominated, but-eh, okay. I mean, they have a daughter who's a singer, so yeah, she's probably a little knowledgeable when it comes to music. (Shrugs) About time she got nominated for something....? I guess


For All Mankind: Season 3 Experience-Apple TV+
Gorillaz Presents-Google
MLK: Now It The Time-Oculus
The Notorious B.I.G. Sky's The Limit: A VR Concert Experience-Facebook & Meta Horizon Worlds
You Destroy, We Create: The War on Ukraine's Culture-Meta Quest TV

Facebook & Meta Horizon Worlds?! Can somebody please beat Mark Zuckerberg upside the head with a 7-iron. It's not as bad as trying to turn Twitter into X, but (Sigh). (NOTE: Remind me to join Threads later). Anyway, what the hell is this category? I think this is another rebranding of the Interactive Media awards. I'm not sure of the difference. Basically, it's any television or stream media that isn't a video game, that has an interactive element to it. It could also be like media that's made with a 360* camera approach. Eh, it's always been an odd category, but there's stuff here worth noting. 

AirPods-"Quiet the Noise"
Apple-"The Greatest-Accessibility"
Apple-"R.I.P. Leon"
Apple TV+-"Call Me With Timothee Chalamet"
Dove-"Cost of Beauty"
The Farmer's Dog-"Forever"
Squarespace-"The Singularity"

Since these are commercials, I decided to just watch all these. Eh, the only one I really didn't care for was "The Farmer's Dog" which I think is a dogfood company, and their commercial which was okay.... I don't know, commercials about how great and long a life you can have with a dog just seem unnecessarily sad to me. The Dove commercial is also a bit heavy-handed to me, too. It's good, but.... Eh.... Also, doesn't Dove sell like, soap or something, why is this a commercial about social media causing eating disorders? I would think "The Greatest-Accessibility" is the favorite and my favorite. 

Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities-Netflix
Hello Tomorrow!-Apple TV+
The Last of Us-HBO Max
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power-Prime Video
The White Lotus-HBO Max

Anyway, always a fun category, my favorite of the bunch is "Wednesday", the only one whose inclusion I kinda question is "The White Lotus"; that one didn't seem particularly creative to me, but the rest of the category looks fun. 

Alright, I think that's enough for this year. I don't think I'll do a predictions blog again this year, I'm sure I'll fill out my Gold Derby ballot at some point, but yeah, despite everything it's good to go over with a fine tooth comb the full nominees if you want. You never know, you might find that your favorite show did get something, or find something new you've never heard of that you see gets something and find out you want to watch. Anyway, I got a couple months to forget to catch up on all these, maybe more after. Who knows. I'm hoping for a quiet ceremony this year, with all the awards getting tossed from the balcony and caught by the winners on the picket lines. 

Actually, in case you were wondering, there was an Emmy awards during a strike once before. in 1980, when SAG was on strike. Of the 52 acting nominees for the show, all but one, actually boycotted the event. Powers Boothe, who was nominated and subsequently won for Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for "Guyana Tragedy: The Jim Jones Story". He said that it was either the most courageous thing he's ever done, or the stupidest. He later regretted that decision. Let's hope nobody crosses that picket line again. Don't be like Powers Boothe. Let's make this Diamond edition of the Emmys, as lousy and uninspiring as the current Emmys voting process. (Assuming of course, the Actors and Writers are still on strike. Actually, let's make it boring and uninspiring even if they end the strike.)