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Note: Much of this was posted on the website by me earlier.
I love Awards, I love awards, I love the absolute absurdity that we actually try to make such comparisons between such strange things as one actor playing a character dying of cancer and another who got multiple personality syndrome, and between one who plays someone fairly normal, or whatever interesting combination there happens to be. I make a list of every movie I've ever seen; If that's not proof I thoroughly enjoy things that are obsessive and absurd, nothing is, and nothing is more ridiculuous and absurd that entertainment awards shows. But, there always fun, even when they're bad, James Franco, Anne Hathaway and Bruce Vilanch and the rest of the writers of the Oscars this year, who I noticed aren't nominated this year, wonder why? The fact is that TV, as good or bad as it can be, is an amazing art form, and it deserves to be honored periodically. Why not? We all watch it, or at least most people do, and those who don't, while these Award shows will make a few mistakes occasionally (Coughs "Lost", "The Good Wife," cough cough), they generally do honor the best of television, and that is as good as any movie, play, book, theatrical performance, painting, whatever. Yes, even the good reality shows are capable of doing equaling that standard occasionally. And now, for a few of my thoughts and observations from the recently released list of nominees this year.
Surprised that last year's winner Parsons & Galecki got in for "The Big Bang Theory", and kudos for nominating Matt LeBlanc for "Episodes" and Louis C.K. for “Louie” in some smart surprise choices there. Strong category.
PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: Steve Carell, he hasn't won yet, he should've won at least once by now, and this season was his best anyway.

I don't get the appeal of "Friday Night Lights," I've just found it kind of boring, and I'm surprised snuck into so many categories, including Best Drama, but nothing wrong with nominating Kyle Chandler here. No Bryan Cranston this year due to lack of eligibility, so while nothing overly surprising with the nominees, it's kinda wide open.
PREDICTION: Jon Hamm, slightly over Steve Buscemi
PREFERENCE: Michael C. Hall, he's gotta get credit for this show at some point.

Out of the blue, a creatively smart nomination for Martha Plimpton for the underappreciated "Raising Hope," was fun to see. No Toni Collette or Mary-Louise Parker this year, is kinda odd, though. Cable did strangely bad in comedy across the board. I think a line in the sand has been drawn and the great dramedies of cable are being snubbed out. Why the laugh-out-loud cable comedies are being snubbed too, I don't know.
PREDICTION: Laura Linney
PREFERENCE: Tough call, but I'm gonna lean to Amy Poehler.

Didn't guessed Kathy Bates would've been in, but glad she is. Again, "Friday Night Lights"? but biggest question mark, "The Good Wife," and Julianna Margulies in particular, underacts to death on that show, which I think brings women right's back about twenty years. (Mary Richards would've beaten the crap out of her by now.) I haven't seen "The Killing," yet, so I'm gonna withhold judgment there, but the usual crop of Hargitay & Moss round it out. Why can't I find Anna Paquin, or Chloe Sevigney here?
PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: Elisabeth Moss, always amazing on "Mad Men," Time to honor her for it.

No Neil Patrick Harris, no Rob Lowe, no Rainn Wilson, no Jeremy Piven or anyone from "Entourage"  again speaking of laugh-out-loud cable comedies, nothing from the group on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Lot of "Modern Family," the arbitratry "Glee," nomination for reasons beyond logic, and the particularly intriguing Jon Cryer nomination, for reasons that can be better left unsaid. It's not that "Modern Family," doesn't deserve the nominations, but it does seem a little too crowded.
PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: Ed O'Neill, partially a lifetime achievement vote, I admit, but a deserving one.

Here, I like "The Good Wife," nominations, oddly enough, with Charles and Cummings being two of the best actors around, and have been for awhile. Walter Goggins for "Justified," was a surprise, and Peter Dinklage, not as surprising to me, but "Game of Thrones," did seem to do better than I think most predicted. Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad," last years winner, ineligible this year unfortunately, but why no love "True Blood," or "Big Love," in these categories? Odd.
PREDICTION: Wow, is this one up in the air, despite the tendency of Emmy to award Andre Braugher, I'm gonna go with Alan Cumming, just for fun.
PREFERENCE: Josh Charles, mainly as a long overdue should've-won-fo- "Sports Night," vote.

By far, the biggest screwup this year was not nominating Mayim Bialik for "The Big Bang Theory." With due respect to Betty White, do we have to keep nominating her for everything she does? "Hot in Cleveland," has a moment or two, but c'mon it's not in the caliber of these other performers. Even Jane Lynch, I love despite the fact I can't stand "Glee," and again, better, more interesting options exist on cable in this category. Kaitlin Olson (It's Always Funny..."), Rosemary DeWitt (United States of Tara), Anna Deavere Smith, Eve Best (Both from "Nurse Jackie"). A talented group, but not a creative list this year from the Emmys.
PREDICTION: HOPEFUL PREDICTION: Kristen Wiig, and maybe we can then end the notion that a SNL actress should get nominated every year now.
PREFERENCE: While I like the two "Modern Family," choices, Jane Krakowski is long overdue.

A lot of intriguing, new nominees here. Kelly MacDonald and Margo Martindale, somewhat surprises. Michelle Forbes, a great surprise for "The Killing," round out the usual, continued run of "The Good Wife," two nominees, one deserving, (Baranski), one iffy (Panjabi, despite her winning last year)
PREDICTION: I think it's a little wide-open, but I'm gonna take a shot and say Kelly MacDonald
PREFERENCE: Christina Hendricks. Character gets more interesting every year, after that parts tougher to play than it looks.

If I could give any explanation for why Jeff Probst keeps winning, I would. Not that he's bad, but this category barely exists, as it is, and I don't know anybody that watches "Survivor," anymore. Why no love for Heidi Klum or Padma Lakshmi here? Or how about Nick Cannon, for "America's Got Talent"? or Mark L. Wahlberg for "Antiques Roadshow"? Strange lack of imagination here.
PREDICTION: Jeff Probst, until somebody beats him.
PREFERENCE: 'Cause it's the best of the shows nominated, Phil Keoghan. Would've have a problem with Bergeron or Deeley winning though.

No cable in this category. That's gotta be the first time in a while. They correctly put in "The Big Bang Theory," and "Parks and Recreation," but they kept the incomprehensible "Glee." 5 out of 6 isn't bad, but wouldn't it have been more fun to see "Archer," on there or something else out there. Maybe "Eastbound and Down"? Maybe I'm stretching, I can't complain about the other five, all strong and deserving this year.
PREDICTION: Modern Family
PREFERENCE: Parks and Recreation, with a little neuron leaning me towards for Big Bang.

A little more random thrown in here with "Friday Night Lights" and "Game of Thrones," but the rest is an as expected. "The Good Wife," still seems odd to me in this category. It's melodrama while everything else strives for more and achieves it. I'll give "Friday Night Lights" a break in this category for it being it's last year, although I'm still perplexed by it. Until "Mad Men," loses though, it's "Mad Men"'s to lose.
PREDICTION: Boardwalk Empire
PREFERENCE: While "Dexter," should've won last year, "Mad Men," has just stayed strong and got stronger. Sorry, Dex, don't kill me. "Mad Men," again, but they deserve it.

Two good surprises here with "Conan," getting nominated this year, after the gasp-inspiring nomination for his "Tonight Show," last year, which btw, was absolutely deserving. I watched it, and loved it, but Jimmy Fallon, has been my non-cable favorite lately, and him sneaking in was another good deserving surprise. But sympathy vote for Bill Maher. 24 nominations, zero wins. Where's his Susan Lucci attention streak? He's more than deserving and it's unfortunate.
PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I'd say until somebody beats them, but who's going to?

How come no Talk Show Host Category here yet?

Or what really should be called the "random" category. "Antiques Roadshow," always interesting. "Deadliest Catch," always intriguing." Hoarders," always disturbing." Mythbusters," cool. Ah, they through in the emotional tearjerker, "Undercover Boss." While I like it better than that perrenial nominee "Extreme Home Makeover", it shouldn't be here.
PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Last year eligible. Arguably the greatest Reality show of all-time, and last year might've been it's best yet.

It took seven years, but finally someone voted for something other than "The Amazing Race." With "Top Chef's deserving victory, the category is just a little more wide open than before. And while they added the good dance show ("So You Think You Can Dance,") they still kept the stupid one. (Dancing with the Stars)Here's hoping next year "The Voice," will knock out the especially crappy this year, "American Idol" from the category.
PREFERENCE: Project Runway

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