Saturday, September 12, 2015

MORE SPORADIC RANDOM YADA, YADA, YADA, BLURBS, (Blows raspberries) Really, need to get my computer working, UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Remember when those VH-1 "100 Greatest..." whatever lists were actually somewhat relevant and legitimate? WTF happened?!

I know logically that the original "Storage Wars" is the best, but I really like "Storage Wars: New York". I wish they didn't cancel that one.

Hmm, 15-letters, 23 across, "Tragic model". Well, that can be anybody.
(5 minutes later)
Oh wait, ...T, T, E, N, it fits. That's gotta be Dorothy Stratten. I mean, you think, "Tragic Model", it's gotta be her. Easily the most tragic. I'll look it up just to be sure, but if 79-across "First Supermodel" was Janice Dickenson, even though that's dubious at best, then...
(Looks in back. Long pause, shock expression.)
What the F-, I'm supposed to see the clue, "Tragic Model" and come up with Anna Nicole Smith?! I can think of five more tragic models just off the top of my head, and I'm no model history expert! So, the cokehead billionaire heiress who OD'd, 20 years after she was relevant, was tragic, but the in-her-prime playmate, who was dating a legendary director, and was shot, killed, then raped by her ex-boyfriend before she was old enough to drink, and who's death inspired a Bob Fosse film, minor unimportant footnote. Even my crossword puzzle has the memory of a goldfish.

Kudos to those who got the Ani DiFranco reference in that paragraph.

How the fuck did Blake win on that last "Project Runway", episode, that dress that he made in the last five minutes was ugly as sin! WTH, Heidi! I wish Michael Kors was back.

Do they still make Kudos? I hope so, those were good. I could go for a Kudos right about now.

Dear No One:
It Should've Been Us

Wait, holy shit. A Tori music video! Wow, they never play those on TV this is awesome!- Tori Kelly? Who the fuck is Tori, Kelly?! Bitch, I don't know who the fuck you are or who you think you are, but you do not have the right to go by just "Tori". Tori, is Tori Amos! I don't care if it's just a half-assed nonsensical letter beginning to a stupid music video, you ain't fucking, TORI! And that bland-ass song of yours sucked! Making me think I was going to a see a Tori Amos music video, fuck you you nobody bitch! (Okay, that was mean, but still...)

Hmm, who's this singer on Youtube, Tove Lo? Huh, this is a strange song she's singing, it's interesting, what is this, "Talking Body", huh. This sounds interesting, cool. I thought I was searching Youtube for people flashing their tits though-, WHOA! Okay, that got more sensual than I even thought it was really fast. Huh, I'll look for nudity later, anything else that she's done. Hmm, oh wow, it's all pretty good. Huh, okay, I might get into modern music again.

Did I just hear a song on the hard rock station that sampled the theme to "The Munsters"? (Hand to head, sighing, shaking)

In case some of you might be wondering why I've been bringing up music lately more often than usual lately, well, I'm spoiling this a bit for when I do reveal my Top Ten Films of 2014, which I'm still sorting through btw, but, honestly, I have not been inspired by movies overall from last year. Even the good ones, generally seemed less good than I'd want/prefer. Honestly, I'm kinda getting frustrated; I hope these next few movies are better than what I've been watching, but overall, not impressed with the last year of film.

Yeah, finally got my internet back! YEAH! Now, I only have, 1,2,3,4....83 movie reviews to write. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! (Frustrated Sigh) Yeah, I won't be doing all of those, sorry guys. :(

Okay, I love Laura Dern, but I'm struggling with this "Enlightened" show. I mean, is this the whole joke; she went crazy, got diluted by, some anger management camp/seminar or whatever and now she's, eh, a different kind of crazy, I guess? She's more spiritual, but wants to fix her corporate job, this is bizarre. I hope it gets better. Did anybody like this show?

I really miss VH-1 in the mid-'late 90s.

Okay, I know I'm late as hell on this, but I listened to Accuradio beforehand, and that's underrated, but yeah, now I kinda get why everybody else likes Pandora instead.

Action figures suck! I never understood the appeal. Little plastic toys that barely move, just dumb. You know what are cool, plush dolls. they're soft, they're often more moveable, they don't hurt when you accidentally step on them, more flexible, etc. Plush dolls are awesome; action figures suck.

I love those Roku channels that give you an option of "Watch" or for 99cents, watch ad-free! Like, well, I guess there's a certain generation that's still under the delusion that cable originally meant "no commercials" bu who's going, "Well, it's just a dollar to get rid of those pesky commercial, just wait a minute.

Considering how hard it is to play the kind of parts she did, more people should rank Judy Holliday as one of the best actresses of all-time.

"... Now the haltfime air was sweet perfume
While sergeants played a marching tune
We all got up to dance
Oh, but we never got the chance... "- Holy fuck, do I know every word to this song by heart?! Jesus Christ, how the fuck did that happen? That's a  lot of words.

Okay, I've just now realized why I should probably not use Melissa etheridge's "I Want to Be in Love" as my go-to kareoke song. This does seem to come off a little desperate; I can see that now. I'll switch to Lisa Loeb's "I Do" next time, that should come off better. :)

Well, the good news is that I have the internet and a working computer back. The bad news is that my mom and my boyfriend use it also, so naturally as soon as they use it, right after I announce that I'm doing reviews again, they brake it.

It should be fixed relatively soon, don't worry, this time I shouldn't have to backtrack or delay. granted, it'd be nice if Murphy's Law didn't have a stranglehold on my luck, you know?

I'm finally getting around to finishing "Entourage', I'm a few seasons behind still... but honestly, I don't get the E & Sloan on-again/off-again thing. Oh, I'm trying to, but I thought both of them would've moved on years ago. I mean, this isn't Ross & Rachel or even Carrie or big. Hell, it's not even Blossom & Vinny it's just, eh. Why are they still playing this game?

This better be the last of these I write for awhile; I'm getting tired of writing these.

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