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(July 2nd, 2015)
Okay, that was fun for a minute, hopefully my computer will be back up and running soon, I won't have to do any more of these Sporadic Random Thoughts... and I should be back to my regular blogs and everything very soon.

(Today, Kinison-like scream)

Fucking great, now I gotta start writing these fucking things down again. It hurts my hand writing on pen and paper anymore. On top of my general terrible handwriting. Ugh-Ah! What's happening in the entertainment world anyway? Anything I can comment on?

Oh, now I just wanna cry. So, we're in a post-Jon Stewart world, officially. I wanna cry; I am gonna cry, this is just sad. He was/is the best of all-time! Better than Letterman and yes, I'll say it, better than Carson even! What else is there?

I'm not one to typically take Hulk Hogan's side, and yes, what he said was abhorent, but- he said it, eight years ago, on a sex tape with his best friend's wife, that his best friend was secretly taping him, and or that one statement, he's all but erased from the WWE's history, and stranger than that, he's apparently still relevant enough that this made the Nightly News? This hurts my head honestly.

Great, now I gotta remember all those quips I forgot to write down for the last month, that I would normally forget to tweet even when I did have a working computer, UGH!

"The Wire" is overrated! I'm trying, it's good, I'm finally getting around to it, but-eh, it's a good cop show, it's not the greatest thing of all-time.

Dear Teen Choice Awards,
What's teenager-dom about a surfboard as your award? No, like, seriously, I don't get it; I never got it. Are these teenagers Frankie & Annette? I don'w know what random whatever should represent the Teen Choice Awards (Not that you should exist to begin with but...) How about a skateboard, Tony Hawk was the shit when I was young and as far as I can tell, he still is. Or how about a snowboard, that would be better; that seems popular and cool still. I know there's some Kelly Slater fans out there, but even 15 years ago and living relatively close to an Ocean, I don't remember teenagers really into surfing, maybe I missed it, sure, but even if I did, shouldn't you have changed it by now?

I know with Emmy season coming up I should catch up on other shows but all I ever feel like watching are Channel Awesome/Chez Apocalypse reviews, "Project Runway", and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver".

Hey, remember that episode of "The Simpsons" where, I think it's Homer's brother that invents that machine that allows people to understand what a baby is saying? Yeah, why don't they use that. It was successful, it worked, that episode was what, 25 seasons ago, and still, Maggie doesn't talk. Did I miss an episode or something?

Oh, Jesus Fuck, can we stop all this goddamn rebooting of old TV shows? "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", really? Good lord, has any of these reboots even worked once, btw? And no, I 'm not counting "Hawaii Five-O" or "The Odd Couple", like really?

What, "Frozen" is related to "Tarzan"?! and all the Disney movies are in some ways related to each other in a multiple universe!? I DON'T CARE! Holy God, can we stop with this? Isn't it bad enough that all of television is stuck in Tommy Westphall's mind, these multi-universe theories is just, ugh. How about enjoying something for what it is anymore and not fan-fic it into everything else, God, what-the-hell's with this obsession?

And now, they're bringing back "Xena: Warrior Princess", it's like every other day, something coming back. Didn't I write a blog on how Nostalgia sucks?! Yeah, I did, didn't I? Have you guys read it? Apparently not.

Ariel Winter, the mousy, smart daughter on "Modern Family" is having a breast reduction. She's 17. Um, she's going down from an F to a D. Hmm. Well, that's her choice, but I think breasts keep growing 'til your mid-twenties at least, and it can be troubling for somebody to get breast reduction surgery who's still growing..., but then they'd get bigger and she'd probably hate that more. Alright, whatever, the Emmys should start recognizing the kid actors on that show, they're just as good as the adults sometimes.

Oh, IMDB does a Top 250 TV LIST?! Ugh, let me guess, "The West Wing" is way too low, yup #83, and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer is like in the Top Ten or something...Wait, no! Holy shit, it didn't make it. Cool, "Firefly", is #15 though. (Frustrated growl) One more reason why IMDB lists are unreliable and stupid.

Well, nothing else going on really, but at least I got the Roku back, and NFL Roku channel has some Top Ten and old classic great games on now, this'll be a fun weekend to prepare for football season. Alright!

NFL ROKU CHANNEL is OFF while we reboot.


Anything else going on before I embarrass myself by posting this? Hmm,  I better check twitter, you never know what's on there. Hmm, let's see what Kyle Kallgren of "Brows Held High"'s posting about, he's usually got something interesting...

Reminder that the point of PBS programming was to help poorer kids keep up to richer kids. PBS to HBO defeats that:

Wait, what-the-hell is he...-WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is-, this is a joke right? This is a prank, "Sesame Street" isn't moving to HBO, it's just something Jimmy Kimmel did, isn't it? Yeah, I'll go on IMDB and there will be nothing about "Sesame Street" moving to HBO, except for the ten articles from different sources announcing that "Sesame...- ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! I HAVE TO GET HBO, or HBOGO now for the future of children to watch "SESAME STREET"! Okay, that's it, that's the last straw! We all sat quietly when "Looney Tunes" stopped airing on basic, when "The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show" was canceled, I screamed and was the ONLY ONE and goddamn, because of that, a whole generation grew up thinking that "Pokemon" was good. What now, huh? What now?! Congratulations, you just loss Big Bird and Oscar and Elmo and Snuffleupagus to fucking HBO! And I know, HBO, is a good place for them, hypothetically, I know HBO will keep "Sesame Street", "Sesame Street" and not fuck up anything else about it, but holy mother of fucking God, "Sesame Street" is no longer on PBS! How did I not hear about this! Why am I only finding out now about this atrocity...!

AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, see folks, this is what happens when you don't pledge money to your local PBS station, happy now? No more fucking "Sesame Street". Well, okay, actually there is still "Sesame Street" in some form and episodes will eventually be able to air on PBS, but still, support your PBS stations, motherfuckers!


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