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On some of my earliest blogs, I discussed, and then later on the blogpost below, revealed my List of Every Movie I've ever Seen.

It was one of the reasons I started this blog actually, 'cause after compiling this list, I realized the only thing left to do really is to publish it. That was, two and a half years ago, and recently I passed 4,000 feature films mark, and so as I promised before, I'm publishing the updated lists below:



The first list is the original Microsoft word file, and it includes features as well as short films I've seen; I'm still trying to collect much of that. (Hard to remember every damn cartoon title over the years, as you can imagine, not to mention modern shorts.) The other list, is the original Excel document where I keep my ratings. Some of the longer titles are cut off unfortunately on that one, but for the most part you should be able to figure out the line. Both we're transferred to pdf files and then published as html pages, I hope that works for you all; if it doesn't let me know.

Well, it's been another 1,000 movies. There's more statistics I could sound off about the list, but- that feels passe and the achievement itself, while I continue on with this as the chosen method of coffee spoons with which I prefer to measure out my life in, but, I don't look at the list itself as much of an accomplishment anymore. For one thing, when I started this list, I was the only one who had one, and that was about a decade ago. Now, everybody seems to have one, and now it's easy for people to have one, and no, in case any of you are wondering, I'm not going to spend my days (Or actually it might takes weeks at least, probably months) to transfer this list over to There wasn't a Letterboxd when I started this, and transferring it now would take up way too much of my time, but if anybody's interested in doing that for me, they're free to do so, and let me know if you notice any alphabetical errors, and I'll at least make sure they're fixed for the next thousand films post.

The goal isn't to watch a bunch of movies anyway, or even to document it. That was the never the goal, but sometimes.... Oh, I'm still keeping this lists up, (Oh, and I have many sublists as well) this Aquarius/John Nashian obsession of mine hasn't gone away, as much as I try to temper it, but I've come to believe that watching movies to make as a list itself isn't that important or prevalent; it's really what you get out of the films themselves. That's hard sometimes especially now that I'm a critic and I have to write on 99% of the films I watch now, but you keep on keeping on.

Anyway, I'm at a-eh, some kind of milestone point in the history of this blog and my movie-viewing life. For those wondering, I wish I could say it was something like "Blue is the Warmest Color", (And it might've been as I've since added other titles I had forgotten that I had seen like "The Fighting Sullivans")  but actually, the 4000th, film by my original math was "St. Nick", the David Lowery film that was the add-on film to his "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" DVD. Eh, it's not that important. Anyway, I see this list now, not so much as, an accomplishment but more as a collection of road trip souvenirs; a look back at where I just came from, and all the things I've seen over my life. Ah, I remember that, or I went and we saw this thing one time.... They're places I've gone too, and maybe some I've enjoyed enough that I'll go back again and again, but, I still see the films I haven't seen more clearly to some extent.

And more than that, the movies that I haven't made quite yet. That's something else too, as much as I love this blog, it takes up a lot of time, and as a New Year's Resolution, I'm gonna make sure in the future that I'm gonna take more time out to work on my own scripts and projects in the future. (I know it's not New Year's, but I don't care about things like that.) I need to, it's for the soul. It's one thing to watch a lot of movies and become a scholar or at least an expert cinephile, but that still feels somewhat empty to me. I know I get a lot of hits and my readership is up, and I'm grateful; yet, as much as it pains me to say sometimes, this is only a blog. One of the best that everyone in and out of the internet film community should be obsessed over and scrutinizing forever, but still; in hindsight, I do not wish to make this, or the list the sole records of my cinematic existence.

In the meantime, feel free to check out this updated lists, both the alphabetized list of the 4,000+ movies, and my rankings of them. See what I've seen, see what we have in common or disagree on or get some ideas on what films to watch in the future. Maybe have some ideas on or disagreements with me, although mostly I hope this list will inspire you to seek out and watch more movies. Of course, I'll naturally discuss any thoughts you may have, on any film, or my list that one may want to, but, again, even at 4,000 now, whether you've seen more or less than I have, the important thing to remember is that this list remains incomplete, and more than anything, what I really want to know is what else should I go and watch. So, while I can't always get to every request in a due time manner, I always try to get to as many as I can, and I don't want this list to ever fully be completed.

In other words, I guess I'll end this blogpost, the same way I ended the blogpost I wrote when I hit the 3,000 film plateau, by asking a simple question to you, my ever-increasingly growing readership:

So, what's a good movie I should watch?

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