Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Dear Readers',

Unfortunately, due to reasons and situations outside of my control, I've been and may possible remain unable to post on this blog with the same regularity and output that I pride myself in being able to produce, for the immediate future. Hopefully, this delay will only be temporary and once it runs its course, I will return to my regular posting schedule. Believe me, nobody wants to be posting and writing more than me, and I will continue to post "Canon of Film" entries until I can post more regularly. I have much to say about many things regarding the goings-on in the entertainment world, especially now and when I do presume, I'll have many high-profile blogs to post, including the second part of my blog "Reality TV as Art..." not to mention my annual discussion on TV's Premiere Week, "Premiere Week Sucks! The Musical!", with this latest one subtitled "Part 3: The Trilogy!!!", as well as blogs on such things as why there's too much NFL on TV, and ways to improve the Emms broadcast for next year, and soon, my Top Ten List of the Best Films of 2012, (which as usual, has been delayed several months already) and of course, my Random Weekly Movie Reviews as well. it's frustrating to me that I'm unable to post at this time, but please bare with me until I can return to my normal posting schedule. I still will post whenever possible, so keep checking back periodically. After having more hits last month than I had in any previous month before, I feel deeply ashamed to have to disappoint you, my readers' for the immediate future. Thank you all, and I promise, I WILL BE BACK! to my regular posting schedule ASAP.

With Deep Regrets, but a Promising Outlook,
Very Sincerely,

David Baruffi

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