Sunday, September 23, 2012


The Emmys has some good moments this year, but not a lot of great moments, and frankly for the first or so especially, I was genuinely bored. I'm not someone who's typically bored by award shows (well, most award shows, we can all agree the People's Choice are pretty useless and nauseating), but this is the first time ina while where I've been annoyed by the Emmys, not only because of the mediocrity of the show and the host, but also the Award winners, and I'm not just saying that because I got almost every category wrong this year. "Modern Family," again won Best Comedy Series, as the Supporting Actor categories, but it was particularly, blah this year, especially since Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen won again. Stonestreet, I actually kinda saw coming, and I do think he might have the toughest acting job on the show, but it really was odd. I generally think the point of honoring ensemble shows and performances is to spread the awards arounds, and it came off as underwhelming for these two to win again.

And on a completely other note, I don't know what-the-fuck Julie Bowen was talking about, at any point during her speech. What-the-hell was that?! Nipple covers and sister-wives and whatever-the-hell-she-was-talking-about, that was one of the worst and strangest acceptance speeches ever!

BTW, I love Amy Poehler, and the fact that she still hasn't won yet is bullshit, but her a Julia Louis-Dreyfus were funny as hell! Nobody is as great on her shows and no one has more fun at the Emmys than her. Sure, she loses, and that's wrong, (Sorry Julia, I do love you though too. Loved "Watching Ellie" BTW) but she steals the show everytime, and thank God she did, 'cause the show did need it.

Louis C.K. winning 2 Emmys for Writing, should be something that every future comic/actor/performer, anybody who wants to work in the creative arts, should be looking up to. WRITING folks! LEARN TO WRITE, EVERYONE! Oh, and Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham, all in that same stratosphere. The artists of TV comedy!

I want to point out something about "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," and "The Amazing Race," and their respective winning streaks. Um, there is absolutely no one, who in any way, can claim that "The Daily Show..." 10 consecutive wins for Variety Series, are undeserved. No one! You can pretend "Oh, Jimmy Fallon's good" or "Kimmel's cool," but it's not even like, debatable. "The Daily Show..." is clearly in another league, compared to all the other shows in the category, no matter how great they are. However, there's no way in Hell you can say the same about "The Amazing Race". I'm sorry, I am a fan, but "Project Runway" should've won, at least three times already, "Top Chef," should've won more than once, and "The Voice," should've won this year. I mention this, because I know in my mind, I should be annoyed at both shows, for their continuous winning, but one feels right, and the other just feels wrong. I'm just gonna say it, "The Amazing Race," cannot, and should not, keep winning this Award. I don't know why they keep voting for it, every year, especially lately, they haven't had as great of seasons as they did beforehand.... It's just wrong. Yet, "The Daily Show..." in another league, like I said, and it deserves everything it gets, and frankly, it deserves more. Maybe they should take their name out too. (Oh, and sidenote, Ricky Gervais should be everywhere, either hosting on commenting on, well, everything, until the end of time!) but it's for the complete opposite reason "The Amazing Race" should. Retire "The Daily Show...", at least as far as the Emmys are concerned perhaps, but start investigating the Reality-Competition category.

In the Drama Series category, "Homeland," finally topped "Mad Men", and they practically ran the table. Writing, Series, Actress, and in a shocker, Best Actor, as Damien Lewis finally beat Bryan Cranston. Although that loss is curious since Aaron Paul, won his 2nd straight (Eligibility-wise) Supporting Actor Emmy for the show, oddly enough. Well, "Homeland," is getting pushed up on my Netflix, as are all these Emmy-nominated Drama Series, as once again, we are reminded that Network Dramas, SUCK! And I've seen "Revolution," BTW, and I'm not impressed! Good luck to all these shows next year, when they all lose to "The Newsroom".

Oh, and congrats to Jon Cryer, for his shocking and puzzling Best Actor-Comedy Series win, making him the first person to win an Emmy in Lead and Supporting categories, for the same character, on the same show, since Michael J. Fox did it on "Family Ties", and to Cryer's credit, he was appropriately shocked, cause that shouldn't have happened, and everyone new it. (Good back and look at how few people are cheering and clapping, nobody understood that.) He does do a great job, with an annoying character, but that show's been unwatchable for years now, (Yes, that's not Charlie Sheen's or Ashton Kutcher's fault. It's not even Cryer's either, but I'll discuss that at another time, maybe) and competing against Parsons and Baldwin, at their peaks, and on great series, and against the likes of Larry David and Louis C.K., it just doesn't look or feel right. (Sorry, Cheadle, for leaving you out; I'm sure you're great, but I haven't gotten to "House of Lies" yet.) Still, congrats though, Cryer is now in rarified air, and hopefully, someone more deserving and on a better show will win next year.

Well, overall, it was an okay Emmys. Unremarkable overall unfortunately. When the "In Memoriam"'s were arguable the most well-done and memorable part, you're in trouble. Well, Awards season's beginning for films soon though, and TV's new seasons in full swing. Congrats to all winners, and sorry to all the losers, and here's to hoping a start of a great TV season, and a great Oscar season.

Okay, can I stop pretending Jimmy Kimmel's consistingly funny now? Please? I mean, his ex-wife is far funnier, can she host next year? Wait, were Kimmel and Sarah Silverman married, or were they just dating forever? I don't know, anyway, no more Kimmel, get Sarah Silverman to host next year. It'll be fun.

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