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20 down, 10 to go. I wonder going into this, just how eclectic my musical tastes actually are, and the answer it seems is..., well, not very. Well, I guess it kinda depends on who you are, and what you consider eclectic, but I find that mostly the songs and artists that I personally thought of as my favorites going in, remained the ones I ended up putting on this list. That's necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. Part of this challenge is to analyze myself, and so far, I wish I could've been more creative with some of these choices, my intriguing, more... eclectic. I wish I had a wider range! Most of the songs I've picked aren't even from this century. They're all narrow, and many/most are fairly easy for me to grab out of my CD collection. It's funny, I was arguing with a friend on Facebook not too long ago, who claimed that she only liked three shows on TV, and that other shows she just interest her. I told her that if I narrowed my TV viewing to shows that interest me and that I personally like, I'd watch nothing but reruns of Aaron Sorkin shows. (I just did rewatch the "Studio 60..." pilot, five minutes before I began writing this). I wish now, I took my own advice on music, although maybe music is meant to be more personal. Yes, there's songs and artists, that are heavily produced with the intentions of being forced threw our ears until we can't get a song out of our head, even when we don't like it, but even most of that is made from a singular personal viewpoint that will attract a kinship of only a certain amount of people. Like good TV or good movies, one must search for good music, as much as one just happens to find it. I thing TV is easier to search for, but music requires greater devotion, and that's why we tend more towards what we like musically.

Before I reveal my latest selections, here's the songs that I previously chose:
DAY 2: Least Favorite Song: "THONG SONG"-SISQO
DAY 3: Song that Makes You Happy: "ALL I WANNA DO"-SHERYL CROW
DAY 4: Song that Makes You Sad: "TEARS IN HEAVEN"-ERIC CLAPTON
DAY 5: Song that Reminds You of Someone: "YOU BELONG TO ME"-TAYLOR SWIFT
DAY 6: Song that Reminds You of Somewhere: "LAYLA"-DEREK AND THE DOMINOES
DAY 7: Song that Reminds You of a Certain Event: "SWEET HOME ALABAMA"-LYNYRD SKYNYRD
DAY 8: A Song that You Know All the Words to: "COME TO MY WINDOW"-MELISSA ETHERIDGE
DAY 10: Song that Makes You Fall Asleep: "PAVLOV'S BELL"-AIMEE MANN

And now, Part 2!

DAY 11: Song from Your Favorite Band-"ELEANOR RIGBY"-THE BEATLES
I guess saying "The Beatles," is practically a cop out with this category, but they're just amazing. Can't help it. Even after I came to that conclusion, how do you pick just one Beatles song as a favorite. Somedays, it "Yesterday," other days it's "Paperback Back," or "Let It Be," or "Come Together," "Revolution,"... "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band",  "Strawberry Fields Forever," "When I'm 64"... God there's dozens of great ones. I don't really know which is my favorite, but today, it's "Eleanor Rigby".


DAY 12: Song By a Band You Hate-"FAITH"-LIMP BIZKIT
There's quite a few bands that I can't stand. Nickelback comes to mind pretty quickly, as does Linkin and some of the other recent groups. A lot of hair bands come to mind. Poison, Whitesnake, Warrant,... Stryper, that was a bad one. But, really really hate? I don't know, even the corporate rock bands had a good song or two. (Okay, maybe not Styx, but most the rest did.) I thought about Insane Clown Posse for a bit, they're in their own league of crap (BTW, Juggaloos! There's a different between a cult band, and just being in a cult! When you're wearing tie-die and smoking pot next to an orgy, cult band! When you wear makeup to look like an overweight diseased mime, you're in a CULT! GET OUT!) But two bands, finally stuck. One was Creed, those disturbing, hypocritical Pearll Jam wannabes, be even they did less harm, and had far less uselessness than the all-time crappiest rock group, Limp Bizkit. Musically, lyrically, persona, they sent music back 20 years, and forever put a stain on any/all future rap/rock group, even good ones. (Man, I miss Rage Against the Machine) They contributed absolutely no substance what-so-ever to music. They remade George Michael's "Faith," which is the closest they came to a decent song, so I'm picking that one. Not posting a link here, though. (And on the Facebook, I posted the George Michael version.)

DAY 13: A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure-"I TOUCH MYSELF"-THE DIVINYLS
Okay, I already know every coming my way for this pick. (In fact, I've written most of them), but the category is "Guilty Pleasure," and boy, this one is "GUIL-TY"! Nope, no real explanation here other than A, it is a good song and B-, B-um,-..., alright, it's a really hot video! I thought for a minute about picking "Flower" by Liz Phair, but I don't think anything tops The Divinyls in this category.


DAY 14: Song that No One Would Expect You to Like: TIE: "CLOSER"-NINE INCH NAILS, and "TIK TOK"-KE$HA
I had a very hard time with this one. First of all, I'm not sure what people would think of as something they wouldn't expect me to like. I'm open to a lot of stuff to begin with, but it is a little unusual for me to be interested in a lot of heavy metal/hard rock, and I don't quite think that's what Nine Inch Nails is, exactly, but whatever you call his music, I am a huge Trent Reznor fan, and it was "Closer," that, along with "Head Like a Hole," that first sold me on him. As for KeSha, I don't have a great explanation. I've heard dumb songs about partying for years, and I usually pass and dismiss them, and usually I'm correct to do so. (Remembering rap before Biggie and Tupac, nothing but songs about bootyshaking, for the first two years of the '90s? Yikes!) But there's something weird about "Tik Tok," and for that matter Ke$ha. It's infectious and yet, disturbing. I can't quite tell whether she's playing a character. I can't completely tell if she's portraying a character or her own reality with this song, and I just myself fascinated by. I don't know why, I don't know what it means to wake up feeling like P.Diddy, maybe it's the female P.O.V. of it, or what? What it does, is it makes me consider it, and not just skip over it, and for that reason alone, it's powerful.



DAY 15: A Song that describes you: "THINGS HAVE CHANGED"-BOB DYLAN

I have no idea what songs friends of mine would pick for this category, but this is always the song I think comes pretty close to me, especially during a darker period of my life when I was younger, and the song first came out on the "Wonder Boys" soundtrack. It was one of my first introductions to Bob Dylan as well, and now that I listen to it again, aunts me. One of my favorite songs and choruses of his.

DAY 16: A Song that you Used to Love, but Now Hate-"HOW CAN WE BE LOVERS"-MICHAEL BOLTON
I was hoping to come up with a less embarassing answer, but... When I was young, one of my aunts really liked Michael Bolton, so based on that, I decided to like Michael Bolton as well. Like I said, I was young. Not as young as I wish I was, but still pretty young, and I didn't know better at the time. Although he is a good singer, I don't particularly care much for his work now. This was my favorite of his songs at the time. It's actually not his worse song by any means, but now it, just makes me laugh more than anything else.


DAY 17: Song that You Ofter Hear on the Radio-"HOTEL CALIFORNIA"-EAGLES
I usually listen to the radio, predominately when I'm riding in a car. While in the car, I like to scour the radio station for good stuff, but what I really want, is some great traveling music, and for that, I always sure I'm no more than a step or two away from some great classic rock. Some days are better than others, but on good days, and there have been a lot of them lately, I get taken away on a little creepy journey, that's rocks out! One of my all-time favorite songs, and it gets better with every listen.


DAY 18: Song that You Wish You Heard on the Radio- "PAPER BAG"-FIONA APPLE
I had a few different choices here. Some obvious one like Tom Waits, The Velvet Underground, The Greatful Dead, Phish. I thought about Ani Difranco for a bit (I could've picked about 100 songs of hers). Thery're all great, but they're kinda cultish to begin with you know, and it's not like they were ever gonna be on the radio anyway. It be nice if they were, but they're not aiming for that, they're not trying for that, they don't really fit in to radio.... it's not their goal. So, my thought went to, who should be on the radio, and isn't. That's when I thought, why the hell is Fiona Apple a one-hit-wonder?! "Criminal"'s great, I love it, but her best stuff is everything after, that nobody listened to. Her "When the Pawn..." album alone is amazing! This song should've been a hit, in another era where experiment jazz and pop mixed, it might've been.

I thought for a minute of just using a Liz Phair song for this one, since I already used Springsteen for my favorite song, but then I thought... nah! So, after already using the title track, obviously the next choice off that album is "Thunder Road", and boy that's a beautiful song, no matter how it's sung. This is a really cool acoustic duet he does with Melissa Etheridge that is awesome! As to my other choice, yeah, at heart, I'm a lonely critic who like hot girls with potty mouths they will never get and who make fun of guys like me, so "Exile in Guyville," is always big with me, as is all of Liz Phair's albums. I picked "Fuck and Run," partly because, well first of all strangely, the best songs from that album weren't single so their aren't music videos for them (I almost picked "Divorce Song" for Song I Wish was on the Radio), but the other personal reason is because I titled one of my first feature-length screenplay after this song, so I think it's appropriate.


DAY 20: A Song You Listen to When You're Angry: "SILENT ALL THESE YEARS"-TORI AMOS
When I'm angry, and I mean, really angry (Usually after my Philadelphia Eagles lose a game they should've won [Which is all of them]) I lock myself in my room, blast every Tori Amos I have, and no-body better friggin' call, ask me something, especially a favor, be near me, or have anything to do with me, until I leave my Tori cocoon voluntarily, and God help you if you do, 'cause I'm not in control of my emotions or movements at that moment. I could've picked any of her songs, but I usually start with her first album, the beautiful "Little Earthquakes", so I picked a favorite song of mine from that album. Seriously, you hear this coming from within a 1/2 mile radius of where I am, stay the f*** away!

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