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Welcome back to the special Post-Emmys Blog, here at David Baruffi's Entertainment Views & Reviews, now we analyze the Emmys and what if anything we can take away from them this year, and a look ahead at next year. First and most importantly, How the f***, can that ref, G**d***.,, , stupid piece of s*** m***********! the Eagles were F***ing robbed! Vick better damn well be okay! G**d*** it. And now onto the Awards.

First things first,  Jane Lynch, we love you, we wish you were on a better show, but unless it was called "Modern Family," it doesn't seem like it was gonna matter. 5 for 5, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell taking the supporting actors, and as well as winning in writing, directing, and finally, Best Comedy Series. Personally, I consider the show revolutionary, yes, but overrated, I think many of the other nominees were better, (Not "Glee," but the rest of them), but I understand it. Little surprised Ed O'Neill didn't win. Not nearly as surprised that Steve Carell didn't win! Look, I understand it, maybe we're supposed to reward the best performance, and yes, what Jim Parsons does on "The Big Band Theory," might be the toughest acting work on television, but he won last year, it's ridiculous that Steve Carell didn't win at least once for "The Office," and it should have been this year, 'cause his last few episodes, there wasn't a more emotional moment on TV, comedy or drama. And BTW, WTF with Melissa McCarthy winning! I mean, they were all on stage, we saw who she was up against! This is a win for her work in the movie "Bridesmaids," 'cause "Mike & Molly," is a so-so show at best, she is very talented, but she won for the wrong performance. If you want to remember her work in "Bridesmaids," come Oscar time, I'll be right there pressing for it, but that was just baffling.

Speaking of baffling, what is it going to take for "Project Runway," to finally win the Emmy, and really, "The Amazing Race," again. This was not their best year, and it's getting a little tiresome.

In the Drama Series category, I said that LEAD ACTOR DRAMA was going to be the category of the night, I'm just dumbfounded by the winner. KYLE CHANDLER! Alright, first off, full disclosure, I know people who have worked with him on the show "Early Edition," years ago, and I've heard nothing but good stories about him personally, and I think he is an amazing actor, but in that field of actors, I thought he was lucky to just sneak in. Alright,  I am going to put "Friday Night Lights," on my netflix, and try watching it again, but I cannot understand the cult appeal of that show, that garnered it two Emmys tonight. Well, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie, Steve Buscemi, et al. they'll have to try again next year, I guess. And that's a common theme I found tonight. With these awards show, I know it's supposed to be as much, who's the best, but that's really hard to determine sometimes, especially in performances, so with Steve Carell, Ed O'Neill, and a few other strange choices tonight, can't we then vote for the ones that we'd like to see win? It's an award show, give the people what they want, just a little, okay. Alright, back to Drama, surprise winners in the Supporting Actor categories, as Peter Dinklage for "Game of Thrones," and Margo Martindale for "Justified," pulled off the win. Peter Dinklage, I'm happy for, it's sometimes hard for him to get a good part, but he's as good an actor you'll find in Hollywood. I haven't seen either performance though, (I've got "Justified," coming on my netflix this week, though) but I have a hard time imagining they weren't worthy. Julianna Margulies winning, I kinda saw it coming, but that one baffles me. One of the few, unsurprising moments, was Martin Scorsese's directing win for "Boardwalk Empire." (What's with all these great movie directors doing TV by the way? Curtis Hanson, Todd Haynes, Neil Jordan, Springer-Bergman & Pulcini, Julian Fellowes, WOW! HBO really has become a home for the creative, and apparently PBS is the home of "Downtown Abbey," which apparently was good. Don't know anyone who saw it, but...) And, little surprising, "Mad Men," wins the Emmy for the 4th year in a row, which I believe ties the record with "Hill Street Blues," and "The West Wing." Unfortunately, it won't break the record, next year it's not eligible, 'cause it won't air in time for the deadline. This also makes for a very strange scenario, where not a single show that will be in competition/eligible in the Best Drama Series category next year that has won it before. So, it's a guarantee that there will be a 1st time winner in the category next year. I don't think a situation like that has occurred since the early '90s.

Something to look forward to next year, as the category will be a complete crapshoot, whereas, my ballot this year was simply crap! Thank God for "The Daily Show..." winning again, or it would've really looked bad. 9 straight years, BEST VARIETY, MUSIC, COMEDY SERIES or whatever the category is. It's never gonna lose by the way, so if there's ever a situation, where it'd be nice to see what finished second in the voting, let's start with this category.

Well, all in all, the Emmys had a lot of entertainment, some predictability, some good winners, and a lot of me screaming "What the F***!" at the screen. Granted, half of that was because of the football game that I had to keep switching back to.

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