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Well, there they are, in case anybody thought I was lying or joking about my lists, here they are. The first one is a simple list of movies, double-columned on a Microsoft Word program. That one includes a lot more titles, because it also includes numerous short films I watched. If it was shown in a theatre or tried to anyway, it's probably on there. (A few of these title I saw as a volunteer judge for a local film festival, most of which didn't make the festival). As with most lists there's a long list footnotes at the bottom for exceptions and clarifications. The second, is a list of every feature-length film, that I had made on Microsoft Excel, along with a 0-5star rating I gave the film, all of which are subject to change and/or reconsideration later, but they've mostly been consistent with the views I have of the movie(s). I transferred them to pdf. files, I hope that okay for most of you. On the Rating one, some of the longer titles got cut off, hopefully there's nothing too problematic. I tried my best to avoid confusion over some titles, by including the director's name in parenthesis next to a movie if there were multiple well-known films with the same title, although, I seriously doubt that I got every one, so if there's a confusion, just ask, and let me know I'll make a correction. Same goes for any film that may have an alternate or better known title. I tried to use the title a film is best known as in America, and some of the films had multiple-known titles. They're alphabetical, starting with films with numbers beginning the title, so it's from Julie Delpy's "2 Days in Paris," to Cy Endfield's, "Zulu." It's not completely improbable that I have an alphabetical error, so again if you happen to find one, let me know. Although if you're searching closely enough through this list enough to find an alphabetical error, that might be the only thing that's a bigger waste of time and energy, than me actually making these lists.

Please feel free to look through, and criticize me as much as you want if you happen to disagree with a few of my ratings. I'm already half-expecting hell for my 0 rating for "The Goonies," for instance. Some of you may notice some anomalies. I've only seen one "Terminator," movie, and it was the third one. For those who know my criticisms of "The Lord of the Rings," well, you'll probably notice that the third film of the trilogy isn't on the list. Well, you caught me. Haven't gotten around to it yet. Sorry, wasn't exactly in a hurry after reading the book, and seeing the first two, and yeah, I'm still pissed it won the Oscar over "Lost in Translation." Other interesting facts, almost half of the movies are from this century, including 1,290 from the last decade, and 174 from this decade. How do I know those numbers, exactly? Yeah You guessed it, I have lists for some of the decades too, and those lists are bulleted and numbered, and I have no particular interest in showing those. Seems like a lot, but, you watch mostly what comes out recently, generally. You gotta know what's going on now. And you have to know the past as well. Over half the films are from last century. There's actually by my count, 3,003 feature length films on the list. The official 3,000th was "The Outsiders," for those who are curious. I've watched a couple other films since, and I wouldn't be surprised if the number was actually higher and I've simply forgot about movies I had seen, or watched a movie and forgot to put it on the list at some point, or couldn't remember the title of that midnight movie I watched that night after I'd been up for three days straight. I know there's dozens if not hundreds of short films that I haven't added to the list; most of them are animated shorts that hopefully we all grew up with and loved that starred characters with names like Mickey and Pluto, Bugs and Daffy, and Tom and Jerry, and so on and so forth. I probably could go and scour my old collection of VHS and Beta tapes to see the title of some of those cartoons, but I just haven't yet, and that won't even include the hundreds of others I saw on TV, and then I have to check to see if they were originally in theatres or on TV, or maybe both. (Same goes for "The Three Stooges," shorts now that I think about it.) I could only do so much, but as much as this list is about my past, I also want it to be progressive and pointing towards the future.

You may look through these lists, and see a lot of things, perhaps a big waste of time. Not gonna lie, some of the movies were, and yeah, the making of the list, in hindsight, probably isn't the most productive thing I've ever done. Maybe not though. 3,000 movies is impressive, but many have seen more movies than I have, they just didn't make a list out of it. I mean, I haven't seen every movie ever made, but nobody has. Nobody can read every book ever published or go to all the museums to view every painting, or listen to every piece of music ever recorded. You know what I see when I look at this list, and what I want others to see when they look at this list? All the films that aren't on it. I'll republish this list periodically through the major milestone points, but that's the thing, it's neverending, and there will always be films I haven't seen. I can think of almost 1,000 of them right now that encompass my netflix queue. There's thousands more. Maybe I haven't gotten to your favorites yet? More than any comment I want from anybody who happens to go through this list, is to find a movie that it isn't on my list and recommend it to me. I can't guarantee I'll get around to it immediately, or possibly even ever, but I will certainly try. (Yes, even if it's the third "Lord of the Rings," I'll add it to my netflix, right after I post this. I'm not moving it up immediately though.) Sure, some movies/directors/genres/etc. I like more than others, but that's no reason to limit yourself, you could easily miss something special doing that. So while I measure out my life in movies, if anything, let me know what movies you feel are worth measuring my life out in. Even if it sucks, it's an experience, and it's another movie on the list. Not every book is "Oliver Twist," but that hasn't stopped people from reading. We only have a certain amount of time, to do all the we can in these lifetimes. Might as well enjoy it, and enjoy the best parts of it. 

So, what's a good movie I should watch?

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