Monday, September 21, 2020


"All things considered," is probably an appropriate and common opening for most everybody, including myself, trying to recap and evaluate this years Pandemic-infused Emmys. It's about the best way to describe it. After a fake-out where Jimmy Kimmel performed to a surprisingly believable green screen of old Emmy audience footage (I mean, I know there was CGI, but I thought there was a small audience mixed in with them, obviously I was wrong there.) and Jennifer Aniston putting out a fire in the room of TV screens that seemed like The Architect's lair from "The Matrix Reloaded" we were basically on our way. There were a few presenters at the show, some of them were obvious recorded earlier, although some were live, and then they were giving out awards to "Schitt's Creek". 

And they never stopped. "Schitt's Creek" ran away with all seven Emmys tonight, and eight overall. And I mean, it won everything in Comedy Series, all four acting awards tonight, with Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy taking Leads and Annie Murphy and Dan Levy, who won four Emmys in like, fifteen minutes which ties the record overall and probably won for fastest to win four, taking Supporting Actor, as well as Writing and Directing as well. It's the first show to win all seven of those awards in the same season.

I was little perterbed that the put all the important awards in the beginnings, (Yes, the Comedy Series categories are bigger then the Drama Series ones, don't at me on this, they are.) but since there was such a sweep, I was just happy when they went to categories that weren't always predictable. 

"Watchmen" didn't sweep, but it was the big winner in Miniseries/TV Movie, it won eleven total Emmys, including for Limited Series,  Lead Actress for Regina King, Supporting Actor for Yahya Adbul-Raheem II, and the Writing, but Mark Ruffalo finally got his first Emmy win for "I Know This Much is True" and "The Unorthodox" won Directing. Uzo Aduba won her third total Emmy also, for "Mrs. America".  

"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" won again for Variety Talk Series, as well as several other awards during the Creative Arts. They moved Variety Sketch as well as all the other Variety categories to the Creative Arts for this year, which is admittedly, probably for the best this year, but it was a big show for "Saturday Night Live", who won Sketch Series and Guest Actor and Actress for both Eddie Murphy and Kamal Maya Rudolph respectively. Rudolph in particular had a really big weekend as she won a Voice-Over Performance award as well. 

Competition Series went again to "RuPaul's Drag Race", and Drama Series, as well as Lead Actor for Jeremy Strong, Writing and Directing went to "Succession", which means HBO managed to hold onto it's streak with that category, winning it's third in a row after "Game of Thrones" won it's last two seasons. Actually, this was not a good Emmys for streaming programs overall, at least not tonight. With "Schitt's Creek" giving PopTV it's first eight of nine ever Emmys this year ("One Day at a Time" won an Editing Emmy at the Creative Arts), and HBO taking most everything else of note, the only Emmys that major streaming services won were Julia Garner repeating for Supporting actress for "Ozark" it's sole win among 18 total nominations, the aforemention "The Unorthodox" Directing win, and Billy Crudup winning Supporting Actor for Apple TV's "The Morning Show", which was their first and only win at these ceremonies. Netflix did win 21 Emmys overall, mostly in the Creative Arts, and that's second behind HBO's 30, but only three tonight. Even Lead Actress in a Drama Series, probably the night's biggest upset went to HBO, with Zendaya winning for "Euphoria", becoming the youngest person to ever win that Emmy at age 24, a record that was set, just last year with Jodie Comer, who was 27...? (Holy God, she's 22 years younger then Sandra Oh! Well that puts some aspects of that show in an odd light.) 

Amazon only won four awards total, all Creative Arts for "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", also Guest Actress in a Drama Series went to Cherry Jones for the second year in a row, this time for "Succession" and Ron Cephas Jones won for "This is Us" for Guest Actor, which is interesting 'cause his daughter Jasmine Cephas Jones won an acting award for her Short-Form series for the Quibi show "#FreeRayshawn. That along with Eugene and Dan Levy, it was nice to see parents and kids both winning at the same shows this week. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm a sucker for sentimental Hollywood nepotism. (It's a joke; I know exactly how talented they all are, don't @ me.) 

I can't just make fun of the streaming services for failing though, 2/3 of the awards last night went to like three shows, and that's becoming a bad trend. To me, it's clear this is the new popular vote process running amuck, and I hope this changes soon; we needing to have true screening panels. I know I might be in the minority on that, but seriously 7/7 "Schitt's Creek", that's ridiculous.

I will say that it was very nice to see David Letterman presenting Variety Series, for those my age, it was  a very rare treat to see him at any award show, especially the Emmys, and even now that he's basically half-retired with just his Netflix interview show, it's niece to see him make an appearance, and a he was funny, and had a lovely shoutout to the late Regis Philbin.

The In Memoriam btw, was a wonderful montage with all the iconic images of the shows they worked on, that was great. I wasn't crazy about H.E.R. and her performance, bu... eh.... I seem to be the only one who stills ever fights against having major performers singing during the In Memoriams, but.... other then that,  Jimmy Kimmel was good, and I've been up for too looonnnnn.....

(10 hours later)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! 

(Alarm rings!) 

Ugh! Oh, shit I forgot to post. 

Well, there goes my claim that i usually am always meet my deadling.... Sorry for that delay, I guess I got tired after live-tweeting the show, which you can see here:

but still, not an excuse, so-eh here's eh,- here's a montage of John Oliver describing what countries are like. Let's make sure the Emmys and everything else gets back to normal.

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