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Director/Screenplay: Ron Shelton

I once saw a poll in Sports Illustrated where athletes voted on the 50 best sports movies of all-time based on the criteria not only of how good a film, but also based on the realism of the film. They didn’t pick “Rocky,” they didn’t pick “Hoosiers,” they didn’t even pick “Raging Bull,” or “Hoop Dreams.” Instead there number one choice was “Bull Durham,” which is interesting to me because I seem to have kind of a hard time imagining a real life person like the Susan Sarandon character from the film. She plays Annie Savoy, who looks at baseball as her own personal church, and in turn, it’s her job to do her part to help the local minor league team, the Class A Durham Bulls. (Actually, the more I think about her role, the less and less realistic it seems, although I guess some version of her has to exist somewhere) Including in this role that she’s apparently self-appointed herself to, is to be the personal, uh, hmm, how would I describe this… lets call her a personal psychological & physical “trainer,” to one of the players on the team, which will inevitably be the best player because most minor league players rarely stay on a team for long, or they usually get released or sent up, and Annie gets the best. Her two choices include the team’s young blue-chip pitcher, Nuke Laloosh (Tim Robbins) who’s got a fast but extremely wild arm, and his newly appointed catcher, career Minor Leaguer Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) who’s contract was bought out so he can mentor the kid. Now tension comes in this film as the two opposing teachers help Nuke become a better pitcher, while the movie also gives a rarely seen eye-view of what it’s like living and playing in the Minor Leagues, with long road trips, cheap motels, long bus rides to travel. There’s a poignant moment when Crash reveals that he spent 3 weeks in the pros, and all the other players listen as he tells his tale. He also wins a bet in a wonderful scene where he orchestrates a Rainout in the middle of a long heat wave. His style of teaching and playing is from professional experience, while Annie, is from, well, experience, in more ways than one, although I still have absolutely no idea what she means when she says to breath through your eyelids.

Tension starts to occur when Nuke goes on a winning streak after Annie withholds sex from him, and Crash instructs to never fuck with a losing streak. What truly differentiates this film from all other sports movie is it’s complete lack of sports clich├ęs. There’s no big game at the end, in fact it hardly seems to matter much whether the team wins or not (As it shouldn't it's only the Minor Leagues), there’s very little in terms of overcoming exceptional personal triumph, and instead the sport feels more like what everybody’s job is as opposed to anything particularly grander or holier than thou. Not only does everybody recognize that Nuke is destined for the pros, but they all also realize that most of the others will probably never make it, and are really just filling up slots on a roster, praying they can keep their jobs just a little longer, and keep that dream alive. There’s a fair share of odd characters, but nothing supremely outlandish like in “Major League.” Somehow, a romantic-comedy comes out of this film, which works both on the romantic and on the comedy, but I think this film remains as highly regarded despite that. At it’s core it’s a document on the day-to-day life of the lowest level of professional sports, and doesn’t remind us of the million-dollar a day salaries/lifestyles of players now. Writer/Director Ron Shelton, whose script got an Oscar Nomination, based the film on his own Minor League experiences as a Shortstop for the Orioles farm team, so yeah, there's a good reason the film holds a particular relevance to athletes, but it also holds up for everybody else as a great sports movie and a surprising realistic and great romantic-comedy. He's done other sports films since, some really good ones like "White Men Can't Jump", "Cobb", "Tin Cup", also with Kevin Costner, he even wrote the script for William Freidkin's underrated "Blue Chips", and all those films were at their best because they felt like real characters, in real situations, and didn't focus on the great grand moments of athletic prowess, which was the problem with his worst sports films, "The Best of Times" and "Play It to the Bone". Lately, however, he's expanded to a few more cop dramas, most notably "Dark Blue" and "Hollywood Homicide", and honestly they seem far more uninspired from him. It's so rare to find a good filmmaker who specializes in sports films and they're actually unique and good, I wish he'd focus more on that. 

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(Days earlier; David scrolls through articles, stops. Clicks on article that reads)



No, no, no, NO! NO, I don't want to write about-, AGHHHH! GRRR. Okay, I- I've-, (Annoyed sigh) I guess I've avoided this shit long enough. (Sigh, deep breath) Alright, let's talk video games.

God, I'd do anything to not talk about this, but goddamn, Warner Brothers, what the hell!? Paying video game critics, no, no, what's the word they used, "Social Media "Influencers""?! They paid, social media influencers to give positive reviews to their game, "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor", which I'm assuming has something to do with "Lord of the Rings", but who cares, but-, ugh-, Okay, I have to tackle this subject, 'cause this-, this is an important thing, and it involves, my profession, I'm a reviewer, a critic, and it involves major players, in the entertainment industry trying to gain influence through the use of reviewers, or "Influencers", in social media for their products. This is essentially buying publicity, through not critics, "Influencers", so I guess I'm an "Influencer" now, technically, although if I was really influential, there'd be a helluva a lot less superhero and comic book movies and TV shows out there, but fine, my more successful competition, they're called influences, and apparently some of them, take money to do promotional videos from the likes of Warner Brothers. So, I have to talk about this, there's,- this is arguably the most egregious misuse of the critical media by a major Hollywood production studio since Sony and Columbia Pictures invented the film critic, David Manning, to give positive review to their films such as "A Knight's Tale" and "The Animal". (Remember that, anyone?)

So, yeah, this is a subject I talk about; it's right in my wheelhouse; it's a piece of the entertainment culture that's worthy of analysis and criticism. But-, it's about the world of video games. You may have noticed that 600+ blogposts or so on this page, and I've rarely if ever made that many video game references. Well, yeah, I have avoided this, and no, I'm not really a video game guy. Or a "Gamer" as they have taken to calling themselves. Now, that's not to say, that I'm not familiar with video games, I've played more than my fair share, plenty of arcades growing up and I had my first Nintendo, back in, I don't know 1990, I guess, maybe it was earlier. I had many NES systems before I eventually got a Sega Genesis, but then I took a long break and didn't start playing games again until I got a Playstation one day, like in 2003 or 4 or something, and I played with that for awhile, but eventually I ending up pawning it and the few games I had, and honestly I haven't played anything since, other than a few small games online, usually on Facebook. And I think I have a Monopoly game in my CD drive right now. I did have a few computer games as well, and I do love games, in all forms. I'm a game enthusiast. I've talked about sports and the sportsworld on more than one occasion here, I've talked extensively about game shows, which is definitely genre/parts of television, and I'm quite extensively knowledgeable on that subject. I also and born-and-raised in Las Vegas, so I happen to have quite an extensive knowledge about gambling and casinos. In fact, one of my pet peeves about video gaming, is that, people too often say that they're "Into 'Gaming'"; now anywhere else in the country, you can probably get away with that, but in Vegas, "Gaming" usually means, gaming in the casino, and has terms like "Gaming revenue" or "Gaming industry" or "Gaming Commission" associated with them; when someone tells me their "into gaming" I immediately think things, "How much money did we make at the baccarat tables last month, not "Halo". So, if you don't mind, I call it "Video Gaming", which is a more apt name anyway.

Now, where do I go from here. (Long pause, deep breath) Okay, one of my very earliest blogs was a post I wrote about Comic Books, where I detail my lack of connection with the medium, to the point I literally didn't realize they existed for a disturbingly long period of my life, like, until college, I thought comic books weren't real. Here's that old article:

It's not my favorite article by any means, but I bring it up, 'cause one of the reasons I wrote that was, not to only establish my perspective on the genre/medium, which was, and is, overly popular and influential, but also because there were aspects of the comic book subculture that legitimately intrigued me. Not necessarily all positively, but you know, I felt there were definitely aspects about the genre and about the culture that's surrounded and associated with them, they had aspects that I thought were worth bringing up and discussing, and I did in many, many cases in the future, and probably will bring up other aspects of that culture at some point as well. This article, and the aforementioned scandal is basically, my long, long delayed video game version of that article, and to be fair, the same way that I've spent much of the recent years trying to learn about comic book culture, I have also been looking into many aspects of video gaming and where that culture has gone, but that said, to be completely honest, I find a lot less interesting aspects to it than I do comic books subculture.

Well, that's-, that's not exactly right, I'm trying to use the correct phrasing, but, what I tend to think of and gravitate towards, when I think of video games, is by most accounts that I can tell, are not the same aspects that people in the Video Gaming Community tend towards, and it's-, while comic books, I can kinda come in looking at them with a fresh-eyed outsider perspective, video games, I gotta be honest, this feels like a medium, that maybe one time I was apart of, or thought I was apart but it's passed me by. Maybe I was never apart of it to begin with,

Like, let me give you a few examples here, um, I don't normally like to namedrop, but one of my college professors was Amy Green, and she's a wonderful person and a great teacher, I took her world literature class at UNLV, which she is a scholar at, but I reconnected with her recently, and to my surprise what I didn't know about her was that she is one of the foremost experts in analyzing video game storytelling; basically she's one of the most scholarly people out there who has written, promoted and she's even teaching, video games, as pieces of literature to be studied. She's actually working on an experimental program and classes at UNLV, which includes video games in the syllabus, for study. Here's her, well, she'd want me to share with you her TED talk on the subject, so here she is, doing her TED talk on video games storytelling and analyzing games as literature, it's actually quite fascinating:

Yes, if you're interested in a literature class where you can play video games, she's the girl you're looking for.

So, it's really fascinating, and is a very forward-thinking approach to both video gaming and literature. However, if I'm being completely honest, my initial reaction to this was, "Wait, video games have stories?!"

And to be honest, I'm still kinda befuddled at this concept right at the beginning, 'cause, like-, on some level this just doesn't compute with me, the idea that people play video games, in order to have a story told through them. That's-, I mean, yes, I guess after I thought about it, many video games have stories, even some of my favorites, "Super Mario Bros." has a story technically, but that's not-at-all something I ever consciously thought about. I mean, "Okay, Princess captured, save princess, got it," and everything else to me, was nothing more than, "The shit in the way", which, is basically all it is. Like, I don't know, what the hell a goomba, is, all I know is step on them, or avoid them, or else they can kill me. I never look at video games that way, to me, like I said, I focused on the "game", aspect, like what's my objective, how do I beat it, how do I achieve it? Right now, as I'm writing, I'm playing Candy Crush Saga, or trying to, it's loading really slowly on Facebook. Yes, there's an ongoing story technically going on, and it's totally fucking stupid. Yes, I keep going up levels, but I don't care about the story, I care about, trying to get the damn candies in a row, that's the fascinating aspect to me. It's a puzzle, it's something you solve, I get that. I don't get, "Doom".

No, seriously, I never cared for "Doom" or "Wolfenstein", like I remember when I first saw those games on my Uncle's computer, and to be honest, I didn't get them, even at the time. They seem really violent and way too elaborate. Yes, I was a kid who hated violent video games, so that's another aspects. Like, I liked "Street Fighter", hated "Mortal Kombat". Did not get why that was popular. "What the hell, we have a fighting, game, it's much more focused on the fighting aspects, a lot less magical moves and shit, plus it's not even full of blood, why would I play the other game?!" I'm serious, that's my seven-year-old or 15-year-old, however old I was, thinking. And it wasn't an anti-violence in video games thing, it just seemed to pointless to me. I got it, if it made sense, or was necessary to the game, but you know there were plenty of games that were just as violent that you didn't need all that extra gore at the time, so I gravitated more towards those games. And, mostly puzzle games and sports games; I'm still trying to win at Tecmo Basketball, that's where I'm at. And those few games I owned when I had a Playstation, sports games, all of them. I don't play the games that other gamers play(ed). It's not that, I couldn't see the appeal, but they certainly didn't appeal to me, and if I'm quite frank, I wasn't particularly enthralled with the people who were fascinated by those games. I mean, I'm not Jack Thompson or anything, but yeah, a lot of those supposed cool games, they were played by people who I thought were much more disturbed personality-wise at the time, and to some extent still do.

It's an aspect to it, personalities certainly does influences what aspects of a culture you gravitate towards and I really didn't like to see those violent long, elaborate games that, were a little complex. Hell, I don't like the fact that there's anything more complex than "Keep going right" to be honest, and many of those were violent, and a lot of those later games, I seem to be walking around with nothing happening and nowhere to go whenever I tried to play them, so that pissed me off. But, yeah, I can't imagine obsessively playing games for hours or days on end like that, especially ones with such violent and elaborate stories. Now, that said, part of the reason for that, is probably because, I'm probably a video game addict.

Yeah, that's-, addicted isn't the right-, but, look it wasn't by accident that's I've often stayed away from video games, there's a reason I'm actively outside of this medium, and it's because once I'm in it, I really don't get out easily, or comfortably I should say. If I didn't get into film or something or did this blog, and basically had the same options I do now, but a working video game system and a Madden game or something like that, there's a distinct chance that I wouldn't get anything else done. Which, is fine for that, a bit obsessive, fine, but to do that, with some of those other games, um... yeah. I mean, I wouldn't shoot up a school or anything, at least not without careful planning, an escape route, a way to frame one of my arch-rivals, and a loads of planning making sure only to attack the specific people who deserve to be killed....- anyway, I wouldn't do that, but I'm a solitary guy to begin with, and there's already a few triggers of mine that I can't avoid, and the wrong kind of video game, for me, could at some wrong points in my life, have triggered a lot more of them, and honestly I don't like myself when I'm in that state of mind, so, I usually have found it best to not have video games as accessible to me as they could've been. That's me, I don't begrudge others who are like that and find it encouraging, I don't particularly, but.... (Sigh)

So, I don't have a healthy relationship or appreciation with video games, don't really have much of an appreciation for the same games/aspects of games that other games do and I am probably more prone to addiction to them than others. Also, most controversially of all to gamers, Roger Ebert was completely right about games. I know, the stories of video games have become more elaborate, but I fail to see how anybody does not take his side in that argument. It's not a greater art because you can participate, it's a lesser art than movies and television and painting and novels and other similar arts, because you can participate. Even if I was a gamer, I would easily have to agree with him on that. Sure there's art to video games, some of it is even high art, but the fact that we as players are able to participate and alter as we journey through them, makes it is a lesser art. First of all, if we're going through the game correctly, then it's definitely the creator's who allowed us to go through the game, so it's his vision, not ours, and if we're changing the game in some way, now we're altering somebody's art, and even if that's built into the game, I find things wrong with that too, (not the least of which, is if we have to change it, then it probably that great to begin with)  if we did that with any other art form it's be graffiti-ing and/or ruining a piece of art, and even if that's true, you're telling me that, even on the players, all aspects of how the player views and experiences the game are and equal part of the art itself? BULLSHIT! That'd be like if the guy playing Mario Bros, who just runs right into the first goomba every time and dying, and he saying, "But that's how I play the game, it's my vision, my artistic statement!" Bullshit! Not even in the most dadaist description is that art. It's not like it's performance art, where it's about the reaction that we get from what the artists is doing and it's therefore our experience of the art, that's just trying to extend one's own place in the world.  (Mocking voice) "We're the player of the game, and we have our own way of expressing ourselves, through your game, and each one is unique and different." Yeah, I'll put up with a lot of modern art naval gazing, but ab-so-fucking-lutely NOT! You want to talk about the fact that you participate in the way by being a player, eh, yeah, that's like, saying you participated in the Presidential Election by voting on election day, it might be true, but so did a few other millions of people, it's not that special. Yeah, some video games are probably great pieces of literature and deserve to be studied as such as Ms. Green has shown, but yeah, the idea of arbitrarily putting it up on an equal or higher level as more established art forms, because the viewer of that art, can interact with that art, yeah, to me that makes it a less viable art than a complete expression of art from a particular exact vision, and it baffles me that people think otherwise. (Also of note: I've panned every movie I've ever seen that has, what I call a "Video Game Plot Structure", where the movie's story is basically something that's lifted straight from a video game, and all of those movies I've panned, have been criticized by others, including my hatred of "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", both "The Raid" movies and that, eh, oh that piece-of-shit Zach Snyder did, what was that called? Um, oh, "Sucker Punch", ugh, horrible.)

That said, after all that, I'm really trying. I am, I honestly am. I don't have the money or desire to buy a game system or games at the moment, but I am trying. No, I'm not putting video games as a higher art form, but I'm still trying to understand it as an art form, and more than that, I am trying to understand the culture of the Gaming community and some of the tendencies of gamers and what really to look at when analyzing a video game. And yes, I will concede, that despite the fact that video games are basically, toys more than anything else, and yeah, that's basically how most of the game manufacturers began, in the toy world, that they've evolved into some really elaborate and thoughtful pieces of art and the community of gamers has heavily evolved to the point where, well, they basically run Youtube and most streaming sites. Hell, there's a streaming site just for Gamers, Twitch, and I'm sure there's other streaming sites just for them. Yes, much of the internet, is devoted to people playing video games, and wow, does this not make any sense to me. Yeah, this, trend, I don't get it. This is the lowest of the lowest, watching others play video games. I know there's "Let's Play", and I-, I kinda understand stuff like this if you're using them as a tutorial or to look something up, but yeah, this is stupid. Either, A. It's a boring game and somebody else is playing it, so I'm annoyed for two reasons, or B. It's a good game, and I want to play, but somebody else is playing it, so I'm annoyed. How is this popular?! Maybe in the right setting, like a major tournament to determine the best player, or something along those lines, okay, but for fun, regulary, watching this? What the hell is wrong with some of you?

Like I said, I'm trying, but god you're not making it easy. And then, the above story broke last week. And you know, it's not even the aspect that some of these star Youtubers are being paid,-, actually it completely is, but it's what represents. It's basically gives validity to, online reviewers and Youtubers. They are influencers now, and the fact is, that the studios have noticed and for years now have been paying these influencers to use their influence to peddle their games. I mean, this is payola, basically only it's the first time it's been brought into the world of Gaming, at least that I know of. The first major time anyway. So, what about this? Well, that word is "Influencer", is, it's definitely, creative, 'cause I guess you can make an argument that what they're doing isn't actually criticism. Now the most famous name that showed up on that list was this guy I've heard of before named, PewDiePie, Pew, as in church pews, Die, which is pronounce, de, and Pie. so I guess it's pronounced, Pe-yoo-ty Pie? Putty Pie, I fell like it's supposed to be the name that Grannie from Looney Tunes called Tweety Bird, but it doesn't look or sound like that. I've heard about this guy, and I knew eventually I would have to sit through one or his things; like I've said, I've tried to watch some of these online gaming things, there was a time a while back I watched a bunch of clips from one of the "Grand Theft Auto", 'cause I was looking into Lindsay Lohan's case where she was suing them for using her image, supposedly; honestly I thought she had an argument, but most disagreed with me, but I watched some of her character in question, where I could find them, for research; I thought I might've had a potential blog there, but it didn't lead anywhere, but yeah, I- I can't understand watching this for fun? I mean, I've got one of PewDiePie's clips on now as I write, I guess he's a little funny, but, yeah, I definitely prefer somebody like the Angry Video Game Nerd and people who are a little more elaborate than simply people who talk over their footage as their playing a video game. (I did like Nostalgia Critic's "Let's Play" of "Bart's Nightmare", but yeah, that was a parody of the genre, and I can see why it's worth parodying.

Anyway, PewDiePie, by most standards is the most of popular of these Youtube Video Gamers, his videos, constantly get millions of hits and he has for years, and he's big enough in pop culture than he sometimes shows up on Facebook news thread when he says or does something outside of the norm, so he's big, and because he's the biggest name that's shown up on this list of Youtubers that Warner Brothers paid off, and he's come under fire. Now-, the internet and Youtube in particular, they've really reinterpreted what we think of as entertainment and also what we think of as a review and in many ways this is just another sign that this is becoming a very legitimate different approach to analysis and criticisms. There was another one very recently when "Honest Trailers" got an Emmy nomination in the Short-Form Variety Series category; I'm honestly not that big on "Honest Trailers" but essentially, they're another, satirical admittedly, but a visual and edited form of a critical review, and you can hypothetically argue that someone like PewDiePie, by placing himself in the position he is, is essentially also a reviewer. This is why this subject gets tricky, 'cause even though he's not saying, "Go Play This" or "Don't Go Play This" or something along those lines, I can see why this is a thin line that, probably both sides are at fault for blurring. Now that said, he's claimed that he's being used as clickbait for the article and that, he, if you go on his Youtube page for the review in question, which is the first video clip I posted above, he'll note that he, in fact did mention that he was paid for the video, in the notes underneath the video, which he did, although what he doesn't point out, is that according to the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, that's not enough, just a simple disclosure in the Youtube description. In his, defense, and I'll post his defense video below here, but he says that the video was in 2014, he's the only one of the Youtuber who disclosed they were paid, others did not, and that the guidelines weren't set until 2015, and since then, he usually discloses in the video when he is paid to make, essentially a promotional video.

Anyway, from what I can tell, from what few videos of his I've seen now, I don't think I'd call him a critic or a reviewer, but he is essentially putting himself in that position, and his material is in competition for your views with those who are actually criticizing and/or reviewing games, so I can't particularly tell if the show fits or not, but I'd definitely say it's close to fitting if nothing else. I do know that I often have to review things where there's a likely possibility that I may know somebody directly or tangentially that might've been involved in the film I'm reviewing, and I try to admit any Conflict of Interests before hand, and it's certainly never tainted my personal reviews themselves; I even gave a negative review to a film that was directed by a former professor of mine, in which many people who worked on the film are friends of mine, and/or friends of friends of mine, or something along those lines. (There's others but basically any movie that might've at some point shot in Las Vegas, it's pretty likely I'm six Kevin Bacon degrees from somebody working on the set, in fact, I know I know some people who worked on that latest "Jason Bourne" film for instance, but, it's not gonna effect any future review, and I think for the most part, most everybody is aware that, that's my job and not to take any review or any criticism I say personally)

So what are we talking about now, is this more like, paying off a disreputable critic, or is this, more like getting a major celebrity to be in a commercial for a product? Yes, this is why I wanted to bring this up, and this blurry line, is centered around Youtube Video Gamers. It's really a microcosm of the entertainment media as a whole and our relationship with the industry. Now, I've never been asked or paid for a review, and I can't say for certain I'd say "No", if asked, either for a review or a promotional piece, which I've also never done. I have advertising on my blog, which you should all click so I make some change on this, please, so I'm okay with advertising, but, yeah, this screams of attempted misleadings all around however, and I don't rightly know how I feel about that, or how prevalent it's going on around Youtube, or the Internet in general. Gaming is, not fully considered an above-the-line art, yet, by all, so this story is a bit underground and squashed, but if this a movie studio asking a movie reviewer, to write a positive review, we'd all pretty much flip. Now, what would happen if it was a movie reviewer asked to do a promotional piece about a movie, well, that I'm not 100% sure of, although I do seem to remember "At the Movies" during the Ben Mankiewicz and Ben Lyons era, making a huge buzz showing and reviewing a trailer for the independent film "Wendy and Lucy" weeks before it opened in theaters, but if I also remember that correctly, they both eventually panned the film despite, across the board promotion of it, not even during the commercials for the show, but woven into the show via a trailer review. (And if you remember my stance on trailers in general, you definitely know I was not in favor of that kind of focus on it during the movie critique show)

Is this a legitimizing of streaming critics, a de-legitimizing of them, a legitimizing of online video gaming critics, or a scolding of Youtube Video Gaming critic, or players, or influencers, or just PewDiePie? I don't know; for all I know, it's nothing more than a changing sign of the modern era of the entertainment world, and that world include video games as a prolific enough art form that celebrities within the journalistic/critical sphere are now susceptible to, being paid to promote or even review games by the studios. I'll say that, one more thing that proves film is a higher art form than video games, they had to makeup a reviewer for positive reviews, 'cause they couldn't pay one off.

Still though, video games are a young art form, and criticism of it is a much younger one than that and with new media like Youtube, the guidelines are all new if they're not all over the place. This is, basically a transition era; in the relationship between Video Games and the video game media. You know, it's constantly mentioned on "Angry Video Game Nerd" how, there weren't critical reviews or analysis of video games back in the old days and video gamers had to actually rent/buy the games in order to find out if they were any good, and yeah, he's right about that, even I did that a lot, and the worst part being a kid was that, you didn't know about glitches or, well I didn't know about codes, 'cause again, most of the games other played I didn't care about, or stuff like that, and if it was a bad game, half the time you just figured that you weren't good enough to play it well. I think that's probably the role that all these Video Gamers actually play, confirmation about the games and whether or not they're, any good, and in that sense, yeah, I think PewDiePie, and many of these other Let's Play people and whatnot, they are essentially critics, and yeah, I'm not crazy about how that can be compromised to some extent like this, even if it's under the guise of a promotion. They may be watching or promoting something other than the game they're playing, often it's usually themselves, which I get, I promote myself all the time, but you're still getting a review and analysis, and essentially a play-through of a game most of the time, so we really get a sense of the game by watching them play it and comment on it, it's-, it's essentially a review, and it's giving us information about the gameplay itself, so it's also essentially journalism. I'm not saying they shouldn't be bought to do a promotional video once in a while, but they might not realize the power and influence that Youtube Video Gamers might have and quite what it means to be in that position. Don't be too hard on them at the time though, like I said, it's a young art form their reviewing and there's not that many books about video game reviewing, so, it's all new. Well see where they're at in a few years after this, and then we'll see.

Okay, now, to finally figure out how to get out of Marble Zone. Yeah, I suck at the first "Sonic the Hedgehog" game, I never got out of Marble Zone; I don't know why, I just kept getting stuck. I'm really good at "Sonic the Hedgehog 2", I-, (Shrugs) I don't get it either.

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Alright, it's a few minutes after the announcements, I'm still going through the nominations, and I came this close to punching a hole through my television after one particular snub, (There's actually quite a few I could've/should've done that for, but one in particular we'll talk about) and I'm finally starting to calm down. Okay, time to sit down, go CATEGORY-BY-CATEGORY and do some intense EMMY NOMINATION ANALYSIS.

We do this every year, and we go through, not only ever "Major" category that most of the Emmys pundits go over, but we talk a look at many of the other Major categories, that, usually get relegated to the Creative Arts Emmys, that probably more people than most would have a particular interest in. Television is more than simply Comedy, Variety, Drama Series and the occasional Limited Series, Reality Series and TV Movie. (Actually, last year TV movie got switched to the Creative Arts, so. [Shrugs]) Anyway, we'll take a look at them, and we'll analyze each category one-by-one, including many important categories that people would be interesting in, if they promoted them more, so we'll take a look at all of them.

Now, also, I decided to do one more thing different, if you happen to follow the blog's FB page, which is here btw:

Please follow, if you haven't, well, I didn't give out nomination predictions, per se, but I did post my GOLD DERBY ballot. Now, I'm a little surprise a lot of people don't know about Gold Derby, even within the sphere of film and TV people, but they're the most comprehensive coverage on awards in Hollywood, they're the ones that set the betting lines for them, and one of the things you can do on their website is make predictions, and that's something I did, and have done. Now, I do predict the Oscar nominations here, but that's usually because I've looked up quite a bit of the precursor awards and kept track of trends and in some cases seen one/some/many of the films that could be nominated. Television, it's a little more difficult to do that, especially nowadays with there being way, way, way, too many show to even keep track of much less watch on a regular basis, that I can try and follow certain things, but it's so jumbled and over-saturated now that I can't really be able to give honest predictions for even the simplest categories. Not to mention that there's more and more new shows each year muddling everything up, so.... I don't do that, I will post a blog predicting the winners the day before the Primetime broadcast as usual, but I don't usually predict the nominees, but I did post my Gold Derby ballot, which I submitted for fun, and also just to keep track of the odds and what everybody else was thinking/predicting. Gold Derby, seriously is just an outstanding resource, check out their website here:

And I particularly want to bring them up, because they for some reason got a copyright strike on their Youtube page, which includes many of the best awards slugfests between experts out there, and for a while this week, their whole page was down. They did manage to get it back up after a few days, (The copyright claim btw, was total bullshit, they're videos are literally nothing but interviews and Google Hangouts conversations, that strike should've have happened) but they're Youtube is below, along with their temporary page where they post their latest slugfests and hangouts and interviews on their editor Tom O'Neill's Youtube page, so check that out too:

Anyway, we're gonna separated this by genres the best we can, so, let's start with the COMEDY SERIES and we'll go from there shall we?!


Master of None-NetflixA
Modern Family-ABC
Silicon Valley-HBO
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-Netflix

Wow, times have changed. If you had told me twenty years ago, that not only would only one network channel have series nominated for Comedy Series, but that that channel would be ABC, I would've laughed in your face. Honestly, I still would laugh, even though, there it is. I mean, I think the good news is that they're finally getting sick of the highly-overrated "Modern Family", about six years too late, but they're getting tired of it. I do like "Black-ish", I'm not sure I understand it getting nominated, especially over some much better sitcoms out there, "Mozart in the Jungle" especially, which is the biggest snub to me. If you haven't seen that one, and you have Amazon streaming service, go check that show out. That's probably the biggest snub. Obviously, "Girls" not getting in is bullshit, as well as the one I was really hoping for, "Broad City", but I guess they're replacing "The Big Bang Theory", which they're officially just sick of now and are just not even bothering, which, especially after this last season is really inexcusable. They had one of the best episodes of their entire series, it should've won Jim Parsons another Emmy, and poor Mayim Bialik who should've won two or three times by now, she absolutely should've won for, and all of them and the series is snubbed. I'm glad to see "Master of None" is, however, taking last year's "Parks and Recreation" slot presumably-, or actually, it's probably more likely the "Louie" fans gravitated there. (For those who don't know, "Louie" wasn't eligible this year since Louis C.K. went to do "Horace and Pete", which also seems to have gotten snubbed a bit from the looks of it. Hmm.) I also, don't seriously understand why "Silicon Valley" keeps getting nominated. I mean, it started out okay, but I kinda tuned out really quickly to that show, and I'm kinda lost by why it's remained here and it's actually snuck into acting categories now, which, (Shrugs) I guess the acting is really good, but that show went from, loads of potential to, nope,-I've-stop-giving-a-shit-about-these-characters in like five episodes to me. Maybe it got better, I usually trust Mike Judge, but I think that's easily the worst show nominated here, kinda surprised it hasn't fallen out yet. So, an interesting mix bad here, It looks like "Veep", will win again, but there's definitely variety here, which is nice to see.

Anthony Anderson-"Black-ish"-ABC
Aziz Ansari-"Master of None"-Netflix
Will Forte-"The Last Man on Earth"-FOX
William H. Macy-"Shameless"-Showtime
Thomas Middleditch-"Silicon Valley"-HBO
Jeffrey Tambor-"Transparent"-Amazon

Yes, as mentioned, Jim Parsons not getting in, is just insane. I guess they're tired of "The Big Bang Theory", that's the only thing I can really think of with that, 'cause last two years, he should've kept winning and he wasn't even nominated and that's just sorta bullshit. Alright that said, nice to see Aziz Ansari in, I wasn't expecting "Master of None"- well, did better than I though it would, for sure, but I definitely knew he had multiple episodes performance-wise you couldn't ignore. And Middlemitch, I guess he finally knocked out Don Cheadle who didn't get in for his last season of the underrated "House of Lies", that's a shame, but yeah, alright. I'm a little surprised Will Forte showed up again. I know the show did well last year, over-performed at the time, but I-  to me, that is like the perfect example of a TV show that's sorta set up for, like five or six episodes and then, has no where else to go from there. One season idea wonders; this is why you shouldn't think that conceptually regarding television, don't think long-form concept, think base idea. Guy is the last man on Earth, great. And then, there's like a community of people, okay, a little bit of a lie, but go on..., and he's just an asshole. Yeah, I-eh, I think Forte is great, talented, but he lost that show for me. There's gotta be,- you gotta think ahead, but you gotta think ahead but towards a scenario where there's hundreds of possibilities later on, and this is an idea where there was only one way it could go after a certain point, and that's, that's a flaw to me. Anyway, eh, can anybody beat Jeffrey Tambor? He's got the episode, but... (Shrugs) eh maybe Ansari, maybe Anderson? Probably not though.

Ellie Kemper-"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"-Netflix
Julia Louis-Dreyfus-Veep-HBO
Laurie Metcalf-"Getting On"-HBO
Tracee Ellis Ross-"Black-ish"-ABC
Amy Schumer-"Inside Amy Schumer"-Comedy Central
Lily Tomlin-"Grace and Frankie"-Netflix

Wow, they watched "Getting On". Hmm. Laurie Metcalf's nomination, boy that came out of-, well, I guess not, no where, cause Niecy Nash got into Supporting last year and again this year, but I-eh, hmm. I liked the show even though I thought it was fairly slight for myself, and I actually loved Metcalf's work more than Nash but, okay, glad to see her getting a goodbye hug for that now-canceled series. Ellie Kemper, absolutely was getting in this year; the fact that she wasn't in last was just a strange anomaly that will never be repeated, she's so amazing on that show, totally deserving. Tracee Ellis Ross, I would've originally thought, that might've been a career nomination, 'cause she's been around forever, she was on "Girlfriends" if anybody remembers that, not-as-bad-as-other-UPN-shows, show, but they really like "Black-ish", and, you know, honestly I do too, I just never get around to watching it, I better make up for that. Tomlin in again, she's a Board of Director, and she's getting in every time no matter what, even though Jane Fonda doesn't get in, and no, I don't think "Grace and Frankie" is really that great, but it's Lily Tomlin, she can literally do anything and get nominated. Julia Louis-Deyfus is probably gonna set some kind of record again, 'cause "Veep" is favored to win everything, again. I hear it's been better this than before, which I've always thought was a lesser more cynical version of "Parks and Recreation", but maybe it's better. Great list though, no real complaints, and it's a crowded field, so there's no Lena Dunham, no Melissa McCarthy in her last season, no Glazer of Jacobson, no America Ferrara for "Superstore", would've been nice to see her win for something good. And CW fans, sorry they're still not watching, no Gina Rodriguez, no Rachel Bloom. Oh well. I do like "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" more than "Jane the Virgin", but that's not saying much; I don't think it's that watchable.

Louie Anderson-"Baskets"-FX Networks
Andre Braugher-"Brooklyn Nine-Nine"-FOX
Tituss Burgess-"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"-Netflix
Ty Burrell-"Modern Family"-ABC
Tony Hale-"Veep"-HBO
Keegan-Michael Key-"Key & Peele"-Comedy Central
Mike Walsh-"Veep"-HBO

Man, "Veep" got a second nominee in there. Yeah, they're gonna win everything. Okay, Keegan-Michael Key, I know he was nominated last year, but, he really should be submitted into Lead Actor. I-eh, yeah, he should be in Lead. I mean, it's "Key & Peele", they're both leads? I don't know. The other new one, little bit of an upset that he got in, 'cause the Emmys have a tendency to ignore short-lived but critically-acclaimed FX comedies, (As well as long-running amazingly funny as hell FX comedies, where the hell is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Emmys!!!!!!!) but Louie Anderson, in for "Baskets" and this could be weird, 'cause he plays a female character in the series. I didn't even know he was much of an actor; I remember "Life with Louie", which I always loved, and of course his stand-up has been great for years, but nice to see him acting and getting good work and nice to see him nominated. Everything else is pretty much paint from the year before. Boy, either Andre Braugher gets nominated for anything, or he must be the only thing they like from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", which, yeah, that show gets screwed badly, that's an amazing show, it's the "Parks and Recreation" of, well now. Always one acting nomination, screwed everywhere else, despite being really funny. It's "Barney Miller" meets post Tina Fey-"SNL", it's quite good. I mean, it's a crowded field too, but.... No, Adam Driver either, which is really ridiculous if you saw the season, he probably should've won.

Anna Chlumsky-"Veep"-HBO
Gaby Hoffman-"Transparent"-Amazon"
Allison Janney-"Mom"-CBS
Judith Light-"Transparent"-Amazon
Kate McKinnon-"Saturday Night Live"-NBC
Niecy Nash-"Getting On"-HBO

Okay, everything I said about Julia Louis-Dreyfus probably setting some record, just repeat for Allison Janney. She's also up for Guest Actress again, so she could win twice, again, and that would make, like nine or something ridiculous. Although, "Mom" is probably the most underrated sitcom out there right now; that is a good show that's gotten better and better each year though. Okay, I love "Transparent" and I'm happy to see Judith Light get in, as well as Gaby Hoffman, she's always deserving, but Amy Landecker really got screwed; she was the one Supporting Actress on that show that really had the amazing season she really should've been in, even more than Judith Light. Plus, I know they don't like "Girls" for whatever reason, I do believe it's the best show on television, and it's really ashamed that it's screwed over here. Adam Driver not getting in for Supporting Actor is bad enough, but Allison Williams and Jemima Kirke, in a fair year, would be fighting with competing episodes that both should've normally won for, and it's really screwy that they're not in here. Just-, I don't get it, at all. Still, kind of an uninteresting year compared to the eight nominees last year due to the-eh, 2% rule. (2% Rule: If nominees in categories end up within 2% of the last nominee, then they're nominated)

Master of None-"Parents"-Aziz Ansari-Netflix
Silicon Valley-"Daily Active Users"-Alec Berg-HBO
Silicon Valley-"Founder Friendly-Mike Judge-HBO
Transparent-"Man on the Land"-Jill Soloway-Amazon
Veep-"Kissing Your Sister"-Dave Mandel-HBO
Veep-"Morning After"-Chris Addison-HBO
Veep-"Mother"-Dan Stern-HBO

Can you tell that there's more people in the Academy associated with HBO than any other network? Well, yeah, I'm a bit shocked "Silicon Valley" got two nominations, but that's dwarfed by the three nominations for "Veep", If you want to predict the Series winners, it's usually Directing, Writing and Editing nominations. I'm not gonna showcase the Editing categories, but again, they're "Silicon Valley" and "Veep", and one strange nomination for "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", huh? Must be the music in the show that explains that one. Also, weird, "Horace and Pete" got into Comedy Editing, probably cause it's a multi-camera show and there's no multi-camera drama category.

Catastrophe-"Episode 1"-Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan-Amazon
Master of None-"Parents"-Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang-Netflix
Silicon Valley-"Founder Friendly"-Dan O'Keefe-HBO
Silicon Valley-"The Uptick"-Alec Berg-HBO
Veep-"Morning After"-David Mandel-HBO
Veep-"Mother"-Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck-HBO

(Sigh) Like I said, Writing, Directing and Editing, and "Silicon Valley" and "Veep", I-, I think it's official, "Game of Thrones", "Silicon Valley" and "Veep", the most overrated lineup on television right now. Sorry folks. Okay, I did actually see a couple episodes of "Catastrophe", not a lot but I did see that first episode, it's okay. I wasn't overly enthralled with it, but I did enjoy it. I thought it might've been more of a British sensibility, well it is a British show, it actually won the BAFTA, but I like it, I'm a bit surprised it's here; there were other choices I think but, okay. I definitely think they picked the right "Master of None" episode though. Wow, no Writing or Directing for "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" though, what's with that?

Larry David-"Saturday Night Live"-NBC
Peter MacNicol-"Veep"-HBO
Tracy Morgan-"Saturday Night Live"-NBC
Martin Mull-"Veep"-HBO
Bob Newhart-"The Big Bang Theory"-CBS
Peter Scolari-"Girls"-HBO*
Bradley Whitford-"Transparent"-Amazon

Well, I think there were some other decent names that could've come in here, but Bradley Whitford won last year, and Bob Newhart won a couple years ago, they're possibles, everything else is "SNL" and "Veep". Martin Mull, nice to see him; I don't think he's ever won an Emmy (Double-checked, it's his first career nomination, which is insane! Good for him), so he's probably one I'm cheering for, (MacNicol won for "Ally McBeal", how soon we forget) but Larry David, definitely has the character of the year in terms of sketch comedy, playing Bernie Sanders, it's hard to vote against him. However, the best-eh, feel-good story, Tracy Morgan, who hasn't won for either "SNL" or for "30 Rock", coming back, he's... I think it's between the "SNL" guys myself, but there's some tough competition here. Good category; I'm excited for this one.

*UPDATE: Peter MacNicol's nomination was unfortunately revoked due to a rule technicality, after HBO submitted him in/for the wrong category. (He appeared in five episodes of "Veep"'s season, which is exactly 50% of the seasons' episodes, which therefore technically makes him a Supporting Actor, not a Guest Actor.) After a double-check of the tally Peter Scolari for "Girls", who purportedly finished 7th in the balloting, was instated as a nominee.   

Christine Baranski-"The Big Bang Theory"-CBS
Tina Fey & Amy Poehler-"Saturday Night Live"-NBC
Melissa McCarthy-"Saturday Night Live"-NBC
Laurie Metcalf-"The Big Bang Theory"-CBS
Amy Schumer-"Saturday Night Live"-NBC
Melora Hardin-"Transparent"-Amazon

Okay, this has gone on long enough, we need to bring back the Individual Performance in a Variety Program Category, in some way. I know, the category had a lot of shit, deservedly so, for it's broad parameters, but come on now. Five nominees from "SNL", six people, 'cause, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey count as co-hosts so they're one nomination this year, over the two categories, and "SNL" was better this year than last, I'll concede that, but this is ridiculous. We need to get Outstanding Performance in a Variety-Sketch Categories and a category for Outstanding Variety Host-Sketch or Talk, maybe a separate category for those who host the Oscars and whatnot, but this is-, this is ridiculous now. We need a change for this; it's just such an easy out for a voter. Oh, well they do nine characters or whatever on "SNL" it shows range it's more impressive, blah, blah, blah. I mean, look who's out, Anjelican Huston for "Transparent" not in, Jenny Slate for "Girls" not in, no Claire Danes for "Master of None", she had an amazing episode, no Tina Fey or Lisa Kudrow for "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"?! No, Wallace Shawn on the men's side for "Mozart in the Jungle"?! Yeah, time to figure something else out for this. Glad they finally recognized Laurie Metcalf for "The Big Bang Theory" though, wow, they really wanted to honor her this year, she seems in for everything.


The Americans-FX Networks
Better Call Saul-AMC
Downton Abbey-PBS
Game of Thrones-HBO
House of Cards-Netflix
Mr. Robot-USA

I've seen one episode of "The Americans", honestly I, didn't get it. I-, I'll try to watch more later but I watched it 'cause of all the acclaim it got, but honestly, I thought it was boring and way too much action for the premise, but I'm told there's more subtlety to it. I've heard nothing but good things about "Mr. Robot", so I expected it to get in. Everything else is paint, little shocked "Homeland" stayed in, I've always thought that show was overrated, although I am going through the past seasons now, I didn't think Season two was as bad as some thought, in fact I though it was much better than Season One, but yeah, compared to some of the other shows, I consider it second-tier. Actually, of these shows I think "House of Cards" got hard to watch and "Better Call Saul", I'm a few episodes in, but it's good. Not "Breaking Bad" good, but definitely better than most of the rest good, and I think if there is something that will take down "Game of Thrones", which I admire but don't particularly think is great, "Downton Abbey", it's it's last year, it won in Miniseries, it hasn't won in Drama Series, they're prime for the upset, but they do have a long route to go, especially now with the popular voting system going on. It's "Downton Abbey" vs. "Game of Thrones", maybe "House of Cards" to play spoilers, but, yeah, that's the one problem this year, very few upsets in the Comedy or Drama categories are really predicted and they don't seem like any will really happen. BTW, congrats to both FX and USA, it's the first time those two networks have gotten nominated in the Best Drama Series category. Really, not even "The Shield"? Hmm. Wow.

Kyle Chandler-"Bloodline"-Netflix
Rami Malek-"Mr. Robot"-USA
Bob Odenkirk-"Better Call Saul"-AMC
Matthew Rhys-"The Americans"-FX Networks
Liev Schreiber-"Ray Donovan"-Showtime
Kevin Spacey-"House of Cards"-Netflix

No real surprise, well I guess Matthew Rhys for "The Americans", but we were all surprised by how well they did. Last year, Jon Hamm, finally won after being nominated and losing the previous seven years, and popular vote, probably means Kevin Spacey is the favorite, maybe Rami Malek or Bob Odenkirk. I can't imagine everybody's watching "Bloodline", they love Kyle Chandler, he's beloved in the industry so maybe, so is Liev Schreiber, and "Ray Donovan", did better overall interestingly enough. I think Spacey's got the edge 'cause he hasn't won yet and is the most due, and "House of Cards" probably isn't a favorite anywhere else so this is where it's most likely to probably win.

Claire Danes-"Homeland"-Showtime
Viola Davis-"How to Get Away with Murder"-ABC
Taraji P. Henson-"Empire"-FOX
Tatiana Maslany-"Orphan Black"-BBC America
Keri Russell-"The Americans"-FX Networks
Robin Wright-"House of Cards"-Netflix

Okay, so Tatiana Maslany is still a thing. Alright, that killed my Gold Derby ballot. (I saw a couple "Orphan Black" episodes, it's okay, I don't hate it, she does a good job in the multiple roles; do I think it's special, not really, as a show anyway, but okay nominate her, wouldn't be my pick, but nothing against that.) And apparently Cookie is still a thing. I know "Empire" is watched by a lot of people, technically, but I'm a little surprised she showed up here again. There were others out there, Shiri Appleby for "UnReal" for instance, bad snub there. No Michelle Dockery from "Downton Abbey", that's really shocking to me; that really kinda, makes no sense, especially for it's last year and it is so beloved. I guess they finally all caught onto "The Americans". (Shrugs) I do love Keri Russell, I'm glad she got nominated, and no, I never liked "Felicity" I think of her and think, "Waitress" or "The Upside of Anger". No Julianna Margulies again, I-eh, look I wasn't the biggest "The Good Wife" fan, but it grew on me, and yeah, her bouncing in and out of this category every year, I-eh, I don't get her being snubbed here. Maybe it's a lack of awareness of female leads in drama series, too, 'cause, look I love Viola Davis but that show is unwatchable and Henson, a more interesting show and performance, but I wouldn't call it a good show; it trends towards the Primetime soap which don't have a great record at the Emmys, I don't know if they really like that or are giving it an obligatory nomination. I mean, three nominees in this category for shows that basically got, almost nothing else, so, there's no real reason to give it to Davis again now that she broke that barrier of no African-American having won in the category before, I suspect one of the other three are favorites, but it's early. This might be the category episode submissions might matter.

Jonathan Banks-"Better Call Saul"-AMC
Peter Dinklage-"Game of Thrones"-HBO
Kit Harrington-"Game of Thrones"-HBO
Michael Kelly-"House of Cards"-Netflix
Ben Mendelsohn-"Bloodline"-Netflix
Jon Voight-"Ray Donovan"-Showtime

Wow, no Jim Carter, man. And "Downton Abbey" did amazingly poor with acting nods, only Maggie Smith got in, strangely, after years of getting more and more people in. No Brendan Coyle, no Joanne Frogatt, no Laura Carmichael, a lot of people had predicted her. Hmm. And Kit Harrington gets into "Game of Thrones", so, yeah, unfortunately "Game of Thrones" looks like it's walking into the series win. Category-wise, Jonathan Banks, probably should've won last year, he could win as a makeup. Michael Kelly's nomination's interesting, he's not a name, but they really like his character, and I agree with that actually. Jon Voight, coming back in, is interesting. He was nominated two years ago for "Ray Donovan", he wasn't last year, although Schreiber got in weirdly, now they're both in, makes me think they're watching "Ray Donovan", so that's interesting. And somebody's watching "Bloodline" to see that keep getting in. Harrington's a bit of a wild card, that might split the "Game of Thrones" vote, but I'd still think it's either Banks or Dinklage, but there's room for a weird upset here. No Christian Slater shockingly, that's probably the big snub for "Mr. Robot", he won the Globe, a Critics Prize here and there, the comeback story of him; that seemed like a lock, but he didn't get in.

Emilia Clarke-"Game of Thrones"-HBO
Lena Headey-"Game of Thrones"-HBO
Maggie Smith-"Downton Abbey"-PBS
Maura Tierney-"The Affair"-Showtime
Maisie Williams-"Game of Thrones"-HBO
Constance Zimmer-"UnReal"-Lifetime

I thought "UnReal" along with "Mr. Robot" might sneak into Drama Series, it didn't, but I am glad it shows up in a couple places, and Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, it's an absolutely deserved nomination for Constance Zimmer, and she should probably win. Maura Tierney's a bit of a surprise nomination though, she won the Golden Globe earlier this year, which boosted her profile although they like "The Affair" way more than the Academy has, but I almost put her on my Gold Derby ballot, I took her off at the last second, dammit. She's been around forever, she was on "ER" and before that, she was on "Newsradio", great kinda forgotten show now, but I'm glad to see her back into the Emmy nominations. Other than that, Maggie Smith back, she was snubbed last year for some reason and I don't know why, she easily could've won, maybe should've instead and three "Game of Thrones" chicks now. Honestly, I need a scorecard to even be able to tell who anybody is on that show and I'm like three seasons, maybe four, into it? I don't remember, I think I'm three in, but yeah, other thank Peter Dinklage I'm half-amazed anybody else gets in for the show. They lost last year to-eh, Uzo Aduba, who isn't nominated, in fact, "Orange is the New Black", is almost nowhere to be found shockingly. The fell out almost everywhere, from just two years ago; they might want to consider, if they can, switching back to Comedy Series, they're doing much poorer in Drama than ever before, and Aduba being snubbed is the biggest loss yet, 'cause she seemed like inevitable to win forever if they wanted her to.

Downton Abbey-"Episode 9"-Michael Engler-PBS
Game of Thrones-"Battle of the Bastards"-Miguel Sapochnik-HBO
Game of Thrones-"The Door"-Jack Bender-HBO
Homeland-"The Tradition of Hospitality"-Lesli Linka Glatter-Showtime
The Knick-"This Is All We Are"-Steven Soderbergh-Cinemax
Ray Donovan-"Exsuscito"-David Hollander-Showtime

Okay, I think, they might just be aware that Steven Soderbergh has this show that he does and it's not on HBO or Showtime, but it seems like it is, and they're not watching it, (Shame on them, 'cause it's an amazing show that they should be watching) and they know it's Soderbergh so they nominate him for it and mostly nothing else, so I think explains why "The Knick" has gotten in here two years in a row. Plus, btw, I didn't bring this up with the Comedy Series nominations but the Writing and Directing nominees were finally increased from 5 to a minimum of 6 now, I think they should probably make that and a lot of other categories seven, but it's about time. The "Ray Donovan" nomination out of nowhere though; I wonder if that might've been a surprise eighth in the voting for Drama Series or something like that, 'cause it snuck in a lot of places here that were a bit surprising, and with "Downton Abbey" ending next year, there's at least one open slot next year. Hmm. Anyway, Writing, Directing, Editing, see who's nominated, best predictors of the Best Series winner, only "Game of Thones" shows up for all three and it's got multiple nominations in Directing and Editing, so....

The Americans-"Persona Non Grata"-Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg-FX Networks
Downton Abbey-"Episode 8"-Julian Fellowes-PBS
Game of Thrones-"Battle of the Bastards"-David Benioff & D.B. Weiss-HBO
The Good Wife-"End"-Robert King and Michelle King-CBS
Mr. Robot-" (Pilot)-Sam Esmail-USA
UnReal-"Return"-Marti Nixon and Sarah Gertrude Shaprio-Lifetime

Okay, "Game of Thrones" only submitted one screenplay for the category this year, apparently shows have decided to do that more for the Writing category. This is the first time "The Good Wife" has been in for Writing since 2010, they got in for their final episode, so that's a long time, and I'm not sure any other network show has been in the category since either, I'll look that up later. Glad to see "UnReal" get in, good for Lifetime too, they haven't had a lot of success with Series, the last time I really remember them getting nominations for was when they picked up "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd" and Blair Brown would keep getting into Lead Comedy Actress, and nobody even remembers that show now, and that was originally an NBC show, this is probably one of the first series that they really got in for that was their own original series. "Game of Thrones" may be vulnerable here, but now I'm wondering how many nominations they would've gotten if they submitted more scripts though?

Mahershala Ali-"House of Cards"-Netflix
Hank Azaria-"Ray Donovan"-Showtime
Reg E. Cathay-"House of Cards"-Netflix
Michael J. Fox-"The Good Wife"-CBS
Paul Sparks-"House of Cards"-Netflix
Max von Sydow-"Game of Thrones"-HBO

Wow, a lot of Guest Actors for "House of Cards". Well, it is an ensemble. Reg E. Cathay won last year, I'd say he's probably a favorite but Michael J. Fox is a consistent nominee, last one for "The Good Wife", he's gotta be considered a threat, but the legendary Max von Sydow, on "Game of Thrones", even I- as not a "Game of Thrones" fan per se, think that just sounds awesome and cool. And it's only his second career Emmy nomination, he was up for an HBO miniseries called "Red King, White Knight", which I've never heard of but absolutely sounds like the kind of thing he'd be in; if anybody is familiar with his career, and if you're not, you should be. Um, sentimental vote, definitely goes to him and presumably, if "Game of Thrones" is as popular as it seems, he seems like a likely favorite.

Ellen Burstyn-"House of Cards"-Netflix
Allison Janney-"Masters of Sex"-Showtime
Margo Martindale-"The Americans"-FX Networks
Laurie Metcalf-"Horace and Pete"
Molly Parker-"House of Cards"-Netflix
Carrie Preston-"The Good Wife"-CBS

Man, I love "Masters of Sex" and I'm not sure why they only continually single out Allison Janney, or nominate it for anything else frankly, it should be a Best Drama Series contender every year, and for Sheen and Caplan, and even this year, Janney was great, Judy Greer, really got screwed a bit here, she had an amazing episode here. They ignore her "Married" show all the time too, that's a good show; I'd rather nominate that than say, "Catastrophe" for instance. Okay, Laurie Metcalf got in for "Horace and Pete", which I thought would do better; this was Louis C.K. experimental Drama series, that he made on his own dime and sold on his own website, it's a 3-camera drama series, it's actually nominated for Editing in 3-camera Comedy, because, well, there's no Multi-camera Drama editing, so it showed up here and there, and Laurie Metcalf seems to be showing up everywhere here today, this is it's biggest nomination. He ended up, not renewing or getting a buyer for the series, so it's a one-shot deal, but I've heard that it's more like a staged play than a typical drama series, very experimental. I thought it might spread across the categories more, considering Louis C.K.'s cache, as well as the widespread acclaim, but it didn't spread across enough. It did get in a few places, so it wasn't ignored. Margo Martindale won the category last year, arguably one of the more mocked wins in recent years, she apparently won for a cup of coffee, literally in the episode, it was a two-minute scene and she has a cup of coffee, so some hated that she won. She, I'm told, does more on the show this season, so she might win legitimately this time. She wasn't nominated for "The Good Wife", although nobody was curiously enough, except for Carrie Preston however and Michael J. Fox, Baranski didn't even get in this year for the show. Normally the joke is that "The Good Wife" always wins at least one acting award, that's not true anymore, but still, less likely for them to get a win in their last year than I think most thought. And, just so you know, Ellen Burstyn is always, always, always, a threat to win no matter what she's in, and since it's "House of Cards" here, she's now apparently a favorite. Tough race to call though this early at least.


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee-Crackle
Jimmy Kimmel Live-ABC
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver-HBO
The Late Late Show with James Corden-CBS
Real Time with Bill Maher-HBO
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon-NBC


Okay, I will complain and criticize a lot of the nominations here, but in my analysis, but until now, there's nothing I can honestly say is a crime or is actually a "Wrong" choice, or even anything more than just a personal opinion of mine, even, even though, I do try to judge quality more than anything else, but honestly up 'til now there's nothing here, that is a total disgrace that's nominated or not nominated, but, this-, Samantha Bee not nominated, is absolute fucking bullshit! This is by a motherfucking country mile and a half, the biggest snub, and the single biggest fuck-up of the nominations! This isn't even funny, it's absolutely insane that she's not nominated here; in fact, I'm calling for a recount! I'm deadly serious. I mean, okay, I love "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee", I remember noting last year that it switched from the Short-Form Series category and moved into the Variety Talk Series last year, I thought at the time that that was a bit an interesting category shift, although in a crowded field, I thought it was mostly a daydream, to get in, and I don't mind it getting in, I certainly would rather it get in over "Jimmy Kimmel Live", which, I do not get why that keeps showing up, at all, he's like twelfth or thirteenth best in my thinking of talk show hosts right now, but not having Samantha Bee nominated, is just, so beyond bullshit! I'm angry, like legitimately pissed off right now. This should've been Oliver vs. Bee, in a tight race to see who's the new #1 Jon Stewart disciple, sorry Stephen Colbert and Larry Wilmore, and I thought those shows should've been nominated too btw, although I like Corden fine and I'm ecstatic that Bill Maher is back, but man, this is beyond fucked up. BTW, there hasn't been a female led Primetime talk show, and thank you to whoever looked this up in the Gold Derby forums, that's been nominated in this or an equivalent category since Faye Emerson, for "The Faye Emerson Show" was nominated, not for Best Talk Show, but for Most Outstanding Personality back in the 1951, Emmys, so, this is bullshit on so many fucking levels that it's not even funny. This is a crime, and they should correct it. Samantha Bee, needs to be in here, this is bullshit. Congrats John Oliver, you're gonna win your first "Last Week Tonight series Emmy, and probably another four or five if they keep this up. Not that you wouldn't/couldn't have beat her, but it would've been close and now, you have no competition.

Documentary Now!-IFC
Drunk History-Comedy Centra
Inside Amy Schumer-Comedy Central
Key & Peele-Comedy Central
Saturday Night Live-NBC

Okay, I will have to double-check this, but I think the 2% rule came into effect here, because I think Variety-Sketch's minimum is five nominations, and all five from last year are in, and "Documentary Now!" got added. This is "Key & Peele"'s last year, I believe, I think they said they're done, no "Mr. Show", curiously enough, they were eligible and they used to get in when it was originally on, and now that David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are more well-known, kind of a a shame that that missed out. I still suspect it's an "Inside Amy Schumer" vs. "Saturday Night Live" battle, maybe with "Key & Peele" in their last season might get it too.

Adele Live in New York City-NBC
Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo-HBO
The Kennedy Center Honors-CBS
The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Prime Time Special-CBS

Okay, am I actually gonna have to sit through the dame "Lemonade" thing now? Ugh. Sorry, I've never liked Beyonce, I didn't like the music I've heard from her now either. Alright, well, "The Kennedy Center Honors" is the default here,-, I'm actually kinda surprised that James Corden's Primetime Special got in, I know the Carpool Karaoke is cool now, I-eh, I like it, I'm just not sure they deserved to basically shove all those into a program and call it a special. That's where I'm kinda drawing the line. Other than that, Amy Schumer's I've seen that special three times, awesome, and they need to start a new category for Stand-Up Performance Variety/Documentary, and there's Adele, hard to go against Adele too. Certainly picking her over Beyonce. Why is she still famous, her music's never been good-, alright whatever. I Heart Adele!

The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards-NBC
Grease: Live-FOX
The Oscars-ABC
Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show-CBS
69th Annual Tony Awards-CBS

I guess live performances are what they mean by "Special Class", 'cause for all-intensive purposes "Grease: Live" was a movie. So was "The Wiz: Live" for that matter, I'm not sure why that-, well, "Grease" is a better play overall but, I'd argue it was 50/50 for which program was better. Anyway, eh, The Globes, The Oscars and The Tonys, probably the favorites, The Halftime Show was very good, I don't know if I'd rank it up there with some of the other ones that have snuck into this category, but Coldplay and Bruno Mars were pretty good. I suspect this is another Tony Awards year though; it's the only one I actually remember. Who hosted the Oscars this year? I honestly forgot, who  was it? Oh, Chris Rock, yeah. I was surprised he even accepted, he was okay. And the Globes, Ricky Gervais came back, he was okay; he had better years. So, yeah, definitely the Tonys were at least memorable, as they usually are. Forgettable year in this category though.

Inside Amy Schumer-"Madonna/Whore"-Ryan McFaul-Comedy Central
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver-"Episode 303"-Paul Pennolino-HBO
The Late Late Show with James Corden-"Post-Super Bowl Episode"-Tim Mancinelli-CBS
Saturday Night Live-"Hosts: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler"-Don Roy King
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon-"Episode 325"-Dave Diomedi-NBC

Amy Schumer's not in for Directing herself this time, that's sorta disappointing, she was in last year for her memorable "12 Angry Men" parody. Usually, safe bet is Don Roy King for "SNL", live show usually gets a little more credit, but Corden's episode submission was a live episode, and Oliver's show, that's the Donald Trump, or the Donald Drumpf episode so, don't underestimate it, and I do believe this is a year where the Directing for Variety Series is on the main show and the Writing for Variety, Special, not series, Special, is on the main show and the Writing Variety Series and Directing Variety Special are on during the Creative Arts. That's a Union thing, they have to switch each year, I'm not exactly sure why, but just go with it.

Adele Live in New York City-Beth McCartney-Miller-NBC
Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo-Chris Rock-HBO
58th Grammy Awards-Louis J. Horvitz-CBS
Grease Live-Thomas Kail; Live Television Direction by Alex Rudzinski-FOX
The Kennedy Center Honors-Glenn Weiss-CBS
Lemonade-Kahlil Joseph and Beyonce Knowles Carter-HBO

I didn't know Chris Rock directed the Amy Schumer special, really? Wow! No, that surprised me, I didn't know he did that. That's actually kinda awesome. Wow, tough category, 2% rule came in, Makes sense the Grammys, they need a lot of directing for all the performances, although that makes me wonder why the Tonys aren't nominated. "Grease Live", that could be a spoiler here. "Adele Live..." I always wanna see Beth McCartney-Miller win, was that as complicated to direct as "Grease" or even "Lemonade" really, I-eh, I don't know. How many Emmys does Chris Rock have; I don't even know. IMDB search, he has four, three for Writing, one for his Comedy Special, one for "The Chris Rock Show", oh yeah, he used to have a talk show too. This is a loaded category, Horvitz and Weiss, they win these all the time, "Lemonade" it's an artistic statement, "Grease Live" is a technical achievement, Adele's amazing, I don't know if a stand-up special can win this category, but Chris Rock, name cache. Interesting list of Variety categories this year, way more than normal.

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee-Writers: Jo Miller, Samantha Bee, et. al.-TBS
Inside Amy Schumer-Writers: Amy Schumer, Michel Lawrence, et. al.-Comedy Central
Key & Peele-Writers: Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Jay Martel, et. al.-Comedy Central
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver-Writers: John Oliver, Tim Carvell, et. al.-HBO
Portlandia-Writers: Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Jonathan Krisel, Graham Wagner, and Karey Dornetto-IFC
Saturday Night Live-Head Writers: Rob Klein and Bryan Tucker; Writers: James Anderson, et. al.-NBC

I'd much rather this category be permanent on the main show, but it's loaded. "SNL" got back into the category, I think it slipped out last year. Only two talk shows are "Last Week Tonight..." and "Full Frontal..." so Samantha Bee wasn't completely ignored, that's good. I think "Last Week Tonight..." is probably the favorite in Writing, I don't know if "Key & Peele" or "SNL" had anything writing-wise, really inventive this year, and "Last Week Tonight..." is all writing pretty much. Basically long monologues on how f'ed the country is. So is Samantha Bee, she does have taped segment though, that might sneak her in for more inventive. It would be funny if she won for Writing and didn't get the nomination for the Series. That's happened before by the way, so don't count it out.

Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo-Amy Schumer-HBO
John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid-John Mulaney-Netflix
Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping-Patton Oswalt-Netflix
Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted-Tig Notaro-HBO
Triumph's Election Special 2016-Robert Smigel, David Feldman, et. al.-Hulu/Funny or Die

Okay, the people who write the Award shows are really gonna be pissed off now. You know, I've often said they need to separate stand-up performances into their own category and boy is this proof. And I think it's a year where this category is given during the main show, so perfect spot for Amy Schumer to get an Award, if they move the Variety-Sketch Comedy to the other show, Patton Oswalt's beloved, and he's got the sentimental aspect behind him. Mulaney and Notaro are two longtime stand-ups who are finally breaking out, and they're competing, with a puppet dog who may very likely poop all over the program. Yeah, look out next year for suddenly a new "Stand-Up" Variety Special Emmy Award to be announced. Who's worst to give a live mike to at the Emmys, Sarah Silverman or Triumph? Sarah won this category last time it was on the main show....


The Amazing Race-CBS
American Ninja Warrior-NBC
Dancing with the Stars-ABC
Project Runway-Lifetime
Top Chef-Bravo
The Voice-NBC

I guess it makes some sense that something new would come in, hell I even had it in my Gold Derby ballot, but I had "Face/Off" getting in, I guess "American Ninja Warrior" makes some sense. It is entertaining, people do watch it; it's not the worst choice by any means. My issue, is it replacing "So You Think You Can Dance", especially when, they're still nominating "Dancing with the Stars"-, okay "Dancing with the Stars" is absolutely unwatchable. Tom Bergeron, great host, does his best, to salvage that show, but-, it's really ridiculous when you think about it though, A. "So You Think You Can Dance" a far better show in general, and B. why would nominate the show, where the amateurs and unprofessionals are dancing, compared to the show about people who are trained and talented and really trying to become some of the best young dancers around. and it's their career and you're seeing really talented people fighting for their professional careers....- the nearest I can tell, this show gets votes because there's likely a lot of people on the show, who know other voters in the Academy or are people in the academy and whatnot and those who used to be on the show, it gets those votes, that's why it keeps getting in; it really shouldn't though. Anyway, eh, "The Voice" vs. "The Amazing Race" again, I suspect. By the way, you know what should be nominated, and I usually shit on everything the CW does, but "Penn and Teller: Fool Us", I'd like to see that show up next time perhaps.

Tom Bergeron-"Dancing with the Stars"-ABC
Steve Harvey-"Little Big Shots starring Steve Harvey"-NBC
Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn-"Project Runway"-Lifetime
Jane Lynch-"Hollywood Game Night"
RuPaul Charles-"Rupaul's Drag Race"-Logo
Ryan Seacrest-"American Idol"-FOX

Oh my God, they didn't even nominate Cat Deeley! Man, what the hell did "So You Think You Can Dance?" did to the Academy? I- I guess Ryan Seacrest got in because it's "American Idol"'s last year, and, sentimental value for that. I-, I have no idea what "Little Big Shots" is, I honestly can't stand Steve Harvey as a host; I don't even like him on "Family Feud" if I'm being completely honest, (And boy has that show gone downhill, oye! I get it, it's funny when someone says something racy around uptight Steve Harvey, it's dumb. Way to ruin a good game show.) I mean maybe he's-, what the hell is this show? (IMDB search) It's a kids' Variety Show. Nothing special, except that Ellen DeGenerous produced it. I guess she's friends with Harvey, which surprises me considering some of the homophobic stuff he's said in the past that I find disturbing. Anyway, I love RuPaul, I haven't seen the Drag Race show yet, I believe that's the first major nomination for Logo btw, congratulation to them, and I'm sure she's good at hosting. He's good at hosting, she's-he-, he/she, is he a transvestite or a transsexual? Does he, identify as male or female? Uh, whatever, love Rupaul, I'm sure it's a worthy nomination for, him/her, um, whatever. (Should've really looked that up before I wrote that.)

Antiques Roadshow-PBS
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives-Food Network
Lip Sync Battle-SpikeTV
Mythbusters-Discovery Channel
Shark Tank-ABC
Undercover Boss-CBS

Oh, an interesting new nominee this nominee this year, "Lip Sync Battle", SpikeTV also, I don't remember if they've ever been nominated, but I suspected this year would be the one where this show snuck in, and it's pretty entertaining I must say, easily the best re-watchability of these shows and easily the most viral of these shows. The one with Anne Hathaway doing Miley Cyrus, is just, surreal, needs to be seen, if you haven't Youtube it. And it could win. "Mythbusters" has won before, "Shark Tank" has won the last couple years, "Undercover Bosss" won for a couple years before that, there's no real need to give it to them again. "Antiques Roadshow" needs to win at some points, that's probably the best show nominated, quality and consistency-wise, you'll never get sick of that. I'm still a bit surprised "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" is back; I guess it's the one Food Network show that makes sense, but, I would've looked for something else by now. "Lip Sync Battle" one of the more interesting new nominees here. We'll see where that ends up.

Born This Way-A&E
Deadliest Catch-Discovery Channel
Gaycation with Ellen Page-Viceland
Project Greenlight-HBO
United Shades of America-CNN

Whoa, this category has changed. I recognize three of these names. "Deadliest Catch" has won a few years in a row; they don't always nominated "Intervention", I think they took some time off, but they're back now, and same with "Project Greenlight", I did watch that, pretty good season, I can see it nominated. (IMDB Search) Okay, "Born This Way", unfortunately nothing to do with Lady Gaga, is about people with Down Syndrome. Okay. "Gaycation with Ellen Page", well I love Ellen Page, and this is a-eh travel show where she and Ian Daniel, I don't know who he is, other than the host of this show, and they go around exploring gay cultures and subcultures around the world. That, actually sounds good. And United Shades of America is, the same thing but about Racism and it's only about America. Okay, that's a little depressing. Remember when this category had "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" in it? I do, I miss it. That was fun to watch. No, drugging, no racism, no,-, sad people, no, fishermen? What a weird category. Some interesting names on the producer lists though. Matt Damon & Ben Affleck, Ellen Page and Spike Jonze is a producer on "Gaycation"- ah, Oh, Oh, I-, like "vacation"! I get it, I just got that. Gaycation, Vacation, I just-, yeah, okay I should've caught that earlier. Okay, now I get that show. That actually sounds like the most fun one, probably is. Gaycation, instead of vacation, sorry, I totally didn't get that until now.


American Crime-ABC
Fargo-FX Networks
The Night Manager-AMC
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story-FX Networks

Wow, "American Horror Story" not in this year. Yikes. Well, replace one Ryan Murphy miniseries with another though. FX had a great day, more nominations than the network's ever had, and while "The Americans" was a big help, "Fargo" and "The People v. O.J. Simpson..." really were the major stars catalyst for that. They own this category, and I don't really see anything upsetting them. It's one of those two probably winning. "Fargo" won before, so take that into consideration, but I did see a bit of "...O.J. Simpson...", well, hell I still remember experiencing the whole damn trial at the time, but, it was pretty good. Not great, but it was pretty good, and I'm not a Ryan Murphy guy, so that's coming from me, applauding him. If there is an upset, it's probably "American Crime", but that's a longshot. No "True Detective" almost anywhere by the way, boy that show's fallen from grace. Of course, I though it was overrated to begin with, so... (Shrugs)

All the Way-HBO
Luther-BBC America
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (Masterpiece)-PBS
A Very Murray Christams-Netflix

(Slight chuckle) I love how-eh, things like "Grease Live" have to compete in Special Class, but "A Very Murray Christmas" counts as a TV movie. That's kinda funny honestly. I'll have to check that out; I've been meaning to. Uh, other than that, no real surprise, I guess "The Dresser" was projected to be nominated as some point, but that didn't pan out. Maybe it's a STARZ thing, I don't know, but "Sherlock..." always popular, "Luther" a show I love, getting into Movie, that's cool. "All the Way" that's the play that Bryan Cranston won the Tony for, for playing LBJ, heard good things. "Confirmation" that's the one about the Clarence Thomas hearing, again, I lived through it, don't really want to relive it again, but, (Shrugs) probably worth telling the story about. I suspect it's between "All the Way" and "Sherlock..." "Sherlock" swept last time slightly out of nowhere so I'm thinking that's a distinct possibility to win again, and it's a popular vote; Sherlock Holmes, might be more popular than Lyndon Johnson, that's all I'm saying.

Bryan Cranston-"All the Way"-HBO
Benedict Cumberbatch-"Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (Masterpiece)-PBS
Idris Elba-"Luther"-BBC America
Cuba Gooding, Jr.-"The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"-FX Networks
Tom Hiddleston-"The Night Manager"-AMC
Courtney B. Vance-"The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"-FX Networks

Okay, Bryan Cranston, has like six total Emmys, including four acting, recently, they like it when he wins, he already won for this part, winning the Tony. Benedict Cumberbatch has won for this role already, "Sherlock" is highly beloved. Idris Elba, is highly beloved and has won awards left and right, and all of them probable underdogs to Courtney B. Vance for playing Johnny Cochrane. Little surprised Cuba Gooding, Jr. got in, I'm sure he'd rather not be so acclaimed for playing pro football players, but he seems to be good at it. I keep reading stupid stuff about Tom Hiddleston dating Taylor Swift and that's effecting his Emmy chances, that's just weird; I don't take much stock in that. Loaded field though.

Kirsten Dunst-"Fargo"-FX Networks
Felicity Huffman-"American Crime"-ABC
Audra McDonald-"Lad Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill"-HBO
Sarah Paulson-"The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"-FX Networks
Lily Taylor-"American Crime"-ABC
Kerry Washington-"Confirmation"-HBO

Sarah Paulson is the most overdue, way overdue to win, and she's been favored most years in the movie/mini categories, mostly for "American Horror Story", she's favored again, playing Marcia Clark, but there's another tough field. Felicity Huffman, former winner who they love. Lily Taylor, not a household name, but in Hollywood, she's known as the best actresses working today, she never seems to get her due, they gave an award to Regina King for "American Crime" last year, and she's had a similar longtime background. Speaking of overdue, Kerry Washington, never won for "Scandal", she's playing Anita Hill, great place to make that up here. Audra McDonald, Tony legend, never won an Emmy, for a performance, she won last year as a producer interestingly enough for that Masterpiece, "Sweeney Todd..." thing, and she won a Tony for this, maybe. And yeah, if there's somebody who could/would win other than Paulson, Kirsten Dunst makes the most sense. "Fargo" has revjunated her career, good chance of her winning. Sarah Paulson's the favorite again, but that's never helped her before.

Sterling K. Brown-"The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"-FX Networks
Hugh Laurie-"The Night Manager"-AMC
Jesse Plemons-"Fargo"
David Schwimmer-"The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"-FX Networks
John Travolta-"The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"-FX Networks
Bokeem Woodbine-"Fargo"

Remember what I said about this being "Fargo" v. "O.J."? Yup, two from Fargo, three from "O.J." and Hugh Laurie, who's been most snubbed most of his career, never won for "House", not nominated twice now for "Veep" that's a bit of a shock considering, but he gets in her for "The Night Manager". I think Sterling K. Brown is probably the favorite, with Jesse Plemons being the second choice; they might want to honor him belatedly for things like "Breaking Bad" as well. David Schwimmer by the way has never won either, so there's sentimental value for him too, and believe it or not, this is John Travolta's first ever Emmy nomination, that doesn't sound right, I know, but, Barbarino can win now. Some might remember when he accepted the award for his late girlfriend Diana Hyland back in the '70s when she won it for, eh, I always think it's for "Eight is Enough" but it wasn't, it was actually for "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble". Yes, that movie won an Emmy, and a famous win at that. Oh man. Memories. Memories, I'm not old enough to have.

Kathy Bates-"American Horror Story: Hotel"-FX Networks
Olivia Colman-"The Night Manager"
Regina King-"American Crime"
Melissa Leo-"All the Way"-HBO
Sarah Paulson-"American Horror Story: Hotel"-FX Networks
Jean Smart-"Fargo"-FX Networks

Okay, "O.J." ran out of female roles, so up comes "AHS", and Sarah Paulson could hypothetically win Lead and Supporting Actress for a Limited Series/Movie in the same year; I don't think that particular pairing has ever happened, and that would definitely require her luck changing. She's already lost in this category to Kathy Bates and Regina King in recent years. Melissa Leo, has a habit of winning things like this too; she's a TV veteran too, she's got more than a shot. Olivia Colman, lots of press, big name in England, just now getting over here. Jean Smart is probably the heavy favorite here though. She's got a habit of winning these things to begin with, "Fargo" probably will win some acting award and this makes the most sense at least the most obvious sense from a distance anyway.

All the Way-Jay Roach-HBO
Fargo-"Before the Law'-Noah Hawley-FX Networks
The Night Manager-Susanne Bier-AMC
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story-"From the Ashes of Tragedy"-Ryan Murphy-FX Networks
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story-"Manna from Heaven"-Anthony Hemingway-FX Networks
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story-"The Race Card"-John Singleton-FX Networks

As always the case nowadays, there's some big names here. Susanne Bier, she's the Oscar-winning Danish filmmaker, behind "In a Better World", "Brothers" "After the Wedding", "Things We Lost in the Fire", some wonderful films overall. Um, Jay Roach, he's made one really great HBO movie after another it seems, does a few out there comedies as well. Anthony Hemingway, he's a young up-and-coming filmmaker, John Singleton, used to be a great up-and-coming fimmaker, not he's a great filmmaker in general, youngest Oscar-nominated Director, still, for "Boyz N the Hood", and the perennial Ryan Murphy, and that's not even taking into account Noah Hawley, the creator of "Fargo", he's back in. Loaded category, but yeah, it's "O.J. v. Fargo", we got one more, let's keep the theme going.

Fargo-"Loplop"-Bob DeLaurentis-FX Networks
Fargo-"Palindrome"-Noah Hawley-FX Networks
The Night Manager-David Farr-AMC
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story-"From the Ashes of Tragedy"-Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski-FX Networks
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story-"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"-D.V. DeVincentis-FX Networks
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story-"The Race Card"-Joe Robert Cole-FX Networks

Yep, "Fargo" vs. "O.J." and one weird "The Night Manager" outlier. It's the same across the board folks.



Archer-"The Figgis Agency"-FX Networks
Bob's Burgers-"The Horse Rider"-FOX
Phineas and Ferb Last Day of Summer-Disney XD
The Simpsons-"Halloween of Horror"-FOX
South Park-"You're Not Yelping"-Comedy Central

Okay, we are into the OTHER NOTABLES, which is what I'm referring to as the selective awards I'm covering that for one reason or another people are probably more interested in than they realize or may know, because they rarely, if ever give them out on the main show, but probably are just as relevant or important and some of the ones they do give away on the main show. For instance, the Animation categories, this is a hot-button one. "Archer" and "Bob's Burgers" and "South Park" for that matter, I'd argue are three of the best shows on television, not just animation. "The Simpsons" submitted their Halloween episode though, and Phineas and Ferb had a special. I don't really know, why only episode is allowed to be submitted, or why there's no Animation Special category; I guess their might not always be enough shows, but it does kinda feel stupid to put a one-time broadcast against four regular half-hour sitcoms that otherwise could hypothetical could've submitted themselves into the Comedy Series category. ("Family Guy" I believe submits in there most of the time instead of here; I'm not 100% sure why, although they got nominated once, so, I can't argue it.)

Keegan-Michael Key-"SuperMansion"-"Puss in Boots"-Crackle
Seth MacFarlane-"Family Guy"-"Pilling Them Softly"-FOX
Trey Parker-"South Park"-"Stunning and Brave"-Comedy Central
Chris Pine-"SuperMansion"-The Inconceivable escape of Dr. Devizo"-Crackle
Matt Stone-"South Park"-"Tweek x Craig"-Comedy Central

Huh, nobody from "The Simpsons" in. Odd, or "Bob's Burgers" a few people I would've thought to see here out. And Trey Parker and Matt Stone, they don't usually get into this category so that's interesting. And Crackle, boy they've had a pretty good year. Got into Variety-Talk Series, and two into Character Voice-Over for "SuperMansion", very interesting.

Adventure Time-"Hall of Egress"-Cartoon Network
The Powerpuff Girls-"Once Upon a Townsville-Cartoon Network
Robot Chicken-"Robot Chicken Christmas Special: The X-Mas United"-Adult Swim
SpongeBob SquarePants-"Company Picnic"-Nickelodeon
Steven Universe-"The Answer"-Cartoon Network

I legitimately didn't know that they brought back "The Powerpuff Girls". Ugh, what the hell, Pokemon, "Powerpuff Girls", "Transformers", why do we keep bringing back the crap from out childhood, Jesus. Somebod bring back something cool. How about bring back "Ghostwriter", find out what happened to those kids, why this crap, God.


Children's Hospital-Adult Swim
Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462-AMC
Hack Into Broad
Her Story-Youtube
UnReal The Auditions-Lifetime

Yes, Youtube, is getting into the Emmys now, and there's way more categories now in Short Form Series than ever before. And some big names too, Rob Corddry, of course has been doing "Children's Hospital" for awhile, but "Hack Into Broad City", gets nominations for Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, who really should get way more attention and acclaim as well. The line's being blurred more and more not only between what television is, but what a television show is now. Half-hour, ten minutes, five minutes, Limited series, miniseries, who knows, anymore.

Rob Corddry-"Children's Hospital"-Adult Swim
Rob Huebel-"Children's Hospital"-Adult Swim
Jack McBrayer-"Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell"-Adult Swim
Lou Diamond Phillips-"The Crossroads of History"-HISTORY
Oscar Nunez-"The Crossroads of History-HISTORY

Yes, they have actually done this, they've created acting categories for the Short-Form categories. So this could be how Jack McBrayer and Lou Diamond Phillips can get an Emmy. And Oscar Nunez as well. I know what "Children's Hospital" is, I've seen that, I'll have to look up the rest,  but yeah, acting in shorts is now an Emmy category. Please, whatever you do, do not, under any circumstances tell the A.M.P.A.S. about this. I'm all more for more Oscar categories, but not-, don't give them this idea quite yet.

Michelle Ang-"Feat the Walkind Dead: Flight 462"-AMC
Patrika Darbo-"Acting Dead"
Erinn Hayes-"Children's Hospital"-Adult Swim
Tracie Thoms-"Send Me: an original web series"
Janet Varney-"Everyone's Crazy But Us"

Hey, "The Walking Dead" fans, here's your acting nomination finally! For the prequel series. For the web series that's connected to the Prequel series, that's, from what I saw, was kinda boring. I wasn't "The Walking Dead" fan to begin with, but yeah, I really don't get the idea of a prequel series. Some cool names here, Erinn Hayes, Tracie Thoms, I didn't even know she had a webseries. Nice to see BET get something too, that's kinda unusual. I'll have to look up a few of these, including "Acting Dead", which is a series on it's own website, that's rare. In case some of you guys are wondering, how to do you get an Emmy nomination, well, for the Emmys you have to submit your name and project into the proper categories, and it cost money to do that, usually the production company will pay but some put their own money up. I don't know whether "Acting Dead" did that or not, but you know, it happens occasionally and that's probably why most of the internet is pretty insistence on keeping most of themselves labeled as television shows, and mostly I agree with that by the way. And awards do give recognition.

Epic Rap battles of History-Youtube
Gay of
Honest Trailers-YouTube
Making A Scene With James Franco-AOL
Park Bench With Steve Buscemi-AOL

I'm gonna be honest here, I'll look at more of them later, but I think I've only seen one or two "Honest Trailers", and I don't think I particularly liked them, but I'll look at them again. Kinda interesting to see them get in here though. There's some big names here, James Franco and Steve Buscemi obviously, also Stanley Tucci is a Producer on "Park Bench...", boy I forget AOL is still around. I pretty much think it only exists for my Email, yes, I use an AOL email still, the one I started when I was like 10 or 11; I figure why get rid of it, you know, but-eh, I do know they have some other things so I'll check that out. I don't get the "Epic Rap Battles..." thing either, but I think believe rap is a bad music trend that'll end soon enough. Yeah, I'm the last one, and I really wish it would happen. You have no idea how sick I am of hearing a perfectly good song ruined by sudden rap verses by some artists who I wasn't interested in listening too. If I wanted to hear rap music, I'd put a rap song on, I don't want it in my other pop songs, dammit! Ugh. I'm sorry, I'm trying to listen to modern music, but, it's tough.

Inside Look: The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story-FX Networks
Jay Leno's
National Endowment for The Arts: United States Of
Roots: A New Vision-HISTORY
A Year In

Huh, what a weird category, O.J. Simpson vs. Jay Leno, vs. Roots, vs. The NEA and vs., what the hell is this, is that Time Magazine? It is Time Magazine, they still exist? They have streaming series? (Shrugs) Don't look at me, I didn't know either. I think that's all the Short-Form stuff, let's get to the long-form Non-Fiction/Documentary stuff, this is always some below
the radar great television.


American Masters-PBS
Chef's Table-Netflix
Making a Murderer-Netflix
The Seventies-CNN
Woman with Gloria Steinam-Viceland

Well, "Making a Murderer" is definitely the early favorite here, that was by far the most noteworthy and controversial program among the nominees, and that's saying something when Gloria Steinam is among the other bunch. Always hard for me to bet against "American Masters", that's one of my favorite documentary series though. Tom Hanks is a Producer on "The Seventies", he's got a lot of Producing Emmys at this point btw, somebody should keep count. Wow, 7 Emmys all for Producing! Wow, who knew?

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown-CNN
Inside the Actors Studio-Bravo
Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson-National Geographic Channe
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman-National Geographic Channel

Anybody who lists the Ten Best Writers in television and doesn't include Anthony Bourdain really needs to have a reality check. He is one of the best out there, and easily the best in his subgenre. If you don't believe me, try watching nearly any other travel series on television after watching his series. Still, it's not a walk. Neil deGrasse Tyson, always a threat, Morgan Freeman's got that piece on God. James Lipton's always there, and who doesn't love "Inside the Actors Studio" and "Vice" remember, that's the show that finally gave Bill Maher his long overdue Emmy. Bourdain, Lipton, Tyson, Freeman and Maher, what a category.

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (Independent Lens)-PBS
Cartel Land-A&E
The Hunting Ground-CNN
Jim: The James Foley Story-HBO
Racing Extinction-Discovery Channel
Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom-Netflix

1,2,3,4 films in this category that got Oscar nominations, granted "The Hunting Ground" and "Racing Extinction" got them for Original Song and not Documentary Feature, which is strange enough actually but yeah, "Cartel Land", "The Hunting Ground", Racing Extinction", "Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom", all Oscar nominees, and I have no real idea, how the hell or why the hell that's allowed anymore. I used to know the difference, but they each changed the rules on each other so often that it's impossible to tell now what's a TV documentary or a feature film documentary. (I'm pretty certain that the Black Panthers documentary was also on the Oscar shortlist as well)

Becoming Mike Nichols-HBO
Everything is Copy-Nora Ephron: Scripted & Unscripted-HBO
Listen To Me Marlon-Showtime
Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures-HBO
What Happened, Miss Simone?-Netflix

That's 1,2,3 HBO, so, uh, three more nominations for Sheila Nevins. She is the President of Documentary Programming for HBO, she's also the President of their Family Programming, so basically every original documentary they air, is cause of her. She has, a truckload of Emmys and nominations, it's un-frigging believable. She's got 29 Emmy wins, and I don't know like, 75 nominations now. It's insane, she owns every Emmy record; I literally don't know where she puts them, and that's just the Emmys, she has other awards too, so, her office purportedly is just Awards everywhere, all over the floor and walls, wherever she throws them, that's the story anyway. I'm sure she's got a storage unit or something. She's got tough competition though, "What Happened, Miss Simone?" was an Oscar nominated documentary and "Listen to Me Marlon" a documentary about Marlon Brando, that's gonna bring some people here, and I've heard good things about it too, so tough category. Mike Nichols, Nora Ephron, Marlon Brando, Robert Mapplethorpe and Nina Simone. The Emmys everyone!

Cartel Land-Matthew Heineman-A&E
Chef's Table-"Gaggan Anand"-David Gelb-Netflix
He Named Me Malala-Davis Guggenheim-National Geographic Channel
Making a Murderer-"Fighting For Their Lives"-Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos
What Happened, Miss Simone?-Liz Garbus-Netflix

"He Named Me Malala" is another documentary where the line between theatrically released feature film and TV documentary is blurred and that was directed by Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar-winning director behind "An Inconvenient Truth". I've seen that film, I thought it was boring honestly; I'm gotta surprised it's nominated for Directing to be honest, the subject matter is important but I suspect more people were and are interested in the other four nominees much more.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown-"Borneo"-Anthony Bourdain-CNN
Everything is Copy-Nora Ephron: Scripted & Unscripted-Jacob Bernstein-HBO
Jackie Robinson-David McMahon and Sarah Burns-PBS
Making a Murderer-"Eighteen Years Lost"-Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos-Netflix
Walt Disney (American Experience)-Telescript: Mark Zwonitzer; Story: Sarah Colt and Tom Jennings-PBS

Yeah, "NonFiction" doesn't mean not written, even with documentary programs. And it's hard to write a good documentary too btw. I suspect it's between "Making a Murderer" and "Anthony Bourdain". I know, "Making a Murderer..." seems like the easy call if you go strictly on subject matter, presuming the most important subject usually wins, but that's not always the case in reality and Bourdain has a really good, well-deserved winning streak at this.

OTHER CURIOSITIES (Categories that don't go together with any other particular group, but have some interest) 

David Attenborough-"Life Story: First Steps"-Discovery Channel
Adrien Brody-"Breakthrough: Decoding the Brain"-National Geographic Channel
Keith David-"Jackie Robinson"-PBS
Laurence Fishburne-"Roots"-HISTORY
Anthony Mendez-"Jane the Virgin"-CW

Hmm, an Attenborough's back narrating, hmm. That's interesting. Anthony Mendez's back for "Jane the Virgin", it's only major nomination. I don't know what's a favorite here, Laurence Fishburne? I think a lot of people thought he might get in for "Black-ish", he's won an Emmy before recently for "Thurgood", he might get in here; this could be one place where "Roots" might actually win.

Dog with a Blog-Disney Channel
Girl Meets World-Disney Channel
It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown!-ABC
Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Hello, I Must Be Going! 25 Years of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee-Nickelodeon
School of Rock-Nickelodeon

They made a Broadway play out of "School of Rock", and a Kids' television show. (Shrugs) I mean, it makes sense, but I think they could've made an adult series out of it too? Yes, no, maybe? Alright. I think it's probably "It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown", winning, celebrating fifty years of "A Charlie Brown Christmas," the best Christmas special btw, however I have to say, there's apart of me that's very happy that "Nick News with Linda Ellerbee" has lasted 25 years, that's gotta be the channel's longest-lasting series, and it's most deserved to last that long. I hope she's not retiring, well, I guess that's inevitable though. I hope they keep "Nick News..." that really did, I like news things that actually treat kids like adults and that show has done that ever since I was a kid. They had serious specials back when nobody else did, for kids and not in a patronizing way either. So, kudos to her, big kudos.

Game of Thrones Main Titles 360 Experience-HBO
The Late Late Show with James Corden-CBS
Saturday Night Live Interactive Experience-NBC
Talking Dead Interactive Experience-AMC

Okay, last time I freely admitted I had no idea what the hell an Interactive Program was, let's look it up now: (TYPING: Emmys rules, Interactive Program, definition, eligibilty) Hmm, uh, where is it, um, AH! Okay, I'm gonna quote this verbatim: "Interactive programming is defined as interactive context experiences associated with a linear program or series, or original interactive program which enable the viewer to both view and manipulate, alter, interact with or affect the content , services or products which are generally available to a majority of U.S. homes through television sets, computers, mobile and other connected consumer electronics devices."

(Shrugs) I-, I think I know what that means, but it's still kinda, eh, I guess it's side shows on a that help enhance the experience of a show, online-, I-, no, I still don't really know what the hell this category is.

The Man In The High Castle-Amazon
Marvel's Jessica Jones-Netflix
The Night Manager-AMC

I wasn't gonna put this category up, but I know some people obsessed with it. Oh, hey Marvel fans, here's your Jessica Jones nomination! And "Narcos" fans, btw, they got into quite a few technical categories, so don't be too sad that they were mostly ignored. I'll have to look up "The Man in the High Castle", never heard of that one. Oh, "Vinyl" did get something, huh.

"Settle for Me"-Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-Music: Adam Schlesinger; Lyrics: Adam Schlesinger; Rachel Bloom and Jack Dolgen-CW
"Good People"-Empire-Music/Lyrics: Jim Beanz-FOX
"A New Seasons"-Galavant-Music: Alan Menker; Lyric: Glenn Slater
"Frozen Lullaby"-Garfunkel and Oates: Trying to Be Special-Music & Lyrics: Riki Lindhome & Kate Micucci-Vimeo
"'Til It Happens To You"-The Hunting Ground-Music & Lyrcis: Diane Warren

Whoa, a lot of things going on here. Okay, "Til It Happens To You" is the Oscar-nominated song from "The Hunting Ground" that Lady Gaga sang and performed at the show, (And it should've won btw) but for some weird reason, Lady Gaga, who was a nominee as a Writer at the Oscars, but-eh, for some reason, she's not listed as a nominee here, and that's technically right, because according to Emmy rules, you have to have to have written at least 20% of the song to be listed as a songwriter but Gaga, purportedly only wrong 10% of the song, so. Okay, what else, Rachel Bloom fans, here she is. She got something for "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend". She's also up for her show's theme song too btw. Alan Menken is nominated again, and that's important 'cause if he wins for the song from, something called "Galavant", whatever that was, he'll become an EGOT winner. He hasn't luck with the Emmys though, so long shot here. He's up against an Oscar-nominated song, a song from "Empire", one of it's few nominees. However, my favorite nominee, Garfunkel and Oates, got in for their song "Forever Lullaby", I'm a huge Garfunkel and Oates fan, so I'm happy to see them get in. Also, first nomination ever for Vimeo, which used to just be the channel we posted our unfinished editing projects for other filmmakers to view and edit, so they've changed a bit. That's not much of a secret anymore.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-Rachel Bloom and Adam Schlesinger-CW
Marvel's Jessica Jones-Sean P. Callery-Netflix
Narcos-Rodrigo Amarante-Netflix
The Night Manager-Victor Reyes-The Night Manager
Sense8-Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer-Netflix
The Whispers-Robert Duncan-ABC

Told you that Rachel Bloom showed up again. Hey, "Sense8" fans, you got in here. Never even heard of "The Whispers". I guess I'll have to listen to these, off the top of my head, I can't remember them giving this award to anything really memorable lately. Even "The Leftovers" theme didn't win last year and that was written by Fiona Apple! Yeah, I know, what the fuck!?

Dear Peyton-Gatorade
Love Has No Labels-Ad Council
Year in Search 2015-Google

I don't really know who votes for the Commercial award, or how they pick the nominees; I'm guessing it's national commercials only; I presume. I'm not even really sure whether the Emmys should give this award out actually, it's not like they need to, Commercial do have their own awards that are a little more nuanced and thorough, the Clios. Yeah, that episode of "Mad Men" when Don won the Award, that's an actual award, they didn't make that up; they still exist by the way, Clios. I guess you could argue the Emmy has more prestige, but... I don't know, anyway, uh, I'd probably think the Snickers commercial is the favorite, either that or the Ad Council one.

Alright, that's all for now, and for those who think I covered all the categories, trust me, I didn't there's plenty of technical categories I've skipped over, you can go and check the complete list if you're interested in Editing or Production Design or Choreography or Cinematography or Stunts or whatever else, there's a lot there.