Friday, November 2, 2012


I'm doing this Poll Update post, a little earlier than normal this time, because, I actually got a lot of you readers participating this time! Yeah! Well, I had six new ballots entered, which is not a lot, but considering I only had 6, total, up until now, so this was definitely gonna be the biggest update so far. So big, that I've now had to start making charts to count the votes. I want to personally that Jesse and Jami Radant of Everyone's a Critic Movie Reviews, for not only submitting their own ballots, but also getting a few of there friends to submit their own. They've been a big help to me, and I can't thank them enough. You can check out their blog at the link below.

I also got ballots from a couple other known bloggers, their credentials, as usual are next to their name. Well, without further ado, here's the latest submitted ballots of the TEN GREATEST TV SHOWS OF ALL-TIME!

PAMELA POWELL (Reel Honest Reviews)
1. The Newsroom
2. Episodes
3. Parks and Recreation
4. The Sopranos
5. I Love Lucy
6. Curb Your Enthusiam
7. Seinfeld
8. Saturday Night Live
9. L.A. Law
10. Moonlighting

1. Seinfeld
2. Twin Peaks
3. Veronica Mars
4. Lost ('04)
5. Arrested Development
6. Friday Night Lights
7. Modern Family
8. Dexter
9. Person of Interest
10. The Good Wife

Northern Exposure
All in the Family
Cheers ('82)
The Big Bang Theory
The Simpsons
Person of Interest
This Old House
Chappelle's Show

1. The West Wing
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Battlestar Gallactica ('03 Miniseries, ---> '04 series)
4. Firefly
5. The Wire ('02)
6. Chappelle's Show
7. Archer
8. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
9. Fringe
10. Game of Thrones

JESSE RADANT (Everyone's a Critic Movie Reviews)
1. Arrested Development
2. The Black Donnellys
3. Breaking Bad
4. The Office ('05, US)
5. The Big Bang Theory
6. Entourage
7. Deadwood
8. Sons of Anarchy
9. Heroes ('06)*
10. Friday Night Lights

JAMI RADANT (Everyone's a Critic Movie Reviews)
1. Felicity
2. Queer as Folk
3. Veronica Mars
4. Friday Night Lights
5. Dexter
6. Breaking Bad
7. Six Feet Under
8. Sons of Anarchy
9. Smallville
10. Sex and the City

Whew! Okay, so those are the newly-submitted ballots, here are the current results. As I mentioned before, I'm doing this poll the same way that "Sight & Sound," magazine does their once-a-decade Best Film poll, so the show with the most votes gets the top spots. One show, currently has 4 votes, and that show is currently in the lead. That show is (drumroll)..., "Seinfeld." Okay, not the most shocking or unique choice, but their it is, "Seinfeld", is currently ranked #1. It's still early though, I'm continuing this poll, at least until I get 100 participants. Now, there are seven shows that have been picked, 3x so far. Now, I do have a tiebreaker process for rankings, and this is where it gets a little interesting. Tiebreakers come down to the rankings on the ballots. Now, officially, I don't ask that anybody to ranks their choices, I suggest it, just for tiebreakers. As you can see above, Jim Sisko, chose to not rank his choices. In cases of tiebreaker, I take the average of the rankings, which means the lowest number is ranked the highest. For instance, the leader of the tiebreakers right now, and number 2 right now, is "Queer as Folk", which has on three ballots, a 1, and two 2s. So, do some simple math here, (1+2+2)/3 parenthesis first remember... it equals, 1.6, with the repeating bar over the 6, so let's it to 1.67. A very low number, which means it's number two. Now, in the case of the show that aren't ranked, the fairest way I could figure out how to count those rankings for tiebreakers, was to rank every show on an unranked ballot, a 10. I can't presume, one, or any other number on a show that isn't ranked, for any reason, and I can't just ignore the vote going into and say, it's a zero or something like that. It can't count as a selection, and then, not be counted later. That doesn't make sense. Now, I still won't require anybody to rank their ballots, because it's hard. I get it; there are so many great TV shows; it took me hours to rank my own list, and I'm the one that had the idea; you'd think I'd plan it better, but no, it can still be difficult. However, so far, it's effected a couple shows in the rankings believe it or not. I'm not gonna do this every poll, let's say, every five updates, starting with this blog, I'll post the current Top Ten, starting today. You can easily figure this out on your own if you do the math, so I don't think I'm giving anything away, but I don't typically want to influence any future voters, so I'm just gonna do this sporadically. With that said, here's the way the Top Ten rankings, stand, as of today!

(Current Top Ten Rankings)
1. Seinfeld
2. Queer as Folk
3. The West Wing
4. M*A*S*H
5. Breaking Bad
6. Cheers ('82)
7. Friday Night Lights
8. The Big Bang Theory
9(tie). Arrested Development
9(tie). Veronica Mars

Again, unlike the BCS rankings, this isn't an every week thing, but you'll notice, "The Big Bang Theory," got a ten when it was on a ballot that wasn't ranked, and that might have affected the rankings. Also, "Seinfeld," has an unranked ballot ten, but since it's got more votes, it doesn't matter, right now. Also, the other anomaly, both "Arrested Development," and "Veronica Mars," got 2 votes, and their average is exactly the same, and are currently tied for 9th. There are, one, two three... twelve other shows that have been picked, twice, and a total of 88 different TV shows, selected for at least one ballot, so far.

So, if you haven't voted yet, and you're looking at this ballot and thinking that one or two shows shouldn't be on here, or one or two shows that aren't on it, should be on it, or if you just want to keep voting for "Seinfeld," and make sure it win, then I suggest that you all start submitting your own ballots. For those who haven't yet, comment on this blog below, or contact me through my Facebook page, somehow, possibly commenting on a link on my blog, or just simply, message me. Those are the easiest way to contact me; you can tweet me on twitter too, but nobody has so far, and I don't blame you; Facebook is easier for things like this. A little refresher, I do have two rules, and I can't stress them enough.

Rule #1: As long as it originated on TV, it's eligible for this poll. You can literally anything you want from any genre. Sitcom, drama, Talk Show, Variety show, soap opera, children's soap, animated, news magazine, reality shows, TV movies, miniseries... etc., everything is eligible, from "I Love Lucy", to "This Old House," to "Person of Interest," to "Invader Zim" to whatever. (BTW, all the shows I just listed, have gotten votes so far) Whether it aired just once, or it could be in reruns for decades, it's allowed.

Rule #2: The only other rule is that, you must pick 10, and only 10 shows. There's no 11, and there's no 9. Only 10! (Oh, and no picking the same show more than once, despite what one voter attempted, you can't do. Nice try, Mom!)

So, take a little time, think it over a bit, and get back to me, and submit your own ballot. Don't let youself get left out of this. If you have an opinion on this, and I think most everybody must have some opinion, let me know, and decide. You can literally pick anything, if you think it's one of the TOP TEN GREATEST TV SHOWS OF ALL-TIME, go right ahead and put it on there, and submit your ballots.


David Baruffi said...

Caroline Meehean has also submitted a ballot. Another friend of Jami and Jesse Radant. Here's her ballot:

Arrested Development
The Wire
The Sopranos
The Walking Dead
Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones

jami radant said...

David - thanks for the shout out! much appreciated

David Baruffi said...

Missy Ringfield has submitted her ballot on my blog link at AD's TV Critic

1. The Wire ('02)
2. Oz
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Battlestar Gallactica ('03 miniseries ---> '04 series)
5. Doctor Who ('05)
6. MI-5
7. Six Feet Under
8. The Sopranos
9. Deadwood
10. Firefly

David Baruffi said...

Jim Harvey has submitted his ballot, also at AD's TV Critic Facebook page.

1. Seinfeld
2. Hill Street Blues
3. Cheers ('82)
4. L.A. Law
5. The Honeymooners ('55)
6. St. Elsewhere
7. The Cosby Show
8. ER
9. The Mary Tyler Moorse Show
10. NYPD Blue

David Baruffi said...

Whoops. The Mary Tyler Moore Show, not Moorse. Sorry Mare.

David Baruffi said...

More ballots coming in from AD's TV Critic! Here's one from Andrea Provenza

1. The Simpsons
2. That '70s Show
3. ER
4. Friends ('94)
5. Lost ('04)
6. Dead Like Me
7. Carnivale
8. Family Guy
9. The Walking Dead
10. Little House on the Prairie

David Baruffi said...

Lots of ballots coming in. Here's Eric Troll's submission.

The Dukes of Hazzard
Cheers ('82)
Sons of Anarchy
The X-Files
Tour of Duty
Jericho ('06)
The Unit

David Baruffi said...

Shawna Hoke has submitted her ballot on AD's TV Critic!

1. Sons of Anarchy
2. Dallas ('78)
3. The Big Bang Theory
4. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
5. The Sopranos
6. Happy Days ('74)
7. M*A*S*H
8. The Cosby Show
9. New York Undercover
10. Frasier

David Baruffi said...

Patti HoovilleHats, which I'm fairly certain isn't her real last name, but here is her ballot, submitted on AD's TV Critic,

Game of Thrones
True Blood
The 4400
How I Met Your Mother
The X-Files
American Horror Story

David Baruffi said...

Friends ('94)
Supernatural (drama series, '05)
Millenium ('96)

David Baruffi said...


David Baruffi said...

Mark Jackson has some trouble posting his list here, so he posted it on AD's TV Critic. If anybody else has trouble with posting on my site, let me know. I think it's easier to post here on a PC than a phone though.

1. Seinfeld
2. The X-Files
3. 24
4. Doctor Who ('05)
5. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
6. The Walking Dead
7. The Twilight Zone ('59)
8. Moonlighting
9. Star Trek ('66)
10. Monty Python's Flying Circus

David Baruffi said...

Patti HoovilleHats (aka Lesus Naturae)?