Sunday, February 26, 2012


As I have just now finished banging my head against the wall and mutters to myself "Why the hell didn't I pick Dujardin to win?", we have to come the end of Award season, and the Oscars are over. Time for some thoughts. First, Wow, my picks sucked! I can't remember the last time I got 3 Acting categories wrong! (Thank you Christopher Plummer, and thank you Albert Brooks for not getting nominated and henceforth making that category difficult to predict). Some I understand. I had a hard time myself picking between Dujardin and Clooney personally myself who I thought was better, much less, who I thought would win. I think a lot of people, including Meryl Streep thought Viola Davis was going win for "The Help". Maybe they should've pushed her for Supporting Actress, where her castmate Octavia Spencer won. I thought they were gonna find a way for Melissa McCarthy to win. It would've been nice for a comedic performance to win in that category, none has since Marisa Tomei for "My Cousin Vinny".

So let's count, 3 acting wrong, 1/4.
Director/Picture right, 3/6
Two writing right (Congratulations Woody!) 5/8

After that..., well Billy Crystal was great, wasn't he! From the opening, to the end, they should really get him every year, it's so much better when he's there!

Oh, the rest of my ballot, right. Alright, how the hell did Emmanuel Lubezki not win for "The Tree of Life"! That was just wrong. I love Robert Richardson, and "Hugo" is amazing (My review will be in my next review blog!), but to not give "The Tree of Life," something is just wrong, and if you weren't giving it to Malick, they really should've given it to him. The lighting is amazing.

Okay, 5/9
Animation I got right, Best Picture and Short 7/11

I think everybody got the Documentary category wrong. "Undefeated," was the one movie that I don't think anybody thought was gonna win that, of course, not to many people have seen it either. Man, the Oscars just have no love to the New German filmmakers, do they? Wenders, losing twice now. Got the short wrong too, although I almost picked "Saving Face", shouldn't that count? No! Well, I got the Live Action short.  8/14

I got both music categories right, 10/16. Doesn't look that bad.

Visual Effects, wrong! (Although that was a toss-up for me too)
Sound Mixing, Yes!
Sound Editing, wrong!
Make-up, Wrong! Although kudos to Meryl and Roy her very loyal make-up artist, that was nice. A BTW, Nothing for Harry Potter! 8 movies, 0 Oscars! They must know "Police Adademy" feels. (Oh, I gotta tweet that)
Editing, I got wrong! 2 years in a row for Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, beating 4 Best Picture nominees! I once said that like most every year, this category will predict Best Picture, boy was I wrong, and they've now won 2 Editing Oscars, for films that didn't win. I'm not sad I got that wrong; I thought it was a tricky category this year, but for a great surprise win, kudos!
Costume Design, wrong!
and Art Direction, I got right, doing the math...

12/23. Oh, Foreigh Language film, 13/24, just barely above .500. Well, it just shows you that with all that time, obsessing and analyzing every single Award and prognastication poll and everything up until the Final Envelopes are opened, it's still amazing just how wrong you can be.

Well, my favorites moments was definitely everything Billy Crystal did, as I mentioned before. "Are you sure this is a Scorsese film, nobody's been whack yet?" and "Even God wants you to explain "The Tree of Life," Malick", for those alone, was worth it for me, and I definitely think that we have to stick with, 1 Host, a great a comedic host for all time, and if we can't get Billy next year and the year after that..., then, maybe talk Chris Rock into doing it again.

But, can I just say that, I'm tired of the special performers and performances for that they bring in to showcase the "In Memoriam" segment! I'm sure they're great performers, and very happy they could perform at the Oscars, but, I just want some somber nameless orchestra score in the background, as I look and think back on people like Peter Falk and Sidney Lumet to name a few of the great people we've lost this past year. This is not an excuse for a concert okay? Everything else from Cirque de Soleil to Will Ferrell and Zach Galifanakis should be over-the-top, and grandiose, the memoriam, should be simple, subdued and somber.

Well, now I gotta come up with something else to talk about for the 12 months until next Award season, and it's still a good 10 months, before I give out my OYL Awards, the Awards for the Best Films for One-Year Ago. I really hope the ratings were good, 'cause this show was wonderful, and for those who haven't seen all the films, (Me included) it's time for us to officially catch up ASAP, so start raiding your Netflix, Redbox, and videostores.

Congratulations to all the deserving winners, deserving nominees, and the rest of the winners and nominees as well. (Oh c'mon, you know there were a few!) Now, go start making this years's great films, all of you! Well, wait 'til the morning, if you want. You can rest of the night drinking, if you want. I know I do....

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