Saturday, May 9, 2020

MY COLLECTIVE WORKS: INTRO and "REST, PEACEFULLY," A Monologue by David Baruffi.

I'm supposed to be writing a new blogpost, some commentary on something going on in the entertainment world and supposed to have some kind of observation, thought, opinion, analytical or otherwise on it, and frankly I've struggled to even come up with a topic worth given two cents too, much less devote a whole blogpost about. It's not the first time this has happened, but usually I can force myself to come up with something, or I have backup ideas for emergencies like these. However I don't like any of those ideas anymore either. I've gone through the ones I had developed a bit of an idea for already, and the rest are strong enough to do, (Or I don't feel have a strong enough viewpoint to discuss them) so, in this rare case, screw it.

This is gonna be a different blogpost for me today. I need inspiration anyway, so I'm digging out of my past. Years ago I took a playwrighting class where, among other assignments, I wrote a one-page monologue that got performed in front of an audience. It wasn't much of one, but those who were there enjoyed it, and to date, it's my sole playwriting credit on my resume. I've been thinking about it, so why the hell not. I'm presenting this monologue here today, partially for preservation purposes, partly 'cause of inspiration puroposes, and simply to put it out there for others to criticize and/or judge my work, and if perhaps if an actor or two out there so chooses to find it interesting, to use as a go-to monologue for future auditions; I think it might be a good piece to use for that purpose. (Shrugs) I hope I'm right about that. Maybe this'll be a continuing thing, maybe it won't, we'll see how this plays out. So published for the first time, I'd like to present to everyone, my one=page, monologue, "Rest, Peacefully", along with a recording of a famous monologist who was a major source of inspiration on this piece.

By David Baruffi

(MARK REST reluctantly walks up behind the podium at Arthur’s funeral.)

Hi, all. Wow, a lot of people.
(Clears his throat.)
Um, I'm Mark Rest. Some of you don't know me, personally. Me and Arthur, had a falling out a while back.
(Nervous chuckling pause)
Well, he-eh, he had an affair, and, married my wife, now ex-wife, Geena. There she is. Hi. So, eh, you can imagine how strange I thought it was that he requested me to deliver his eulogy.
(Nervous chuckling)
I don't know why he did that. I really, don't. I'm sorry I don't mean to be laughing. It’s nerves.
(Clears throat again, muffles his nervous laughter)
Sorry. But, it's not the time to dwell on the past. Well, actually I guess that's not right at all, this being a funeral?
(Nervous laughter starts again, but quickly muffled)
I'm sorry. I-eh, I thought this might happen, so I wrote down some thoughts, beforehand.
(Takes out and unfolds a piece of paper from his jacket pocket. Reads from the paper.)
Burn in Hell you goddamn son of a...-
(Quickly crumbles paper into ball and stuffs it in his jacket pocket)
Sorry. That was, eh, obviously an earlier draft.
(Begins scurrying his pockets again, but has trouble finding the paper)
I have the actual eulogy I wrote, here. Somewhere? Honey, did I by any chance give you the eulogy? Are you sure? Can you check your purse? This is my wife, Patricia, by the way, everybody. It's really not there. Um, okay, change-of-plan, I guess I'll just wing it.
Uh, well Arthur, I guess this is what you wanted. Let me, drive the last nail in your coffin, is that what you wanted? Is that why I’m here? I don't know, what went through your head, these last few years. I can certainly say, what went through mine. And, I must say, that there are very few things I've done, without thinking about you. In fact, if it weren’t for you in my life...
(Long pause, holding back anger)
If it wasn't for you, my life...
(Long pause. Clearly holding back anger.)
My life, would be very, different. And to have somebody, have such a, profound effect on you, is something, rare in life. Very rare, indeed.
            (Angry at first, then surprised by the honesty of his emotions)
And, eh, for that Arthur, I am, grateful? Yes, grateful, to you. So Arthur, I say goodbye to my old friend. May you rest, peacefully. Thank you.


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